A book of 365 Days – A day in the life of a blogger

A book of 365 Days – A day in the life of a blogger.

via A book of 365 Days – A day in the life of a blogger.

A book of 365 Days – A day in the life of a blogger

Some times i wonder how would it be like , if i do blogging for full time. How would my day look like ? Sounds complicated , thinking about what to write every day can be painful sometimes especially when you know you got to write something.

I believe ideally a bloggers day is not a very structured one. If you know writing is something you got to do , you need to be in your thoughts every moment. Right from the time you eat your breakfast to the time you hit bed. When i started blogging i was thnking every moment about writing , sometimes even when i was at work. And what i experinced was , the moment a thought flashes into your mind , just shape it into words at the same time before it fades away. Because that is the ideal moment when the words would come out flowing like cold water in a river. Smooth and gentle.

This can happen in morning when you sipping your coffee or talking to your girlfriend/wife or playing with your children. I still remember while writing one of my post i was actually in the middle of my lunch and when this thought about writing something came i dropped everything and just started writing and thats when i realized how smooth it can be when you know how clear is your thinking towards writing.

There is no ideal day for a blogger , its always the moment that counts. When it comes use it. Let it not go away. Let the words gain life and flow .

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Words when given life flow like a river

A book of 365 days – Perception is reality

Here i am back with my first blog post after long time.

I have been trying hard to come up with a topic what to write about. Immersed deep into my thoughts i decided to write something about reality , but a question is what is reality for an individual ? Is it the perception which is reality , if that is the case then there would be billions of realities in this world. But when i took some time out to think about it , apparently its true. One thing that no one in this world is able to control is perception. Each day in our lives many things come and go in our lives. What we learn out of it is nothing but a perception , what we actually extract from it is the realty for us.

Whatever you read right now here is building a perception for an individual , but what one gains out of it by reading on this webpage becomes the reality for him. It can be good or bad but its reality. What forms the perception is a connection between what we think and what we feel , so its both brain and heart involved here. But what is right is creating a right balance , because sometimes one is always wrong .

One can easily conclude that lots of problems that occur are because of a wrong perception. This seems to appear like a fller word in a conversation but this whole post revolves around it. What matters the most is we extract the right thing out of whatever we observe.

Short one but a good start to writing , i hope to write more interesting things

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A book of 365 days – A new chapter opens tomorrow


Tomorrow a new chapter of my book of 365 days opens up. Looking back in time i felt a i should have written something more better, some thing more inspiring. Its not a new chapter for only me , but its a new chapter for all of us. Question is what we write on it. As you read this my mind racing with my thoughts as to what i am going to write tomorrow. For me a new chapter is new people , new thoughts , new words , new world. I dont want to say i am closing this chapter here , and opening a new one , this is a never ending journey of writing that will continue till my last breath.

I dont know whats in my destiny , but till the point i am living i am going to write a new book of 365 days , a new book of 365 lives i am going to live. Every day is a life for me. Every day is an opportunity for me. And i am going to live those 365 lives , i am going to cash those 365 opportunities.

I think we should all do this in our lives , it is said that every thing that has a beginning has an end. This book of 365 days ends here , but a new one is going to start tomorrow. A book where words would flow like water in a river  and when you splash that water on your face you will be rejuvenated , a new life.

I wrote my last chapter of this book of 365 days , and i will come back with my first chapter of my book of 365 days.

Till then this is Shwetal Signing off from this place , as ta la vista, Happy new year.

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Words that go with the flow are rejuvenated.


A book of 365 days – Just one is enough


I closed my eyes and looked back in time, and saw a girl waiting for someone to hold her hand. There came someone and hand held her hand, it was her father. It was so satisfying. And suddenly the scene changed , it was glory all over. The girl had grown up she was successful , working hard she had gained so much success , it was unbelievable , it was incredible. She had a purpose , a purpose she started living for , a purpose that gave meaning to her life. Helping anyone in need , anyone in trouble.

Not many of us actually have a purpose in our lives , a purpose which we could live for , something that gives meaning to our lives. Why is it so difficult to find one. The question always boggles me. It did boggle me 27 years of life until i found my passion and purpose.

