Destiny … Who can define it ??? Can we ??

William Shakespear mentioned once that ” it is not in our stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves ”

How many times we pray to god that we want something ? I think each time we go in front of him and do this. We always have something in our mind that we want. Yes we want it …. do we ever think rather than wanting it we should achieve it. We try to manipulate our future , why do we do that ? I tried finding this answer myself.  I dont know if we can manipulate it. But what i feel can be done is we can always with our thought process achieve the success or the appreciation that will live  , even after we have left this materialistc world.



All i am trying to say here is that we have a potential within which is underutilized . It is said that a normal human uses only 10 % of his brain , so we are saying that we are only using 10 % of our potential , while the remaining 90 % is unused. Can you imagine what would happen if we use that remaining 90 % for a good cause . A cause that would make this world a better place to live. I think anyone who does that has will achieve tremendous success . And thats how he / she will define his or her destiny. We are not here to manipulate things. We are here to achieve a purpose for which we ar supposed to achieve  . And thats our fate or desitiny which we dont explore or try to understand . The answer lies withing ourselves all we need to do is explore the answer in a way that we not only understand our purpose but also define our destiny for good.I have defined mine , i chose to be a writer spilling my thoughts on this blog spreading the word in the world which is in distress and needs help 🙂 . Hope my help would be taken


This is Shwetal signing off for now.. Happy blogging and make sure you guys define your destiny 🙂 .

Shwetal Gajbhiye



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