Are we there yet …… ???


It was during my my 9th grade in my school , we had gone for our first long drive vacation . This was one of the cold places. I wasn’t aware of how long we are going to take to be there , everyone else knew though . On a bright sunny morning of winter in India , we began our journey to destination. I was feeling very good


Wearing my favourite T-Shirts and Denims , flaunting my nice pair of sports shoes from Rebook. Forgetting what was going to happen in school and all the load of assignments and home work. Basically i disconnected myself from the world i knew , which i used to live day in day out. And finally started heading for my vacation destination. My Aunt offered me sandwiches and juice and i was like hungry human jumped on them started eating and enjoying them . An hour passed i was admiring the natural scenic beauty as we moved out of the city. I love watching huge mountains , trees , big highways passing along the mountains. I pulled out my camera and clicked few picture. Dont know a great deal in photography but i always try my hand on something or the other. As few hours passed , the destination had not arrived and asked this question to my uncle .  ” Are we there yet …..?? “

My uncle very politely turned to me and said ” My Son , we still have 4.5 hours of driving left ” . MY Jaw dropped . I never ever wanted to go on  such a long drive. And thats the moment i became impatient. Just for the reason that my destination was looking far too distant to me.

Some where or the other time in our lives we set some goals for our selves . And the most important thing we dont know about the goal is that we dont know how far it is from us. Which is not good. Just like the holiday destination which i was driving to , along with my family. When we set a goal for ourselves the most important estimation we should always have with us how far is the goal from us ? This not only helps us decide on the effort we are going to put to get success but also to choose a path to that success.

When we are in a evid search of success we have tons of questions in our mind. We look for answers , the answers are always around us . The reason we are not able to see them is because of the anxiety we are into to achieve the success.  The answer always lies within us. And patience is the key. Time is always against us. We are supposed to look into all the parameters to achieve our goal.

If you sit inside the room you will find all the answers to your question.


Your roof will say AIM high , first we are supposed to aim high. Only when we Aim high the effort of our arrow to reach the aim would go high.

Fan Says Remain cool . Only if we remain cool we get solutions faster and we are able to direct ourselves in the right direction to achieve .

Look at the clock it will say ” Time is precious ” . Every minute you waste postpones your success.

Mirror would say ” Reflect before you act ” . Every action you take reflects your identity . So choose your actions properly.

Window says ” See the World ” . Widen your perspective and look at everything around you.

Calander says ” Be upto Date ” . Since time is always against us we are suppose to race to ensure we are with the world updated from every perspective. Knoweledge , people , c0mmunity , process and thoughts.

Door says ” Push hard to achieve your goals ” . Thats your effort which should be hard enough to achieve your goals.

If your success is locked , you always have a key to open that lock. And that key is combination of 7 parameters which i mentioned above . Which once you know you will never ask this question ” Are we there yet ….. ?? “

For  now this is Shwetal signing off from this place. ….I will be back soon with another post. Till that time enjoy reading.

Shwetal – An Avid Writer …..



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