Signs of time


It was 09:30 PM and a friday  evening , and i was enjoying a nice quite comfortable ride in my innova to home along with Sid my friend from office. I was enjoying it until i heard a lorud thud from the back of my car. And on a good friday evening the car had broken down .  Tyre almost busted to an extent you could actually pull it out. Bingo so what next ,me and sid decided to take a train ride to home as it was just 10 mins away for us. As we got out of car with our belongings a nice breeze went past me cooling down irritation of car being broken . I felt as if that wind was meant for me only 🙂 . Sounds dramatic but thats what i felt. Well after a 5 mins of walk me and sid finally reached the platform and waiting for the train to come.  I carefully placed my miami blue glares inside my bag as it was a peak hour and i didnt at any cost would want them to break.

Train arrived close to 09:45 PM and as expected tons of people attempted to enter the train .  It was as if there was free food being distributed inside the train from Taj , for which people were crazy . I dont know when we will start behaving like Humans , sounds sarcastic but thats true . Mumbai local trains people travel like animals but i dont want to be rude with the kind of population we have the resources are less. Any ways coming back, due to this rush me and sid got saperated never mind what else would u expect on a overcrowded train. I just had to manage 3 stations and 10 mins of ride.

As the train was approaching my destination , i just got a little irritated as i was not getting enough space to get down plus i was worried if  i will be able to get down . So with that same emotion i raised a voice in front saying ” if you are getting down or not ” . The man turned around very politely and said no but he offered me to come in front . The voice said ” No Come in front i will let you get down ” and put his had around my shoulder helping me out. It was as if a godly personality was standing in front of me waitng for me to say something so he could help me. His touch made me feel as if he said ” i am here to show you the way , all you have got to do is walk the path ” . Now i am not sure how many of  you will believe what i wrote so far but i think i have understood that my purpose is to share all good things i learn in my experienced to share with thsose who can understand it and spread the same word. Whatever happened inside the train was a “Sign”. Sign of time, a sign which was telling me go for it take that helping hand

How many times in a crowded train you would have such a experience. The moment his hand touched my shoulder i felt as if i was destined to get that helping hand. Without blinking an eye i proceded further and finally got the requires space . Before my tongue my mind sent a thank you signal . When i turned around the man was very casually looking at his blackberry checking his emails . I politely said thank you to him. Many times it just so happens that we are in a situation where we loose our control on our mind tongue . People always dont give you helping hand .  But i believe in one thing after this experience that if you get a helping hand you should not refuse it . You never know when you are destined to get another helping hand. Very less number of people are able to get such a helping hand and i believe we should not loose it . And most important be thankful.

God comes in many different forms in front of us. He is everywhere what we dont realize is that the person when are interacting with might be a form of god. This tells us one thing for sure. Whoever comes in front of us in a good form is a creation of god and if we are insulting him for no reason we are insulting god. He treats everyone equal. In one form or the other he will give us a sign which would be in the form of a help , be it very small. We dont usually take that very seriously . But i think after reading this may be quite a few of us would start thinking.

We all are humans , i know its not really possible for us to be polite everytime as we hold our so called emotions inside us. But what we can try and do is try and be polite as much as we can . I am trying to do the same.



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