My first job my dream job…..


You know when i say love in Tokyo . This reminds me of one of my favourite actors although i was not even born when he started his career but it was because of my dad i got to see his movies. Love in Tokyo was one of his movies . Now when i saw this movie i kind of found Tokyo city very old fashioned well it has to be as the movie was from 70’s and i was watching the same in the year 2005. Well thats a big generation gap. I was sure that Tokyo is not the same as i saw it in the movie. I dreamt some day i would go to Tokyo . If you see dreams only then they come true someone told me this. This conviction of achieving something was always there inside me. It just had to come out. I was in my last year of engineering the most important thing that worried me was my first job. I gave tons of interviews and all of them requested me to sign a bond contract, i never wanted myself to be bounded by a contract . I always wanted to be a free bird.

One fine evening i was sleeping in my room and my phone rang. It was the placement consultant from my college . In half asleep state i spoke to him and he told me that there is one of the biggest firm hiring freshers and i need to be there tomorrow by 4 PM and the place was close to 90 mins away from home . Initailly i was kind of hesitant but i went next day . It was quite a surprise to me that the place had 3 phases out of which 2 were under construction and one was operational. Am i going to work here. I still said to my self dude go for it. Something inside me never stopped me at that place. It was a technical written test we had to give. I found the questions to be simple i quickly finished the test handed over the papers to the moderator and waited. They informed that they will announce the results in 15 mins and the clock was ticking.

15 mins passed and here comes the result they started announcing the name of people who had qualified. And my name was 4th in the list i rejoiced . Some of my friends had not qualified wishing me luck they left. Now there was supposed to be another round of interview with the managers . Before they started the round they gave us a brief introduction of what company does and what it is all about. At that time i was not at all aware of these jargons . But i had to get used it.And then the second round started . And my turn came , i went inside there was a gentleman sitting waiting for me . After i made myself comfortable , the questions began. He asked my about myself , but didnt ask me any technical questions which was quite surprising. I was a bit confused as to why he is not asking any technical questions. With a inhibition that whatever happens happens for good i continued answering him. After i finished i was asked to wait. It was quite late in evening. I ended up having a sandwich in the canteen they had in the office.

After some time the lead HR came and informed us that we will be informed about further rounds soon. And were asked to leave. It was quite a tiring day for me. I reached home a bit late. Next day i went to my computer programming classes. And suddenly my phone rang and i saw it was mom. She immideately told me to leave and come back home as the company HR had called up for the last round of the interview. I was quite excited in the middle of the lecture i simply told my professor that i am not feeling well and i need to leave. He allowed me. I ran took a rickshaw and reached him in that sweat i quickly allowed myself to settle down and then i got ready . The interview was in the same office and was scheduled at 6 PM . Why they always schedule the interview in the evening i didnt understand. After all the hectic travel i reached office and the interview was about to begin in 10 mins.

I was told it was someone from UK who had come to take interview. I was a bit conscience after hearing this. First time it was someone from outside India whom i was going to face an interview for this job. And my name was called . I went inside. There were 2 gentlemen sitting in the room. One of them was a young fellow may be in his 30’s . The other man was in his 50’s . He was a bit fat had a royal personality. So this was it , they were the one who were going to take my interview. The Fat guy stood from his chair , shook hands saying ” I am Yagnesh Pota from London ”  . I politely said ” Hello Sir ”

Interview : And the questions began

Yagnesh : ” So i am the owner of a shipping company and my ship has sunk. My men have extracted the wrekage of the ship. And i am interested in finding the hole which made the ship sink . What would u do if you were the owner ? ”

 I was like is he drunk. what kind of question is that . I thought i was here for job for techies and was expecting some technical questions. Never mind. I had to answer this.

Me :   ” Sir i would send my men to the most critical portions of the ship where there could be a possibility of the hole. Also i would look at the broken portions of the ship to find where the water entered from . Basically find the traces. ”

Yagnesh : ” Ok . So are you faimilar with financial knowledge ? ”

Me : ” No Sir ”

Yagnesh : ” How soon you would pick up this knowledge ? ”

Me : ” As soon as you give me this Job Sir . ”

Yagnesh : ” What if i dont give you this job ?”

Me : ” I will look for another job . its not the end of the road .”

