Tomorrow never dies….


Thoughts thoughts and thoughts… I get so drained out thinking that i feel sick sometimes and my head becomes heavy. What are we thinking so much about. Our past  ? Our Present ? Or our tomorrow ? . I really wonder sometimes. Why i am writing this. Because these thoughts have haunted me as well. Right from the time when i was worried about choosing a subject in high school , to the time i was choosing a good engineering college for my degree.  There is one thing common in all this. My worry ? Well worrry for a tomorrow. I was worrying for a time which had not at all arrived. And i was messing with my time , by thinking what will happen tomorrow. And kept thinking.

There are 3 words i have used here past , present and tomorrow or future. Well Past is gone so you guys think i or anyone else for that matter worry about it or can change it ? Think about it. Answer is right in front of you. “NO” . The forget it . Tomorrow hasnt yet arrived.  So why mess thinking about it constantly . My friend who used to work with me in my company once took a print out and tucked it next to his computer.

It said ” Take a nice deep breath with a smile on your face and feel awsome ” . Well i did not ignore it and thought of trying it out. And to my surprise it worked amazing. I actually felt awsome.  My worry for the tomorrow which had not arrived was reduced to a great extent. I think you should try this. We all keep thinking so much about our future that we are spoiling our existing time.  Instead why not make it count. Remember what i said in my earlier post. There are 86500 seconds in a day and they wouldnt be of any use unless you make them count.

Have a look on this picture below.


We all wait for a special occasion of our life. But every moment of our life is so special that someone had rightly said that you can add life to years and not years to life.  The tomorrow which has not arrived will not get destroyed leave it with time. Give time some time. 

So burn the candle today , use some nice sheets , dont wait for a occasion because today is special.

Tomorrow never dies

But if we keep thinking in a worried fashion for tomorrow. Today will die. And if today dies. Tomorrow will never come. And i want it to come .

I always think today i am going to write something special. Now read this sentence carefully. It will always convey one thing. Today is always special write something and tomorrow will never ever die.

For now this Shwetal Signing off …. Waiting for tomorrow … Because something special is going to happen today 🙂

Shwetal – And Avid writer …..



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