Any one need help ??….


For all the other reasons i started this blog , one reason was to help people learn some or the other things from what i write. I used to always wonder how does it feel helping others. I passed out of my engineering college in the year 2005 . I feel that my last year was one of the toughest of all my academics. I had to manage my project plus studies. Although it was real fun while working on project days . And thats the time i realized whats the importance of getting help. And the true meaning of help. I ask this question to you. What is the meaning of help ? I actually went through tons of meanings for help.  Some said , to promote the furtherance of a entity. Some said offering a hand . I felt they all were more bookish meanings of what we call HELP.

After giving it a lot of thinking , i came up with my definition of HELP. Those who like it can hit like others can ignore. I define HELP as

H – How

E – Every one

L – Love

P- People

Any help has to accompany love associated with it. Because when we help someone it has to be with self interest . And more so , it should be with complete compassion towards the person/animal whom we are helping. I will give you a classic example. It was winter in India and one fine evening i came back from work a little late. I was walking to the second level of my building where my apartment was located. And at the corner of level one i found two little sweet kittens were sitting holding each other. I just felt so amazing i just wanted to pick both of them and take home. They looked at me with sense of emotions in their eyes. The eyes were saying we are hungry and we need HELP .

I went to my apartment and told my sister the same thing. I said they are hungry and we should feed them as it was chilly night and any one would feel hungry like anything. I had a pack of cookies in my bag. I picked them up and went near the two little kittens and gave them a couple of cookies . And to my shock they jumped over and started eating them , i felt so nice that i gave them two more. I had carried a small warm cloth both of them and after they were done eating . I just put that warm cloth on top of them so they could sleep well that night. I came back to my house and felt satisfied it was quite late at night when all this happened. I learnet something that day . We humans are supposed to be compassionate not only towards each other but also towards animals as well. After all they have life.  Many people have already said this what i am already saying now but how many of us sincerly read this and follow it is the important part of our life.

I did my work of sharing my learning with you all. Now i leave the choice with you to make or to be compassionate. We all need helping hand some or the other time in our lives. And to earn that helping hand we should help others as it creates a bank which will give you back  the help with interest .  We humans have lived hundereds of lives in past and in some or the other lives we might have lived lives as animals . I am not expecting people to recollect their lives now which they lived as animals but i am expecting people to realize that we should help every one whoever is in need.

A hand of help is a hand of love , affection , compassion and smile. Imagine how would you feel when someone abandons you in the middle of your work and says now you got to handle it without me. And not because the person wants to test you whether you can do this alone or not but he just doesnt want to help you. A feeling of outrage comes in . And suddenly someone comes in to help you thats when are in joy.

Those two little kitten after that night kept coming near our apartment and we kept feeding them . It was one of the most wonderful feeling i had ever had. Same thing happened with my group during my final semester of engineering. We had developed a very good project with our project guide . And to our horror it was not working on the week prior to demonstration of the same. I just went blank . I felt everything was falling apart , was not at all able to think what in this world made this not work. All i had to do was keep calm , difficult but i had no other choice . The next day we went to our project guide and told him the entire story.

He had a nice little smile on his face. Inside me i was furious , i was already under the stress of fixing the project to get a successfull demonstration done. And this man was having a smile on his face. He in a very soft voice told us ” My son has already worked on a simillar module and he can help you fix this ” . I felt a ray of light coming from top of the ceiling and entering inside me as if we were destined to get this HELP.  We along with the remaining folks left for our guide’s residence and met his son. After going through everything . He understood the problem and in a matter of 24 hours fixed it.

I felt it was GOD in the form of this help came to us and fixed our problem. The week after that we had we had a successfull project demonstration. And we all were quite satisfied. And thats when all realized the true meaning of what help is .

For now this is Shwetal signing off from his blog… Asta La vista….

Shwetal – An Avid writer.