The last one was a brave answer. Yagnesh was looking into my eyes and i couldnt guess what he was thinking. He said ” ok i would want you to wait outside for sometime ” . Greeting both of them i left the room and waited at the reception . By that time there were other folks who were being interviewed. I was feeling the anxiety inside me. I was like am i going to get this job . I was albeit nervous too. Suddenly Sunaina the HR came and told us that we will let you know the results by calling you guys. Typical HR answer and i was like this was just another interview. And i left for home.

The next morning was another usual morning when i got up had my breakfast and started looking for more interview opportunities. I had quite a few lined up for myself but i was thinking to go for first. This was till afternoon i was doing. Sitting on my computer was tiring. So i had my lunch and slept in the afternoon. Don’t ask with whom now ? Hehehe hehe ” Ok that was a humour in the middle of this. Ok coming back it was 5 PM in the evening and i was still sleeping . And my phone rang. There was a loud noise of my placement consultant. It was Niharika who was calling. She is always enthusiastic informing news. This  loud noise had only one big sentence ” Shwetaaaaaaal , Congratualations you have been selected at Merrill Lynch for this job ” . My hear sank for that moment . I couldnt believe my ears that it was my job that i had got . I very politely said ” Thanks Niharika , whats the next steps  ? ”

She said ” Shwetal you need to collect your offer letter , tomorrow evening at 6 PM from Sunaina ” .  I wanted to say why evening again. But it was the biggest moment of my life . I had got my first job and i was going to start working. All these days i was simply rejecting offers because i simply had one thing in my mind about my dream job and this was it.

The next day i hurried reached the office and wanted to collect the letter of joining. I asked at the reception for Sunaina. After 5 mins there was a tall good looking man came in front of me and escorted me to a saperate room where told me to wait for sometime. And i was getting axious. I was simply not able to control myself. The only thing running in my mind was the salary they were going to offer . It was not a very good trends in salaries those days . So i simply had around Rs 13000/- as my expectations of my monthly compensation. And sunaina arrived , with a letter , taking me through my basic formalities she came to the page where the main thing was written my first salary.

She in a very hesistant words said ” Currently we can offer you this much only ” . Pointing her fingers at the value. It was per annum ctc and i could not believe my eyes it was one of the highest paid compensation to freshers keeping in mind the trend at that time. And i was like ” Where do i need to sign ” . She pointed me to the place and i kept signing. After all the formalities were done . She said ” Welcome to Merrill Lynch ” And this was it . I was going to join the billion dollar wall street firm which was not making money but was printing it. Biggest day of my life was here. I was holding this offer letter of the biggest wall street firms in the world. The world was at my feet.

There was one thing i learnt at that time that ” If we want some thing truely from our heart it will come to us , though we have to wait for some time. But success is never far ”

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place. i will be back soon.

Shwetal – An Avid Writer




The Sinking feeling….


It was nice sunny morning in mumbai . Waking up at 7 PM was something i dont like but this was the day when i didnt had a choice. I woke up went to the bathroom looked my self in the mirror. What a great deal of face i had. This was the face who was going to catch the 12:55 after noon flight to London.Exciting huh. I was too. Well excited and a bit sad as i was not going to see my parents for another 6 months . I was on a employee exchange program for a period of 6 months. My career was  taking a big jump. I was going to work with the business of the biggest financial institution of the world the only institution to have 1 trillion $ of asset under management. Sounfds astonishing. Yes it is. I Freshened up after my morning chores . And finally got ready for this journey of my lifetime. My first trip to london.My mom very spiritual person . She did her morning puja for me and my safety.  I wasnt close to god at that time compared to what i am right now. Anyways important part is i am spiritual now. You know i have this bad habit of being a bit hyper when it comes to important events of my life. 

