I was feeling quite nostalgic today. I dont know why. Don’t wish to drain down my energy level. There is onething i have learnt from my experiences that humans have potential that cannot be measured. The potential exists in the form of energy. This includes mental , physical , spiritual energy. Each time we have thoughts in our mind we drain  our mental energy. Each time do a physical activity we drain our physical energy. Most of us are so engrossed in thought process that we are not left with energy level or we have a drained it already.

I have a question to everyone . What makes us Human ? Has anyone ever given a thought. H U M A N i was taking a look at these 5 alphabets and was trying to figure out what it would mean or what it would stand for. Now so far i havent heard any one mentioning to me whats the full form of this word. But i through my thought process or knowledge have come up with a full form which i am not sure how many people will agree to.

H = He

U = Understands

M = Mankind

A = And

N = Nature

I am not sure how logical or sensible it sounds. But what i am trying to say here we have a source of energy where we all got emerged , where this mankind has emerged , the flowers , birds, river , ocean , Mountains came from . The source is only one ” He ” . HE the almighty . whom we worship in the form of Christ , Phrophet or Krishna.  He has made us human . He treats everyone equally . He has love for everyone. He is fair to everyone.

What makes us human can never be coded inside a program or written on a article. What makes us human is the choices we make , good or bad, thats a different thing.  We all have a battle that we are fighting with ourselves at times. A human has both good and a bad side , it is you who make a choice that developes or shapes your character. Choosing a good side would shape a good character and Bad to bad.

As i was mentioning earlier humans have potential that cannot be measured. This potential is not tapped yet . The day everyhuman is able to tap this potential for a good purpose . World will be a better place to live.

I am hoping i am able to convey a right message to whoever is reading this.

4 thoughts on “H U M A N

  1. Wow! This was profound! I love it! I think you covered it!!!! I think that you are right and the fact that two souls can connect across the world and GET each other with totally different passions and intelligence (yours far outwieighing mine in math!!!! smile.) And still connect is amazing!

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