Nature and its Beauty

Found some real good clicks on the internet i couldnt stop myself from sharing them on this blog

looking at this Gyeser it feels heaven . Or may be heavens come on earth. Can this planet be as beautiful as this picture is. Hope it will be some day or you know what i should say it already is.


Reflections. Reflections of time. Reflection of beauty . Reflection of serenity



Motorcycle Details


With  my soulmate i sit on this bench

reviving my days where i felt heaven with her ,

with only flowers around giving a sense of love and only love

and the sunlight comes making me realize that its the day

where its only gonna be love love and love around.



Walking on this grass would give me immense pleasure and i could feel the subtelty of nature.

Motorcycle Details


This ligh makes me feel that its a begining to a new day , new life , new journey and new experience.




Hope you guys will like it as well 🙂


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