I am sure i did check all my documents passport , visa , invitation letter , my forex card and my wallet. I must have checked these documents 10 times at least. But you know what this is how i am . I had called for a hired car to get on to the airport at i was planning to start by 9 AM . And this fellow didnt turn up at 9 and here we go another panic button . I started calling him and asked him where he is. He said he is reaching in 2 mins . I definitely felt the guy was lying. But he came . After all the hastles we boarded the vehicle and asked him to take the route which doesnt have traffic and he said sir this is peak time but we will make it in an hour. I at any cost was not willing to miss this flight. I reached the high way and i saw traffic snarling , my heart beat started rising. I dont wanna be late for this now. With all the hiccups i finally managed to reach the airport. I quickly went inside checked in my bagage , collected my boarding pass and came back to spend some time with my parents. And as their son was going away for a long time there has to be some emotional element coming in . Even i couldnt stop my tears.  After saying goodbye i went through to security and finally reached my boarding gate.

Out of anxiety i called my parents , i was not so comfortable. I called and my mom was  crying . We both having tears in my eyes said good bye to each other and i knew mom was anyways going to visit me soon in london. I was waiting at the boarding gate number 12 for my boarding to be announced. This was not the first time i was travelling by flight so i was quite comfortable , although London flights usually take 9 hours to reach which was my concern . With all the anxiety i kind of ignored the boarding announcement , thanks to the fellow passanger who said we need to go. Jet Airaways is always my favourite airlines but when it comes to turbulance it scares the shit out of me. After all the formlties were done a beautiful airhostess came to me and said ” Sir if you need any help we are at your service ” What a polite lady she was. Ok so finally the flight was announced to take off. You know i always love flying high and the best part i look out of window when the flight is taking off. This is one of my favourite views. And the same i did when my flight took off. I was kind of aware of the route the flights across europe normally take so was quite exited to watch the arial view of various places. The drinks were served , i ordered myself tomato juice . Sipping my tomato juice i was enjoying the  arial view of the clouds . Suddenly felt a jerk oops was that it  no i was like just imagining it myself . It was not turbulance . May e it wwas just my imagination taking shape , i gnored and enjoyed my drink . After i was done with my drink i kind off felt sleepy . Though a bit tough for me to sleep right postion but i  moved my seat behind and tried sleeping. My fellow passanger was a young lady in her 30’s whom i had not initiated a conversation with yet but i kind of didnt bother. As we both were comfortable in our space. Little bit of jerks here and there didint let me sleep , but i kind of felt so tired that eventually i didnt realize when i slept.

Suddenly my eyes  opened someone was shaking me on my shoulders . I was shit scared for a second thinking that was it the turbulance has started. But i was wrong , it was the stewardess who was waking me up for food. Well it is not considered good to disturb th guests in the flight who are sleeping.But i had slept for almost for 3 hours and i didnt realize they actually were waiting for me to get up so i shouldnt skip my lunch.  I asked them for the menu  menu amd voila it was grilled fish. I was damn hungry and as i was served food i simply jumped on to it. Started eating desperately. I dont mind using that word  as i was hungry . As i was about to finish my food i started feeling vibrations well it was not only me but the whole aircraft was shaking , i initially ignored but no this was it it was the turbulance as the seat belts sign were switched on . I was like oh my god was it supposed to happen now. Why ? Why me . I said to myself the pilots are experienced they will get through it. The turbulance was not much even i was kind of facing t bravely. But in a min or  two it increased , i felt as if i was now had it. I was feeling as if it was on a great speed. Suddenly the captain announced ” We are currently experiencing bad weather , i would request every one to fasten the seat belts and enjoy the flight. “

Now how do  you expect someone to enjoy the flight in such a situation . i felt like breaking his nose . But i know i cant and i should not even think about it. As he is the one who is flying. I suddenly felt the aircraft is loosing altitude and it was actually loosing . My hear beats had already  gone up. I didnt know what to do. I wanted to get up from my seat and go out but where . In those white clouds where the airt pressure is gonna be so much that the clouds will take me to the last journey of my lifetime. No i dont wanna do that. I felt we were going to crash. No i cant die. It has to go through . I am not even married . I was sinking. I felt i had to say a lot of things to so many people i loved my parents , my friends , the girl whom i used to cross while jogging . So many things were unsaid. I dont wanna die without saying all those people who were so close to me. God has to give me this chance. I was like dont know what to do. The lady sitting next to me said ” You dont have to worry it will all go through ” . I in my mind said ” Lady probably you are done with all things in your lifetime . Got married enjoyed it . I am yet to ” . I felt like laughing at myself but in that situation i didnt had the energy to laugh.

