Sky is the limit.


I was going for a movie last weekend. And i just passed by a Car Showroom. It was Audi Showroom . And i glanced at the nice red Audi car which was inside the showroom and my reaction was like wow. I went inside the showroom knowing the fact that my pocket is empty and i will not be able to even book the car. But my courage let me do this act.

The Showroom manager came next to me and asked ” How can i help you sir ? ” . I just asked him the specs of the vehicle and they were like amazing i would love to own such a nice vehicle. And then came the most important question. Whats the catch ? And he said On road cost would come to Rs 7.6 million . And my Jaw dropped , it was an amount which i had never earned . And i said to the manager that i am running late for the movie and i will come back. What do you guys think did i come back ? Well No .

After coming out of that showroom , i just felt that i would never be able to buy the car. I cant earn that much money.  Now mark my words , I would never , I cant . These are the words that  create never vibrations around us. I am not saying that i needed Audi at that instance, But if its my dream then i have no rights to say that i cant do it.


The only difference between people who were successfull and people who were not is that those who were successfull dreamt big. They had the passion towards what they want to achieve. Regardless of what people around say they they kept doing their work . Irrespective of whether they liked your work or not. 

Dr Suess once said ” Be who you are , Feel what you say because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind “

It is you who is important when you want achieve your dreams. And only those who support you should matter to you . Not the once who criticize you or try to take the credit of your work.

Sky is the limit so dream big. Only when your target is big , the effort you put to achieve the target is big. The problem here is that there are lot of people who dream big but there are people around you who would say several things which would demotivate you , distract you from what you want to do. But the important thing is you keeping your focus. If you want to buy a Audi , you keep your focus and you will get it for sure.

When i chose to be a writer i kept sky my limit. I said to my self that some day i would become a international best seller.  By starting this blog and writing these posts i might have not become a international bestseller but its a begining to what i want to be. I know people will and have critisized me. But i  know there are people who like and they are the one’s who matter to me the most. And you my readers are my strength who like me who follow me. So just be with me. Because it is said that ” Sometimes Just being there is enough “ 

So keep your focus and dont get distracted or demotivated. Whenever you feel that read this post or you can drop me an email .

For now this is Shwetal Signing of for now ….. I will be back…. With some thing new to motivate my readers

Shwetal – An Aspiring writer……. And he will touch the sky some day



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