My dream is to write……


All these years while i was working , i used to think  , was i doing the right thing  ? And apparently i was . But was that my passion ? I asked myself . Couldnt find the right answer. While working on my software projects , i enjoyed myself as a developer , during my initial days. It was good fun. But after 3-4 months i started thinking that was that the thing which i was supposed to do ? Answer didnt come.


I landed up with one of the biggest banks in the world as a analyst . And this name everyone knows ” Merrill Lynch ” When i started working with this firm , i actually hadn’t realized that i was working with such a bigger firm until i started getting exposed to the real corporate world of it.  The exposure was when i started ” Reading ” about it. Those who are reading it mark my words ” When i started reading about it “.

Six years after i worked with the biggest investment bank in the world and i am still working with it . I finally ended up exploring my passion . And guess what ? It was writing.  I had never ever in my dreams had thought that i would become a blogger and would write so many lovely things on my blog.  When i started this blog , i just started it with a very vague objective . It was not at all clear as to what i was going to write . All i knew was that i am gonna write.


Started with something love and happiness. Woooo sounds romantic huh  😉 . But yeah it was about true love and happiness. Ok Guys , lets not get into a flashback where we imagine ourselves with a beautiful girl in our arms , singing nice romantic songs in back yard. Lets focus on wrting. After writing my first post i was wondering why did write this ? Was it my goal  ?

After giving it a deeper thought i realized it was nothing but a blog of my feelings , thoughts and imaginations . Which were taking shapes of words. Words which would come alive as you read them. Words which would never die. Words which would continue to live lives even when iam not there.

And i finaly said this to myself ” My Dream is to write ” . Spill whatever i can in the form of words which would continue to live ever after. And after saying this to myself , i decided on one thing. That i will be passing this as a legacy to someone who is really passionate towards writing , once i become a successfull writer. I want this legacy to continue.

For now this Shwetal .. Signing off from this place …. going back to my dreams which will take the shape of reality , with the words i write.

Asta La Vista

 Shwetal – An Aspiring writer…. Making his dreams reality by giving life to the words he writes.



Giving life to words…..


The Secret Life of Words

The Secret Life of Words (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had never thought that i was going to be come a blogger . Had never thought that i would have some writing skills inside me. Good or bad i guess let people decide. While posting a lot of articles on my blog , i ended up  reading a quote .

It said ” Words when printed have a life of their own. ”  How true and realistic.  I have experienced it myself. To be very frank , i never liked reading, I always felt lazy while reading any book. But as i developed reading habits , i also developed the habit of visualization. Each of the words that i read from the book became character in front of me .

My favorite fiction author is Sydney Sheldon. I love reading his fiction work . Each time i used to read him i always felt i was inside some Hollywood movie. The best one was ” If tomorrow comes ” . I really wonder how can some one write so well that the words he wrote become pictures for me and used to talk to me. Every word that was written used to come alive in front of me.  Be it a scene where Tracy Whitney is fighting for her life or a scene where she would admire a prince charming. Not many of us actually take this seriously but i am sure avid readers after reading my post would agree to what i was trying to say. When i read this book ” If tomorrow comes” for the first time i was completely engrossed in the book.

Each time i used to read a word in the book at a very fast pace it used to come into life in front of me. Like an example where Tracy is supposed to run away from the prison but she suddenly saw wardens little baby drowning in water and in a flash of light she starts running towards the child thinking about no one but to save the poor little child.

Did these words come alive for you ? Think … think twice. Read the excerpt again. What did you visualize ? When you read the 3 lines above. I can guarantee those who have strong visualization power would have definitely visualized something. Although what i wrote in those 3 lines would be a bit disconnected as  it is a part of the novel , but overall from a sane mind if someone thinks visually , he or she would have definitely seen these words coming to life.

In fact , what i am writing right now would come to life for you. As you read them feel the words and visualize the words i am writing. This not only increases the concentration of an individual towards a specific thing , place or person any thing for that matter. This process of visualization is very creative. It not only gives life to the words we are reading but the thoughts that come in our minds. It is very true , though it might sound a bit spiritual but a fact. Those who know what i am trying to talk about would have realized my direction .

There is a direct interaction of multiple organs of our body when we read something. This is how i would explain how these words come to life. Go back to my previous excerpt from the novel about Tracy Whitney running away from prison. Now when you read this sentence your eyes are the first place of the visualization . The eyes are sending a signal to our brain saying there is a woman may be in her 30’s who is trying to escape . Our brain automatically creates a image of a prison a woman and a child. And in turn visualizes the remaining.

This is how these words take life. And come in the form of pictures to us. Always believe in giving life to words. Everything that we see around has life . Even words.  I am sure people would enjoy reading after hearing one fact that words do have life.

