Law of attraction and Krishna ….. How true ….and you would love to believe.


Reshape yourself through the power of your will…

Those who have conquered themselves…live in peace, alike in cold and heat, pleasure and pain, praise and blame…To such people a clod of dirt, a stone, and gold are the same…Because they are impartial, they rise to great heights.

Krishna Quotes from The Bhagavad Gita

I was watching this movie the other day titled ” Oh my God ” . And heard one of the songs in Hindi . And simply loved it.  The reason i loved it because it had Krishna every where in it. A serene personality you would fall in love with.

The song goes as below … translation in English done 

मैं तो नहीं हु इंसानों में .. बिकता हु मैं तो इन दुकानों में. दुनिया बनायीं मैंने हांथो से … मिटटी से नहीं जज्बातों से .. मेरे निशाँ है कहाँ ..

What does it mean …translation in English done 

I am not in the person … People sell me in shops …. I created this world with my holy hands… Not with sands but with emotions… I am still searching for something… And that’s my presence….


God in the form of Krishna in this Kalyuga is  so amazed , and is saying that people dont worship me but they worship the statue of sand. I created this world with emotions and

This movie has shown Krishna taking a human form and coming to help a person who doesn’t believe in GOD. Now can someone think why he came to help that person . He never asked for any help.  I will explain this.

I recently read a book about Krishna. And In that book which is as good as bhagwat Gita , says Krishna is beautiful it attracts. The beauty of Krishna will make you fall in love with him and that’s what we call “Attraction”  which means you are drawn towards something . Lets split this word  into two At – traction.  For those who know English they already understood the meaning. Now i am going to do its Hindi verse. Traction in Hindi means कर्षण and that’s how we call this word in Hindi as आकर्षण or attraction. It is said that if we centralize our wishes and prayers to Krishna it will attract love and send it us in the form of fulfillment.

When we wish something we have to centralize out attention on that wish and send love on that wish. But how do we send the love. We are Humans and our minds are like monkey minds. Hopping around here and there and not able to concentrate. So We need to centralize our attention on Krishna. He is so beautiful that the love we want to send will be automatically sent to our wishes.  It is said that we humans if we try to follow Krishna’s path even  a little bit , he would save us from greater dangers . He is always there. He is there to save us. All we have to do is be humans . Because it is he who created us, this totality , nature , mankind.

Once we are successful in centralizing our attention on Krishna with our prayers and wishes. With his love and energy , the wishes would be attracted to us. Because , it is Krishna who will attract the wishes from universe to himself and send them to us in the form of our wishes. And that’s how i understand , the law of attraction works.

For now this is Shwetal signing off for now… Asta la vista…. Enjoy reading and writing.

Shwetal- An Aspiring writer…..A writer by choice.

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.

Isaac Asimov



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