Take it or leave it….


I was reviwing my bank account the other day.  And i was quite satisfied looking at the balance in my savings account. But there was one thought that flashed in my mind. And that was what if  it had loads of money flowing in . What if some day i would be a millionaire. A desire of being rich flashed into my mind. Nothing wrong in  having a desire to be rich. But desire is not the only thing that works. It needs to be backed by something. And thats effort , an effort with conviction to achieve something. Whatever i am trying to write here , people would think has he applied some secret principles on himself  to be rich or successfull ? Is he himself rich ? Answer is Yes and No.

Yes because of the skills i have . No because i am not yet multimillionaire. Now since i was talking about a desire to become reality . How many of us actually have this desire ? Well it is really difficult to quantify the numbers out here. Because if i talk about India typically , the population is huge. And to quantify one’s actual desire is something not realistic. But when i look around see and talk to people . What i am able to quantify the below

1 .Some people do have a genuine desire to be rich but lack knowledge .

2.Some people have desire to be rich but are enclosed in the envolope of negativity and are not ready to proceed.

3. The last category is people wanting to be rich without much effort. Or rather think they can’t do it.

Success always comes with some sacrifice and effort. If we want to put some effort to achieve we have to give it some time by sacrificing some of our favourite things we do.  Now if i ask you something , what so you enjoy the most ?  Music , sports , Hollywood Movies ? Now if one of this is the most you enjoy in ur times and you want to be successfull you got to sacrifice it. Now if i ask you i have  an opportunity for you which will make you productive and if you tell me that there is one of the favourite hollwood movie that you wish to watch. You are postponing your own success.

The opportunity came in a plate for you but you left it. We always have a choice architect our future if we are ready to sacrifice some bit of our time and put some effort. Basically Take it or leave it.  We might look at the prize of our sucess initially as very small. But we need to value it .  Because its just a begining to what we want to achieve.  To tell you my story i was never a blogger neither i wanted to make money out of my blogs. I said this to myself that whatever happens after i write my posts on the blog is going to be my prize depending on how many people read it . Like it . Follow it.  I went ahead with a conviction to write whatever comes in m y mind. In fact not many people liked it initially and thats when i realized that i need to put some effort. And i started writing on others blogs and i started getting visibility and this visibility lead thos 100’s of people visiting my blog and liking it.

This was a situation for me as well . Take it or leave it. The opportunity was already taken by creating a blog but what extra required was that effort to market it promote it. 

I had read a book by Robert Kiyosaki ” Rich Dad poor Dad ” and it typically talked about whats the difference between people who succeeded and people who failed .  And thats where i got this term ” Take it or leave it  ” . The typical difference between those people who were rich and those who were unsuccessfull was that they had put some effort to be successfull. Bill Gates , Rupert Murdoch , Warrent Buffet , Steve Jobs. All of them are unique successfull leaders in their field. And there has been no other successfull leaders after them , because they are unique with their strategies and principles.

“Failure defeats losers, failure inspires winners.” Robert T. Kiyosaki

Each one of the successfull people experienced failures sometime or the other in their lives and thats what inspiers them to do their best and acheive something extraordinary. And that is what differentiates them from those who were not successfull.

I am sure i have conveyed the right thing through my post.

Enjoy reading.

Shwetal – An Avid writer.




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