Emotions … Good ?? bad?? ugly ??


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”

Each one of us in our lives have had good and bad times. There is one thing that is very common and has been existing in these times. Its our emotions . They are the ones that are always with us. I was wondering are emotions good or bad for us. I really tried understanding this many times. But i never got a right answer or rather could not find appropriate one. I tried analysing the real life scenarios . When i scored a A+ in my maths.  I was rejoicing a lot. These are happy emotions. Now here is the thing. I rejoicing on my A + in maths was some thing good and good for me . Hence it was a positive emotions . So what i understood here is or what we understand here is postive emotions are good for our health. It not only gives us energy but gives us a sense of feeling that what we have done we can do something even better than that.

Now lets talk about a situation where you have proposed a girl whom loved more than anything else in this world of course not your parents. But yes you loved here till eternity , now you are dressed up well in your armani jacket and going to propose , and you know what she turns down your offer.  How does it feel i dont think so i should be asking this question to any one who is reading this article and had exactly same experience. But yeah the first feeling is you are devastated.  The world seems to be falling apart.  With even 100 people aroud you start feeling the emptiness within you . Which you think no one can fill it. But thats not true. Life doesnt wait for any one so why shall you.

But the problem is we are humans and humans have emotions attached to mind body and soul.  So whats the next think that happens to you is , you are emotionally affected and your energy is drained out.  This is a negative emotion which not only impacts our mind but also body and soul. Most of us are actually so impacted by such situation that even if  the solution to the problems is simple but it becomes complicated by our so called thought process. 

Not every human is the same , some people are able to come out of problems in no time , while some do take some time. What important here is and lies within is our self motivation and an attitude that no one in this world should be able to take me down no matter what happens , no matter who says what.

Because as i mentioned in my previous post ” Humans have potential that  cannot be measured. What we are , is by our choices we make in this world. A Choice to forgive , a choice to love , a choice to be compassionate ”

Who am I ?


See ya soon in next post.



9 thoughts on “Emotions … Good ?? bad?? ugly ??

  1. Lovely post.
    Most of us are more heavily impacted by negative emotions; much more so than positive ones. Perhaps it’s because positive emotions “feel right” and are what we expect from our lives. Maybe that’s why we tend to remember negative feelings and events far more clearly than positive ones. It’s hard to do and easy to say because, as you said, we are human, but being able to focus our energies on positive thoughts would make day to day living so much more productive and give us emotional and spiritual strength.
    And yes, sometimes the solutions are simple, but everything seems complex because we are unable to look at things logically and objectively as we are taken over by our emotions. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed I just try to take a deep breath and calm myself down. Meditation also helps a lot.

  2. Thank you for adding me on Google. I couldn’t have found a way to your lovely blog else..! Glad you stopped by.


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