After sometime to my shock the turbulance stopped . The aircraft was stable and was crusing . The seat belt signs were off. And i was relaxed. I was not sinking anymore. I was not going to die unsaid. I decided to take some rest and may be distract my self watching some movie on the inflight entertainment. Even if this repeats i will keep watching movie. I will probably die atleast watching some hot model in a hollywood movie. Well funny isnt it how we change our mind set with situations.

Eventually announcement came to fastent the seat belts as we were approaching the city of London. We landed peacefully comfortably and i came out of the aircraft in joy saying ”  London Here i am ” . This is me . I came to this world as i am free. This reminds me of Bryan Adams.

This was me Shwetal who almost met death while he was flying with his inhibitions.

This is Shwetal Signing off from here … Will be back soon with some thing more interesting .

Shwetal – An Avid Writer.


Any one need help ??….


For all the other reasons i started this blog , one reason was to help people learn some or the other things from what i write. I used to always wonder how does it feel helping others. I passed out of my engineering college in the year 2005 . I feel that my last year was one of the toughest of all my academics. I had to manage my project plus studies. Although it was real fun while working on project days . And thats the time i realized whats the importance of getting help. And the true meaning of help. I ask this question to you. What is the meaning of help ? I actually went through tons of meanings for help.  Some said , to promote the furtherance of a entity. Some said offering a hand . I felt they all were more bookish meanings of what we call HELP.

After giving it a lot of thinking , i came up with my definition of HELP. Those who like it can hit like others can ignore. I define HELP as

H – How

E – Every one

L – Love

P- People

Any help has to accompany love associated with it. Because when we help someone it has to be with self interest . And more so , it should be with complete compassion towards the person/animal whom we are helping. I will give you a classic example. It was winter in India and one fine evening i came back from work a little late. I was walking to the second level of my building where my apartment was located. And at the corner of level one i found two little sweet kittens were sitting holding each other. I just felt so amazing i just wanted to pick both of them and take home. They looked at me with sense of emotions in their eyes. The eyes were saying we are hungry and we need HELP .

I went to my apartment and told my sister the same thing. I said they are hungry and we should feed them as it was chilly night and any one would feel hungry like anything. I had a pack of cookies in my bag. I picked them up and went near the two little kittens and gave them a couple of cookies . And to my shock they jumped over and started eating them , i felt so nice that i gave them two more. I had carried a small warm cloth both of them and after they were done eating . I just put that warm cloth on top of them so they could sleep well that night. I came back to my house and felt satisfied it was quite late at night when all this happened. I learnet something that day . We humans are supposed to be compassionate not only towards each other but also towards animals as well. After all they have life.  Many people have already said this what i am already saying now but how many of us sincerly read this and follow it is the important part of our life.

I did my work of sharing my learning with you all. Now i leave the choice with you to make or to be compassionate. We all need helping hand some or the other time in our lives. And to earn that helping hand we should help others as it creates a bank which will give you back  the help with interest .  We humans have lived hundereds of lives in past and in some or the other lives we might have lived lives as animals . I am not expecting people to recollect their lives now which they lived as animals but i am expecting people to realize that we should help every one whoever is in need.

A hand of help is a hand of love , affection , compassion and smile. Imagine how would you feel when someone abandons you in the middle of your work and says now you got to handle it without me. And not because the person wants to test you whether you can do this alone or not but he just doesnt want to help you. A feeling of outrage comes in . And suddenly someone comes in to help you thats when are in joy.

Those two little kitten after that night kept coming near our apartment and we kept feeding them . It was one of the most wonderful feeling i had ever had. Same thing happened with my group during my final semester of engineering. We had developed a very good project with our project guide . And to our horror it was not working on the week prior to demonstration of the same. I just went blank . I felt everything was falling apart , was not at all able to think what in this world made this not work. All i had to do was keep calm , difficult but i had no other choice . The next day we went to our project guide and told him the entire story.

He had a nice little smile on his face. Inside me i was furious , i was already under the stress of fixing the project to get a successfull demonstration done. And this man was having a smile on his face. He in a very soft voice told us ” My son has already worked on a simillar module and he can help you fix this ” . I felt a ray of light coming from top of the ceiling and entering inside me as if we were destined to get this HELP.  We along with the remaining folks left for our guide’s residence and met his son. After going through everything . He understood the problem and in a matter of 24 hours fixed it.