For now… this is Shwetal Signing off from here…. Asta la vista… Enjoy reading and giving life to words that would remain forever in our minds in the form of memories which will remain with us in this life and the lives we live ever after.

Shwetal – An Aspiring Writer.

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.

Gustave Flaubert


Why should we hate someone….


I dont know why i am writing this , i sometimes feel there is a storm coming my way. Or sometimes i get that feeling that there is a strom building in my mind. Why ? for what ? Who is my enemy. I really dont know. There are times where i loose my patience my control my anger comes out. I feel there is someone else inside me who is taking over me. Why i cant fight this bad side of me. I have to fighr this and this is my destiny.

Reading above excerpt i dont know what you all are going to feel , but i want to say some thing here. We all are humans and based on my experiences i have learnt one thing. A good one and a bad one. And there is a battle constantly going on to win .

Why is it that we are not able to control our anger and we go out on a self destruction ? I have observed this many times. This anger Hatred is so bad that you really feel you are not the best of yourself. You have to always ensure that you are the best of yourself .

Some times you want to say a lot of things but you cant . But i have learnt one thing for sure , try to be the best of yourself , love people and dont hurt anyone.

Never feel guilty about what happened in past , live your present confidently and let the future come to you the way it comes.

This is Shwetal …. Signing off for now….Only think love ….dont hate anyone and be happy…

Shwetal – An Aspiring writer.


Follow your dreams …. Add life to dreams… not dreams to life




Here i am , this is me, i come to this world where i am free. Here i am,so young and strong, right here in the place where i belong.


Does this ring any bells.


Well these are the lines from a song sung by Bryan Adams.


Such a motivational and having a depth in itself.  We all have dreams , aspirations , goals , everyone has it but then why is it that everyone is not able to achieve them. Is it because we lack something ? Yes. But its not what you are thinking right now. Its not the knowledge or potential , its inspiration. I might be a person who acts well but i would be a star unless i have inspiration to become one . I would be a person who plays cricket well. But if i don’t have a inspiration i wouldn’t be able to perform.


As Johann Gottfried Von Herder had rightly said.


Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.






We have mental and physical energy which plays a vital role in a our success. Lets take a classic example sports , i am wonderful batsman that’s what people say and i really appreciate but that’s when i play along with my friends. And i love playing cricket , and you know what one fine day i decide that i would be a cricketer  Bingo here is my goal to achieve. And i continue to play cricket the way i usually do. But here is a roadblock , in this real world scenario i am bought in front of my studies exams and college , which is very important. But in the middle of all this i forget or loose the focus on my actual goal or dreams.


So i lack something here and that’s called a spark ,  a ignition which is required for beginning to an achievement of our goals. We all need this so that we can focus on our goals . Achieve them . We should be living our dreams. Add life to our dreams not dreams to our lives without achieving them.




Our mental energy plays a vital role in living our dreams. By living a dream or a goal i mean is that we constantly think about it as to how it can be achieved , and keeping only one thought that i am the one who will achieve it. ” I CAN DO IT ” that’s the word. We all have a licence to live our dreams but the problem is we don’t  know how to drive and also there is fuel that is lacking to give a spark inside us which in turn creates a will to achieve our goals or dreams.


Without this sparks our dreams would continue to remain dormant and never come up. We need to have that spark and retain that spark so that we can achieve what we want.


If we willingly ask for something with a true heart. The universe conspires to bring it near to us.


For now this is Shwetal Signing off .. Asta la vista….


Shwetal – An Aspiring writer… True to his heart.






Law of attraction and Krishna ….. How true ….and you would love to believe.


Reshape yourself through the power of your will…

Those who have conquered themselves…live in peace, alike in cold and heat, pleasure and pain, praise and blame…To such people a clod of dirt, a stone, and gold are the same…Because they are impartial, they rise to great heights.

Krishna Quotes from The Bhagavad Gita

I was watching this movie the other day titled ” Oh my God ” . And heard one of the songs in Hindi . And simply loved it.  The reason i loved it because it had Krishna every where in it. A serene personality you would fall in love with.

The song goes as below … translation in English done 

मैं तो नहीं हु इंसानों में .. बिकता हु मैं तो इन दुकानों में. दुनिया बनायीं मैंने हांथो से … मिटटी से नहीं जज्बातों से .. मेरे निशाँ है कहाँ ..

What does it mean …translation in English done 

I am not in the person … People sell me in shops …. I created this world with my holy hands… Not with sands but with emotions… I am still searching for something… And that’s my presence….


God in the form of Krishna in this Kalyuga is  so amazed , and is saying that people dont worship me but they worship the statue of sand. I created this world with emotions and

This movie has shown Krishna taking a human form and coming to help a person who doesn’t believe in GOD. Now can someone think why he came to help that person . He never asked for any help.  I will explain this.

