Me , Myself and I ….. Who am I ?

People say there is only one who created us . GOD , Generator , Operator and  Destroyer.He created all of us , the man kind , nature , mountains and rivers  , gave us an identity. But i am wondering , we humans how many of us are aware of our true identity , our purpose , what are we here for. 

So here comes the million dollar question … Who Am I ?

We humans have a something called as emotions ( i wrote quite a few things about it in my previous post ) , Now as there are two categories of emotions inside the human body , positive and negative . So i would call one a evil and the other one the good side of a human. Now i feel the problem here is those are good from their heart , soul and mind can be revognised and you get long with them as well. But what about those people who have negative emotions or what i called as a evil side as well along with the good side. Should we cruisify them ? Is that a solution.

Even if there is a human who has a bad side inside him /her . Thats not his true identity. The problem here i feel is that the evil has taken over the conscience mind to an extent that his good side is suppressed and cant do anything. Lets say if there is a man who looks at a girl and says She is beautiful and has no negative emotions about it. So i call it an appreciation.  Now there could be one more person who would say the same thing with a negative emotions so thats the evil inside him speaking .

I always feel that in such a scenario we are always in the middle of a battle with our own self. With the evil inside us , and the battle is to win over this evil. Difficult  but not impossible.  If a person is able to win this battle thats when he gets or achieves his true identity. The good identity. He just had a evil side but thats not intentional some times its inherited , from where i am not gonna comment on that so soon. But it is inherited. What do we do about this inherited identity ? Accept it ?  Many different answers to this . But my answer is yes. Now when i say yes i dont mean we continue to do bad things with that inherited identity but continue fighting the battle with the evil inside us.

Because we are not bad no one is bad. All we need is a victory over bad things so that we get our true identity.

After all , we all are :


Hope i made a bit of sense… 🙂


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