I felt it was GOD in the form of this help came to us and fixed our problem. The week after that we had we had a successfull project demonstration. And we all were quite satisfied. And thats when all realized the true meaning of what help is .

For now this is Shwetal signing off from his blog… Asta La vista….

Shwetal – An Avid writer.



Lady sitting near burger king


It was chilly winter and and 5 PM . I was walking near Barksten Garden coming back from work. London winter is some thing you would enjoy. In fact,my purpose of asking for a visit to London was simply to enjoy the winter out there. It was in 2010 when i got my last london visit. My mom had equipped me with all possible warm clothes , just as a  mother would like to protect her child and i used to love that feeling. A sense of some one being next to you always and you know she is going to be with you no matter what is the situation. When i had landed in london i had carried 4 big bags with one bag full of warm clothes. What a variety.

Now as i passed by the burger king on the street next to barksten Gardens . I saw some one sitting next to the door of burger king. I could not have imagined this horror. It was 5 PM evening. London with temperature dropped to 3 degrees. This human was a old lady may be in her 50’s sitting on the chilly street. Now why would be someone so stupid to do this . The first thought that flashed in front of my eyes. But i was wrong.  The lady was very poor , probably abandoned by her family. If thats true then how can someone be so in human to do so. People forget the fact that they are also going to grow old and they would need the same help which that lady was in need. Although i could see her draped in warm clothes and a warm cap. But my soul couldnt accept the fact that she was sitting on that chilly road beating the chilly waves. I was not even sure if she had eaten something .

I was carrying some bananas with me. I was a bit scared going near her. I had read several news of being robbed by someone on the street who was simply sitting. Well Central london was preety much safe . I was never ever worried , plus cops patrolling around was coushin to my mind. I without any hesitation went near the lady and gave her the bananas i kept in my bag. I bought some donuts and gave it to her. The poor lady was so happy that she gave me a sweet little smile and started eating the food hungrily.  I was write the lady didnt had food for the entire day.

I wanted to call the cops and inform them about the lady so that they could atleast take her to the safe place or to her relatives. But i was a bit skeptical , although i was enjoying watching her eat. Because it gave me a sense of satisfaction that she was eating. After she had the food , she pulled out a bottle of water from a torn bag and drank it. She was so satisfied that she instantly went to sleep. I didnt knew what to do . My apartment was just two mins walking distance from the same place. With a confused mind , i walked away though with a sense of satisfaction that the lady didnt sleep empty stomach. I was so emotional at that time , that while i was walking towards my apartment i instantly called my mother in India and spoke to her for a while , it was a bit too late though for me to call her . But for a son to talk to her mother the time choosen is always a good time. After talking to her i was quite satisfied .

All night i was thinking about that old lady , why was she on that street . Did she had no one in her family . Was there some catastrophe that she lost everyone in her family. Thoughts kept running in my mind. I didnt know what to do. It was a friday night . I should have been going out with my friends and may be enjoying but this was the first time i didnt felt like doing so.

Next morning , as always chilly but the most important it was a saturday. I decided to visit Covent Garden , since this was not my first trip to london > i had visited most of the places tons of times. I  got ready with my denims , t-shirt and cotts wool to beat the winter. I loved my sports jacket . Pulled it out of my closet and got my leather hand gloves on.

Giving a nice pleasent greetings to Jason who used to get me my morning breakfast. Jason was humble person . He was from Uzbekistan.The best part about my visits to various countries was i had the opportunity to interact with various nationals. Jason was one interesting person of his kind. I had interacted with Russians , Uzbeks , Pakistanis , Bulgarians , Italians , frenchmans and list is on. After greeting Jason , I walked towards my table to eat. And guess what it was Bananas kept near my plate. It reminded me of the same lady who was sitting on the street last evening. I wondered if the lady was still around. My curiousity was not ending. I quickly finished my breakfast and i walked towards Earl’s Court tube station, didnt wanted to be late for my train to covent garden. And while i was walking towards the station there was no on next to the burger king door. Amused i was. I thought the lady was moved by cops and may be shifted to a safer place.

