Finding Happiness in this materialistic world


How do we see the world today ? Has any one imagined that , day in day out we are in a race . A race to succeed , a race to beat everyone, A race to to have everything that we see around and that we are passionate about. But while running in this race , the most important thing we forget is to look behind and see what we have lost or what we have left behind. Whatever that thing would be , the chances are 100 % that it would be the most important thing to you in this world. Even important that what we are racing for.

Our minds have become so materialistic that in everything we come across we see a self interest. Be it relationships, work , business , etc.  When we come across a person whom we liked , how many of us actually feel love for that person , i am not saying we dont but in this materialistic world even relationships have become materialistic. All i am trying to say here is when we come across a persom whom we love , whom we care about we should keep everything that we have aside in this world and simply live for that relationship.

Even if we loose everything that relationship should sustain and thats when it will be called a selfless successfull relation. Like Leonardo Di Caprio said ” When you dont have anything , you have got nothing to loose ” . I believe in relationship we should not care about what we are going to gain or loose , all we should care about is that relationship which is blossoming and that it will not only blossom in this life but in the lives that we will be living eternally ever after.



9 thoughts on “Finding Happiness in this materialistic world

  1. I do believe that way too many people in society have become entirely materialistic, and I agree that the often lose out of experiencing real love because they are so busy “living” their life. However, I do think that things can happen in their lives that can change them, or change their priorities. Love is important, but you also need to be sure that you are able to survive and provide for yourself and your family. Not to the degree that you begin to lose sight of them, but financial stress causes more divorces and breakups than just about anything. I probably didn’t explain this well, but that is just my opinion… which actually isn’t very far off from what I believe you are saying… 😀
    Thanks for visiting my blog as well… : )

  2. Thanks… I re-blogged that post from a friend of mine… I also do a lot of research because I don’t trust our Media or anyone else’s actually, but she is an expert in research so I just “borrowed” her brain on that one… LOL

  3. Ahhh this is you!!!! I agree with Keli we lose out on so much by being so consumed with what doesn’t really matter. After losing my store in an earthquake, I had quite a comeupance. In fact, having been quite successful and pretty spoiled, I had a reality check that blindsided me by smacking me right upside the head. I have been humbled and in the course of it, have been rewarded by more than just from an economic stand point. Too bad we have to have lessons like that but sometimes that is what it takes to realize what truly is important. I lost stuff… it could have been a lot worse if you read my story about Rose In The Woods.

  4. A thought provoking topic indeed..Yes, the world has turned materialistic today. There is no respect for feelings and infact no time to express them also in most of the cases. Everyone is busy running in rat race & at the end of the day they end up getting goodies for their family but they miss gifting those precious moments of love,care,affection & laughter that really make the life meaningful.

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