Sometimes i find this world like an unbalanced equation which needs a catalyst or something extra to balance it. In the middle of our daily chores we forget the fact that we like something , we love doing something. But we dont , someone tells me i dont have time , someone tells me i dont really need one.

We keep living this life just like an unbalanced equation , forgetting the fact that we only have one to live. All this came to my mind when i read this quote : “life if lived properly , then just one is enough”. Yeah why not just one should be enough , till the point we are doing what we want to do.

As this unbalanced equation continues to exist , a point comes where everything is coming to and then the memories of the lifetime flash in front of our eyes. And then we ask ourselves this question : “Was one enough ?” , unfortunately the answer most of the time is no. Because we never tried balancing this equation.

I only want to say when i come to an end : One was enough  for me .

Signing off from this place is me , asta la vista.

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Writing is the painting of the voice.


A book of 365 days – A beautiful rhythm


It was a usual day when i walked through the supermarket in the subway. As i was about to exit, a beautiful wave of rhythm grabbed my attention. I could a hear someone playing extremely pleasant music. I dont know what happened to me but the music was pulling me towards itself just like a magnet. I was not able to stop, when i reached the source it was not only me but a bunch of people were lost in the music which the man was playing. Without even thinking , i opened my phone and started to capture the whole performance . Although i was making sure i capture every bit of the performance in my phone i was still lost in the music.

Some people have magic in their hands , yes they do, and i could see a classic example of this magic in the music. I always talk about passion on my post , but this time it was not only passion that i was seeing in this performance but also a sense of satisfaction in doing something that your heart wants to do.

I was virtually not hearing anything else but the music that the man was playing. Later i noticed there was his violin case kept open in front of him for keeping tips , i kept thinking what should i do , what this man would have earned playing this music all day ? I was in a state of dilemma . I pulled out some change and started walking toward him and as a i bent to drop the money i could see his case filled with money , i was surprised he had earned a lot. I am sure the man had more money collected in his case than what it was in my wallet. This was a sheer evidence of appreciation of his talent.

I would not call him a beggar , no i wouldn’t. And after walking away  i kept thinking what would i call these people ?? Artist or beggar ? My answer was clear to me he was an artist, but still there people in this world who call them beggar because they are on the streets. But i call them people with a natural talent , surviving against all the odds of life.

For now this is Shwetal Signing off from this place , see you soon.

Shwetal – An avid writer.
Writing to me is giving life to words.


A book of 365 days – Subway girl


Frankfurt , a new chapter of my life , a beautiful city where people come to fulfill there dreams. It was a almost a month i had not explored the city. Hence , i decided to do it. It was a 10 mins ride on rmv and i reached Hauptwache where most people hang out. I went into a couple of shopping malls and then i decided to explore the streets, and suddenly a pleasant musical rhythm and beautiful voice started whistling into my ears. I some how was attracted to the sound. It was not the usual guitar or a piano music which we all hear , but it was something different.

After walking for a minute i found a group of people enjoying the same rhythm which i was attracted to. And to my amazment i found a little girl singing on the same rhythm. I looked at her and she would not be more than 12 year old. I looked at her innocent face. She was making a lot of effort to sing and she was singing quite well.

It was a language which i never understood, i was still learning. I didnt understand a word of it . But i was able to connect to the emotions and the effort the girl was putting into her song. There was a small bag kept in front of her with few coins inside it. Not more than few cents.

I looked at her again, she was not a beggar. She was a well dressed school going girl. I asked myself this question . Why ? Why in this world she was doing this ? Sometimes it is very difficult to find answers to some questions. I had mixed emotions for her.

I didnt understand what to do , i could put some euros in her bag and walk away or i could just ignore. And i just went to her and said “You have a very beautiful voice.” She kept looking at me , puzzled. I gave a pat on her back and she understood what i was trying to say.

I did keep some money in her bag , not thinking that she was poor or she could buy herself some food. But , i did not wanted to insult her passion and talent for her singing.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place.