Love what does it mean ??


“When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You know that your name is safe in their mouth.”

29 years of my life, i was trying to figure out what love means. Tons of things came in front of me . I didn’t understand what was right or wrong the only probable reason i could think was i didn’t know what true love means. Like me there are millions of people looking for true love but don’t get them. What could be the reason behind it ? I don’t know how many of us actually try to find the reason behind.

Most of us are so engrossed in our regular life while looking for true love that we actually end up making incorrect choices . These choices actually influences our lifestyles , the way we think , our attitude towards what love means. Does love means simply saying  “i love you” . Think again. How did u feel when u got the best piece of chicken while your mom was serving chicken in lunch ? Get onto that situation and try to feel ? Didn’t you feel that someone in this world wanted you to eat the best without thinking what that person is gonna be left with. What we call this feeling from the other side is selflessness. Not thinking about yourself and just thinking about the person you love.

After reading what i wrote above many of us , i am sure will go back in time and try to find how many times they actually felt this . Many of us confuse love with actually a feeling where we take care of the other financially or giving whatever you can to the person whom you love. But its not simply giving the person everything he or she wants materialistically. But its a sense of respect , care , affection , and selfless that the forms love in true sense. Now i want every one to just think how many times each of us have actually thought for this. For those who didnt think in this fashion ended up going in wrong direction.

When we say we are trying to find true love the first thing most of us don’t know is  what true love means and that’s where each one of us makes the very first mistake. I hope after reading this initial bit of my blog quite a few of us will start thinking in the right direction.

More to come in my next article..


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