I arrived at covent garden . Covent Garden is full of events , street events rather . People playing music. Magicians showing off their tricks. Street plays , it was one of a place to enjoy. I suddenly saw a man at the corner with some interesting set of musical instruments playing blissfull music. I was enjoying , people were putting a penny or two near him. I felt his talent was way more worth than what he was getting paid for. I bought the music CD’s of his tunes . I felt satisfied at least someone paid him for his talent well.

As i was returning from Covent Garden , it was close to evening and i again crossed the same lady . And i couldnt control my emotions , i tried communicating with her but i couldnt understand the language she was speaking. Her eyes though said she needs help. I pulled out my cell phone called the emergency 999 it used to be on my top speed dials.

I informed the cops and explained them everything. I requested them if she could be rehabilitated some place. I would not call myself human if i would not help her. The cops arrived in no time. After hearing my explaination ,they requested the lady to move inside the car. The lady refused , it was as if they were asking her to leave her house. I was quite amazed , after a great deal of effort we finally succeeded her to get inside the car . I was quite confident that the lady would be escorted to a safe place to live.

From next day the corner was always empty and so was my heart , i felt a bit of lonliness for the first time. I called up my residence in India spoke to everyone . It was a sense of satisfaction . Life is not always fair but you can make it by helping others who are in need. After all we all are humans.

For now this is Shwetal Signing off … Will be back soon.

Shwetal – An Avid writer.


Take it or leave it….


I was reviwing my bank account the other day.  And i was quite satisfied looking at the balance in my savings account. But there was one thought that flashed in my mind. And that was what if  it had loads of money flowing in . What if some day i would be a millionaire. A desire of being rich flashed into my mind. Nothing wrong in  having a desire to be rich. But desire is not the only thing that works. It needs to be backed by something. And thats effort , an effort with conviction to achieve something. Whatever i am trying to write here , people would think has he applied some secret principles on himself  to be rich or successfull ? Is he himself rich ? Answer is Yes and No.

Yes because of the skills i have . No because i am not yet multimillionaire. Now since i was talking about a desire to become reality . How many of us actually have this desire ? Well it is really difficult to quantify the numbers out here. Because if i talk about India typically , the population is huge. And to quantify one’s actual desire is something not realistic. But when i look around see and talk to people . What i am able to quantify the below

1 .Some people do have a genuine desire to be rich but lack knowledge .

2.Some people have desire to be rich but are enclosed in the envolope of negativity and are not ready to proceed.

3. The last category is people wanting to be rich without much effort. Or rather think they can’t do it.

Success always comes with some sacrifice and effort. If we want to put some effort to achieve we have to give it some time by sacrificing some of our favourite things we do.  Now if i ask you something , what so you enjoy the most ?  Music , sports , Hollywood Movies ? Now if one of this is the most you enjoy in ur times and you want to be successfull you got to sacrifice it. Now if i ask you i have  an opportunity for you which will make you productive and if you tell me that there is one of the favourite hollwood movie that you wish to watch. You are postponing your own success.

The opportunity came in a plate for you but you left it. We always have a choice architect our future if we are ready to sacrifice some bit of our time and put some effort. Basically Take it or leave it.  We might look at the prize of our sucess initially as very small. But we need to value it .  Because its just a begining to what we want to achieve.  To tell you my story i was never a blogger neither i wanted to make money out of my blogs. I said this to myself that whatever happens after i write my posts on the blog is going to be my prize depending on how many people read it . Like it . Follow it.  I went ahead with a conviction to write whatever comes in m y mind. In fact not many people liked it initially and thats when i realized that i need to put some effort. And i started writing on others blogs and i started getting visibility and this visibility lead thos 100’s of people visiting my blog and liking it.

This was a situation for me as well . Take it or leave it. The opportunity was already taken by creating a blog but what extra required was that effort to market it promote it. 

I had read a book by Robert Kiyosaki ” Rich Dad poor Dad ” and it typically talked about whats the difference between people who succeeded and people who failed .  And thats where i got this term ” Take it or leave it  ” . The typical difference between those people who were rich and those who were unsuccessfull was that they had put some effort to be successfull. Bill Gates , Rupert Murdoch , Warrent Buffet , Steve Jobs. All of them are unique successfull leaders in their field. And there has been no other successfull leaders after them , because they are unique with their strategies and principles.

