Power of perception…..


All my post start either with a picture or a quote , always saying something. Whoever reads and likes the article i am sure is able to hear the voice. But is hearing the voice sufficient. Understanding the thoughts the vibrations and percieving what i am trying to say . Lets take a look at the picture below and try to understand what it would mean or rather lets try to percieve it.


Lets not get scared , looking at the complexity of this image . It is trying to say something . Lets try and hear it , hear it through the power of human perception. Now i gave it a thought for 15 mins , and tried to percieve this image. When i look at this image i see various things in it ,

A man. a boat , an angel in the sky ( may be christ giving him blessings ) and of course water.  The man in the boat is on voyage . But what voyage is it. Whats his destination ? Why is he pleading with his both hands ? Is he in trouble ? All these questions do come in our personal lives as well . To which we always find it difficult to get an answer to.  From what i understood in this , the man is on a voyage of his life , where he is pleading to almighty to show the right path . A path which would lead him to not only success but also enlightenment , good deed , and peace.

And his prayers are answered by the holy angel who is appearing from the clouds telling him . I was always there for you and i am always going to be there for you. I appeared because you wanted me to. I treat everyone equally. I treat every one with love.  The ray of light indicated a ray of hope which is going to show him the right path.

Most of us in our lives dont percieve things correctly . We just take it the way it comes to us. Leading us to the wrong path. A classic example is our desires , good to have desires  till it doesnt becomes obsession. Obsession in my opinion is bad and is fatal.

Lot of our problems would go away if we percieve things correct and just like the image below we will enjoy life to an extent which no one could even imagine.


This is Shwetal sigining off for now …..Je serai de retour bientôt avec un autre poste

I mean i will be back with my next post soon.

Shwetal – An aspiring Writer and……..?  well let time decide what i am going to be.

The desire to write grows with writing.

Desiderius Erasmus


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