True Purpose , Identity and Creating a difference.



Bejamin Franklin had rightly said “If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing.

Well i tried and succeded to get into a deeper meaning what Mr Franklin had tried to convey in the above quote. It not only says simply about writing . But in 2 lines he has conveyed the deepest thoughts comprsing not one factor but multiple aspects of life which none of us would understand. Or rather very few of us understand. When we live our lives we think think about many things , getting a excellent paying job , dating one of the most beautiful girls in office . Driving if not a Benz but a lavish car.  Well while we are thinking about all these things , are we taking into account what our true skills , knowledge , purpose .

What i mentioned about what we on a daily course of life think is very much natural but we are lost . Lost into desires which makes us forget what is the true purpose of our life. We are born in this world and as a matter of fact we are going to die someday . But what makes the real difference is what we achieved while we were living this life. Who is going to remember us once we are dead.  When we are dead , we dont exist physically in this world but what needs to exist once we are gone is our thoughts and its effect on the current civilization or our so called humanity. After all its a choice that we have to make to create a difference.  Its our choice that decides who we are going to be and what we are going to do.  Its our choice that we make , decides whether we are going to be good or bad .

Some people make a choice of being a great singer , so people remember their voice for the rest of their lives . Keep DVD’s , have cell phone ringetones.

Well i made a choice in my life.  I chose to be a writer . Writing not only makes me feel happy about what i think . But also it makes me feel satisfied that i have achived an identity ( big or small) that time would decide . I can now proudly say iam a avid writer . Gloomed into my thoughts , spilling them on my posts which people like , read and follow.

I am sure someday i am going to create a difference . So once i die my thoughts would remain with people around in the form of my writing which i hope people are liking and would continue to like . So this way i am probably doing things worth writing or also writing things worth reading

Signing off for today , this is Shwetal reporting only happiness love and affection to all those who read , like and follow my blog . And also to those who dont but would some day follow me 🙂

Shwetal Gajbhiye  – An avid writer .


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