Live for nothing …. or ….Die for something


I was watching movie ” Con Air” and that’s when i heard Nicholas Cage saying this ” Live for Nothing ….. or …. Die for something ” . And these words struck me like a lightening. Although i was watching this movie but i kind of was engrossed in these words.   How motivating these words were for me. I am wondering how many of you have started thinking about it while reading this.  When i deeply gave it a thought then my senses gave me an answer to my thoughts. And the answer was one word ” Purpose ” . Each one of us in our life has a purpose . We are born in this world with an objective to achieve something which is our purpose and the day this is achieved thats the day when we die.

You know these movies we watch them with a aim of just entertainment but even these movies convey message which most of us are not able to catch. Probably we are keeping our so called brains aside and watching these movies. Well no offence against anyone but i meant that we only aim for entertainment. If any one of you had carefully watched matrix 2 then it conveys a message from Bhagwat Gita . Well this i kinda  understood after giving it a deep thought. When Neo Meets Oracle she tells him . Each program in Matrix has a purpose and the day its purpose is over , it is deleted from this world.

Just the way we live we have a purpose as well. A purpose to teach someone something , a purpose to learn something may be even it is from our mistakes its a learning.  A purpose to make people aware of something . A purpose can be anything. All we have to understand is what is my objective of living this life. Though it happens at times a bit late but the important part is knowing the objective . Walking the path becomes eventually easier.

If we havent understood what our objective in this life is then there is a million dollar question coming here. What are you living for ? At times life gives us signal which indicates that you have a objective to achieve in your life but we dont take it . That means we are living for nothing.

Dying for something is much better than living for nothing. Your loved ones will always be proud of it , even if you are not with them . The reason for their happiness would be you have achieved your purpose . Rather than living for nothing you died for something. And it automatically gives a meaning to your life you lived and the lives you are going to live ever after.

So Make your choice today. Either live for nothing or die for something. I have already made my choice . I chose to be a writer who will give a meaning to his life with his words.

This is Shwetal …Signing off for now…. Asta la vista … with a new post.

Shwetal – An Avid writer. ……. Living for his writing…

I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.

Blaise Pascal

Krishna and Arjun on the chariot, Mahabharata,...

Krishna and Arjun on the chariot, Mahabharata, 18th-19th century, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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