Why should we hate someone….


I dont know why i am writing this , i sometimes feel there is a storm coming my way. Or sometimes i get that feeling that there is a strom building in my mind. Why ? for what ? Who is my enemy. I really dont know. There are times where i loose my patience my control my anger comes out. I feel there is someone else inside me who is taking over me. Why i cant fight this bad side of me. I have to fighr this and this is my destiny.

Reading above excerpt i dont know what you all are going to feel , but i want to say some thing here. We all are humans and based on my experiences i have learnt one thing. A good one and a bad one. And there is a battle constantly going on to win .

Why is it that we are not able to control our anger and we go out on a self destruction ? I have observed this many times. This anger Hatred is so bad that you really feel you are not the best of yourself. You have to always ensure that you are the best of yourself .

Some times you want to say a lot of things but you cant . But i have learnt one thing for sure , try to be the best of yourself , love people and dont hurt anyone.

Never feel guilty about what happened in past , live your present confidently and let the future come to you the way it comes.

This is Shwetal …. Signing off for now….Only think love ….dont hate anyone and be happy…

Shwetal – An Aspiring writer.