Follow your dreams …. Add life to dreams… not dreams to life




Here i am , this is me, i come to this world where i am free. Here i am,so young and strong, right here in the place where i belong.


Does this ring any bells.


Well these are the lines from a song sung by Bryan Adams.


Such a motivational and having a depth in itself.  We all have dreams , aspirations , goals , everyone has it but then why is it that everyone is not able to achieve them. Is it because we lack something ? Yes. But its not what you are thinking right now. Its not the knowledge or potential , its inspiration. I might be a person who acts well but i would be a star unless i have inspiration to become one . I would be a person who plays cricket well. But if i don’t have a inspiration i wouldn’t be able to perform.


As Johann Gottfried Von Herder had rightly said.


Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.






We have mental and physical energy which plays a vital role in a our success. Lets take a classic example sports , i am wonderful batsman that’s what people say and i really appreciate but that’s when i play along with my friends. And i love playing cricket , and you know what one fine day i decide that i would be a cricketer  Bingo here is my goal to achieve. And i continue to play cricket the way i usually do. But here is a roadblock , in this real world scenario i am bought in front of my studies exams and college , which is very important. But in the middle of all this i forget or loose the focus on my actual goal or dreams.


So i lack something here and that’s called a spark ,  a ignition which is required for beginning to an achievement of our goals. We all need this so that we can focus on our goals . Achieve them . We should be living our dreams. Add life to our dreams not dreams to our lives without achieving them.




Our mental energy plays a vital role in living our dreams. By living a dream or a goal i mean is that we constantly think about it as to how it can be achieved , and keeping only one thought that i am the one who will achieve it. ” I CAN DO IT ” that’s the word. We all have a licence to live our dreams but the problem is we don’t  know how to drive and also there is fuel that is lacking to give a spark inside us which in turn creates a will to achieve our goals or dreams.


Without this sparks our dreams would continue to remain dormant and never come up. We need to have that spark and retain that spark so that we can achieve what we want.


If we willingly ask for something with a true heart. The universe conspires to bring it near to us.


For now this is Shwetal Signing off .. Asta la vista….


Shwetal – An Aspiring writer… True to his heart.







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