I recently read a book about Krishna. And In that book which is as good as bhagwat Gita , says Krishna is beautiful it attracts. The beauty of Krishna will make you fall in love with him and that’s what we call “Attraction”  which means you are drawn towards something . Lets split this word  into two At – traction.  For those who know English they already understood the meaning. Now i am going to do its Hindi verse. Traction in Hindi means कर्षण and that’s how we call this word in Hindi as आकर्षण or attraction. It is said that if we centralize our wishes and prayers to Krishna it will attract love and send it us in the form of fulfillment.

When we wish something we have to centralize out attention on that wish and send love on that wish. But how do we send the love. We are Humans and our minds are like monkey minds. Hopping around here and there and not able to concentrate. So We need to centralize our attention on Krishna. He is so beautiful that the love we want to send will be automatically sent to our wishes.  It is said that we humans if we try to follow Krishna’s path even  a little bit , he would save us from greater dangers . He is always there. He is there to save us. All we have to do is be humans . Because it is he who created us, this totality , nature , mankind.

Once we are successful in centralizing our attention on Krishna with our prayers and wishes. With his love and energy , the wishes would be attracted to us. Because , it is Krishna who will attract the wishes from universe to himself and send them to us in the form of our wishes. And that’s how i understand , the law of attraction works.

For now this is Shwetal signing off for now… Asta la vista…. Enjoy reading and writing.

Shwetal- An Aspiring writer…..A writer by choice.

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.

Isaac Asimov


Letter to KRISHNA from a Young boy….


 Hare Krishna

I know you have been watching me , since the day i was born. I have been having very different experiences in life which you know . You have been hearing me speak to people , watching me and observing me . You came in my dreams , the blue coloured god . When i saw you i instantly in my dreams said its krishna. I know you have been watching my back .


While i am writing this letter you , i have tears in my eyes which i wouldnt let come out. I am holding my emotions tight. Even if i am not ok i am telling people i am ok . You know what has happened and know the reason behind it. Even i know the reason . I know i have to make a choice here. I know my choice , but why it is difficult for me take that first step. I am a human with all desires and emotions. I have a good side and a bad side. You know it. I want to choose the good side. And i am going to choose it.

I have been fighting this battle for a long time. I want to win this battle over the evil side. 


Just like you drove Arjuna in Kurukshetra and showed him the path which was difficult but it was his call of duty . I want to know what is the call of my duty. I know if i am writing this . You will be reading this. My intent is to communicate with you. Whenever you read this i want a response which i know you will.

Hare Krishna

This is Shwetal Signing off for now…. Asta la Vista…. With a new post.

Shwetal – An Aspiring writer… and …. The future of writing ?? Let people say it.



Meaning of KRISHNA


The meaning of the name “Krishna”:

“The name Krishna means ‘all-attractive.’ God attracts everyone; that is the definition of ‘God.’ We have seen many pictures of Krishna, and we see that He attracts the cows, calves, birds, beasts, trees, plants, and even the water in Vrindavana. He is attractive to the cowherd boys, to the gopis, to Nanda Maharaja, to the Pandavas, and to all human society. Therefore if any particular name can be given to God, that name is ‘Krishna.'”

—The Science of Self-Realization


Etymology of the word ‘Krishna’:

”The word ‘krish’ is the attractive feature of the Lord’s existence, and ‘na’ means spiritual pleasure. When the verb ‘krish’ is added to the affix ‘na’ it becomes Krishna, which indicates the Absolute Truth.”

—Mahabharata (Udyoga-parva, 71.4)


The etymology of the name ‘Krishna’:

If we analyze the nirukti, or semantic derivation, of the word ‘Krishna,’ we find that na signifies that He stops the repetition of birth and death, and krish means sattartha, or ‘existence.’ (Krishna is the whole of existence.) Also, krish means ‘attraction,’ and na means ananda, or ‘bliss.’

—Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.8.15


The name ‘Krishna,’ meaning ‘all-attractive,’ can be applied only to God:

Srila Prabhupada: … Krishna means ‘all-attractive.’

Bob: Oh, I see.

Srila Prabhupada: Yes. God has no name, but by His qualities we give Him names. If a man is very beautiful, we call him ‘beautiful.’ If a man is very intelligent, we call him ‘wise.’ So the name is given according to the quality. Because God is all-attractive, the name Krishna can be applied only to Him. Krishna means ‘all-attractive.’ It includes everything.

—Perfect Questions, Perfect Answers

This is Shwetal Signing off for now…..Asta la vista … Happy blogging… and Enjoy writing.

The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a book about it. Benjamin Disraeli