“Failure defeats losers, failure inspires winners.” Robert T. Kiyosaki

Each one of the successfull people experienced failures sometime or the other in their lives and thats what inspiers them to do their best and acheive something extraordinary. And that is what differentiates them from those who were not successfull.

I am sure i have conveyed the right thing through my post.

Enjoy reading.

Shwetal – An Avid writer.



Most Verstatile Blogger award… And the Oscar goes to ….??


All these days people loved my writing and liked it followed it.  Here  i am nominating the best of the best blogs i ever read. Congratualtions for inspiring me for writing and making me read your beautiful writing.

image1 image

The Rules:

1. Display the logos of the awards on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State seven things about yourself.

4. Nominate fifteen other bloggers for this award and link to them.

5. Notify these bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirement.


Seven things about

1. I am a very happy go lucky kind of a person.

2. I was very introvert until i started writing.

3. I love making new friends and social networking.

4.I love inspiring and making people read my writing , even if it is boring 😉

5.I am a very foodie kind of a person. Love seafood and italian cuisine.

6.Crazy for hollywood movies. Sean Connary is my favourite.

7. I have a acousitic guitar havent yet got my tunes right :-p yet.


Are we there yet …… ???


It was during my my 9th grade in my school , we had gone for our first long drive vacation . This was one of the cold places. I wasn’t aware of how long we are going to take to be there , everyone else knew though . On a bright sunny morning of winter in India , we began our journey to destination. I was feeling very good


Wearing my favourite T-Shirts and Denims , flaunting my nice pair of sports shoes from Rebook. Forgetting what was going to happen in school and all the load of assignments and home work. Basically i disconnected myself from the world i knew , which i used to live day in day out. And finally started heading for my vacation destination. My Aunt offered me sandwiches and juice and i was like hungry human jumped on them started eating and enjoying them . An hour passed i was admiring the natural scenic beauty as we moved out of the city. I love watching huge mountains , trees , big highways passing along the mountains. I pulled out my camera and clicked few picture. Dont know a great deal in photography but i always try my hand on something or the other. As few hours passed , the destination had not arrived and asked this question to my uncle .  ” Are we there yet …..?? “

My uncle very politely turned to me and said ” My Son , we still have 4.5 hours of driving left ” . MY Jaw dropped . I never ever wanted to go on  such a long drive. And thats the moment i became impatient. Just for the reason that my destination was looking far too distant to me.

Some where or the other time in our lives we set some goals for our selves . And the most important thing we dont know about the goal is that we dont know how far it is from us. Which is not good. Just like the holiday destination which i was driving to , along with my family. When we set a goal for ourselves the most important estimation we should always have with us how far is the goal from us ? This not only helps us decide on the effort we are going to put to get success but also to choose a path to that success.

When we are in a evid search of success we have tons of questions in our mind. We look for answers , the answers are always around us . The reason we are not able to see them is because of the anxiety we are into to achieve the success.  The answer always lies within us. And patience is the key. Time is always against us. We are supposed to look into all the parameters to achieve our goal.

If you sit inside the room you will find all the answers to your question.


Your roof will say AIM high , first we are supposed to aim high. Only when we Aim high the effort of our arrow to reach the aim would go high.

Fan Says Remain cool . Only if we remain cool we get solutions faster and we are able to direct ourselves in the right direction to achieve .

Look at the clock it will say ” Time is precious ” . Every minute you waste postpones your success.

Mirror would say ” Reflect before you act ” . Every action you take reflects your identity . So choose your actions properly.

Window says ” See the World ” . Widen your perspective and look at everything around you.

Calander says ” Be upto Date ” . Since time is always against us we are suppose to race to ensure we are with the world updated from every perspective. Knoweledge , people , c0mmunity , process and thoughts.

Door says ” Push hard to achieve your goals ” . Thats your effort which should be hard enough to achieve your goals.

If your success is locked , you always have a key to open that lock. And that key is combination of 7 parameters which i mentioned above . Which once you know you will never ask this question ” Are we there yet ….. ?? “

For  now this is Shwetal signing off from this place. ….I will be back soon with another post. Till that time enjoy reading.

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