My dream is to write……


All these years while i was working , i used to think  , was i doing the right thing  ? And apparently i was . But was that my passion ? I asked myself . Couldnt find the right answer. While working on my software projects , i enjoyed myself as a developer , during my initial days. It was good fun. But after 3-4 months i started thinking that was that the thing which i was supposed to do ? Answer didnt come.


I landed up with one of the biggest banks in the world as a analyst . And this name everyone knows ” Merrill Lynch ” When i started working with this firm , i actually hadn’t realized that i was working with such a bigger firm until i started getting exposed to the real corporate world of it.  The exposure was when i started ” Reading ” about it. Those who are reading it mark my words ” When i started reading about it “.

Six years after i worked with the biggest investment bank in the world and i am still working with it . I finally ended up exploring my passion . And guess what ? It was writing.  I had never ever in my dreams had thought that i would become a blogger and would write so many lovely things on my blog.  When i started this blog , i just started it with a very vague objective . It was not at all clear as to what i was going to write . All i knew was that i am gonna write.


Started with something love and happiness. Woooo sounds romantic huh  😉 . But yeah it was about true love and happiness. Ok Guys , lets not get into a flashback where we imagine ourselves with a beautiful girl in our arms , singing nice romantic songs in back yard. Lets focus on wrting. After writing my first post i was wondering why did write this ? Was it my goal  ?

After giving it a deeper thought i realized it was nothing but a blog of my feelings , thoughts and imaginations . Which were taking shapes of words. Words which would come alive as you read them. Words which would never die. Words which would continue to live lives even when iam not there.

And i finaly said this to myself ” My Dream is to write ” . Spill whatever i can in the form of words which would continue to live ever after. And after saying this to myself , i decided on one thing. That i will be passing this as a legacy to someone who is really passionate towards writing , once i become a successfull writer. I want this legacy to continue.

For now this Shwetal .. Signing off from this place …. going back to my dreams which will take the shape of reality , with the words i write.

Asta La Vista

 Shwetal – An Aspiring writer…. Making his dreams reality by giving life to the words he writes.



7 thoughts on “My dream is to write……

  1. Writing can be a wonderful outlet. Good for you for following your dream! Blogging is a fun format to write on because of the interaction from other writers (and readers). Best wishes as you live your dream 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting this love to hear how others started with thier blogs….I love to write….however its taking some courage to post on my blog….inspires me to carry on.

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