Lady sitting near burger king


It was chilly winter and and 5 PM . I was walking near Barksten Garden coming back from work. London winter is some thing you would enjoy. In fact,my purpose of asking for a visit to London was simply to enjoy the winter out there. It was in 2010 when i got my last london visit. My mom had equipped me with all possible warm clothes , just as a  mother would like to protect her child and i used to love that feeling. A sense of some one being next to you always and you know she is going to be with you no matter what is the situation. When i had landed in london i had carried 4 big bags with one bag full of warm clothes. What a variety.

Now as i passed by the burger king on the street next to barksten Gardens . I saw some one sitting next to the door of burger king. I could not have imagined this horror. It was 5 PM evening. London with temperature dropped to 3 degrees. This human was a old lady may be in her 50’s sitting on the chilly street. Now why would be someone so stupid to do this . The first thought that flashed in front of my eyes. But i was wrong.  The lady was very poor , probably abandoned by her family. If thats true then how can someone be so in human to do so. People forget the fact that they are also going to grow old and they would need the same help which that lady was in need. Although i could see her draped in warm clothes and a warm cap. But my soul couldnt accept the fact that she was sitting on that chilly road beating the chilly waves. I was not even sure if she had eaten something .

I was carrying some bananas with me. I was a bit scared going near her. I had read several news of being robbed by someone on the street who was simply sitting. Well Central london was preety much safe . I was never ever worried , plus cops patrolling around was coushin to my mind. I without any hesitation went near the lady and gave her the bananas i kept in my bag. I bought some donuts and gave it to her. The poor lady was so happy that she gave me a sweet little smile and started eating the food hungrily.  I was write the lady didnt had food for the entire day.

I wanted to call the cops and inform them about the lady so that they could atleast take her to the safe place or to her relatives. But i was a bit skeptical , although i was enjoying watching her eat. Because it gave me a sense of satisfaction that she was eating. After she had the food , she pulled out a bottle of water from a torn bag and drank it. She was so satisfied that she instantly went to sleep. I didnt knew what to do . My apartment was just two mins walking distance from the same place. With a confused mind , i walked away though with a sense of satisfaction that the lady didnt sleep empty stomach. I was so emotional at that time , that while i was walking towards my apartment i instantly called my mother in India and spoke to her for a while , it was a bit too late though for me to call her . But for a son to talk to her mother the time choosen is always a good time. After talking to her i was quite satisfied .

All night i was thinking about that old lady , why was she on that street . Did she had no one in her family . Was there some catastrophe that she lost everyone in her family. Thoughts kept running in my mind. I didnt know what to do. It was a friday night . I should have been going out with my friends and may be enjoying but this was the first time i didnt felt like doing so.

Next morning , as always chilly but the most important it was a saturday. I decided to visit Covent Garden , since this was not my first trip to london > i had visited most of the places tons of times. I  got ready with my denims , t-shirt and cotts wool to beat the winter. I loved my sports jacket . Pulled it out of my closet and got my leather hand gloves on.

Giving a nice pleasent greetings to Jason who used to get me my morning breakfast. Jason was humble person . He was from Uzbekistan.The best part about my visits to various countries was i had the opportunity to interact with various nationals. Jason was one interesting person of his kind. I had interacted with Russians , Uzbeks , Pakistanis , Bulgarians , Italians , frenchmans and list is on. After greeting Jason , I walked towards my table to eat. And guess what it was Bananas kept near my plate. It reminded me of the same lady who was sitting on the street last evening. I wondered if the lady was still around. My curiousity was not ending. I quickly finished my breakfast and i walked towards Earl’s Court tube station, didnt wanted to be late for my train to covent garden. And while i was walking towards the station there was no on next to the burger king door. Amused i was. I thought the lady was moved by cops and may be shifted to a safer place.

I arrived at covent garden . Covent Garden is full of events , street events rather . People playing music. Magicians showing off their tricks. Street plays , it was one of a place to enjoy. I suddenly saw a man at the corner with some interesting set of musical instruments playing blissfull music. I was enjoying , people were putting a penny or two near him. I felt his talent was way more worth than what he was getting paid for. I bought the music CD’s of his tunes . I felt satisfied at least someone paid him for his talent well.

As i was returning from Covent Garden , it was close to evening and i again crossed the same lady . And i couldnt control my emotions , i tried communicating with her but i couldnt understand the language she was speaking. Her eyes though said she needs help. I pulled out my cell phone called the emergency 999 it used to be on my top speed dials.

I informed the cops and explained them everything. I requested them if she could be rehabilitated some place. I would not call myself human if i would not help her. The cops arrived in no time. After hearing my explaination ,they requested the lady to move inside the car. The lady refused , it was as if they were asking her to leave her house. I was quite amazed , after a great deal of effort we finally succeeded her to get inside the car . I was quite confident that the lady would be escorted to a safe place to live.

From next day the corner was always empty and so was my heart , i felt a bit of lonliness for the first time. I called up my residence in India spoke to everyone . It was a sense of satisfaction . Life is not always fair but you can make it by helping others who are in need. After all we all are humans.

For now this is Shwetal Signing off … Will be back soon.

Shwetal – An Avid writer.



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