The Sinking feeling….


It was nice sunny morning in mumbai . Waking up at 7 PM was something i dont like but this was the day when i didnt had a choice. I woke up went to the bathroom looked my self in the mirror. What a great deal of face i had. This was the face who was going to catch the 12:55 after noon flight to London.Exciting huh. I was too. Well excited and a bit sad as i was not going to see my parents for another 6 months . I was on a employee exchange program for a period of 6 months. My career was  taking a big jump. I was going to work with the business of the biggest financial institution of the world the only institution to have 1 trillion $ of asset under management. Sounfds astonishing. Yes it is. I Freshened up after my morning chores . And finally got ready for this journey of my lifetime. My first trip to london.My mom very spiritual person . She did her morning puja for me and my safety.  I wasnt close to god at that time compared to what i am right now. Anyways important part is i am spiritual now. You know i have this bad habit of being a bit hyper when it comes to important events of my life. 

I am sure i did check all my documents passport , visa , invitation letter , my forex card and my wallet. I must have checked these documents 10 times at least. But you know what this is how i am . I had called for a hired car to get on to the airport at i was planning to start by 9 AM . And this fellow didnt turn up at 9 and here we go another panic button . I started calling him and asked him where he is. He said he is reaching in 2 mins . I definitely felt the guy was lying. But he came . After all the hastles we boarded the vehicle and asked him to take the route which doesnt have traffic and he said sir this is peak time but we will make it in an hour. I at any cost was not willing to miss this flight. I reached the high way and i saw traffic snarling , my heart beat started rising. I dont wanna be late for this now. With all the hiccups i finally managed to reach the airport. I quickly went inside checked in my bagage , collected my boarding pass and came back to spend some time with my parents. And as their son was going away for a long time there has to be some emotional element coming in . Even i couldnt stop my tears.  After saying goodbye i went through to security and finally reached my boarding gate.

Out of anxiety i called my parents , i was not so comfortable. I called and my mom was  crying . We both having tears in my eyes said good bye to each other and i knew mom was anyways going to visit me soon in london. I was waiting at the boarding gate number 12 for my boarding to be announced. This was not the first time i was travelling by flight so i was quite comfortable , although London flights usually take 9 hours to reach which was my concern . With all the anxiety i kind of ignored the boarding announcement , thanks to the fellow passanger who said we need to go. Jet Airaways is always my favourite airlines but when it comes to turbulance it scares the shit out of me. After all the formlties were done a beautiful airhostess came to me and said ” Sir if you need any help we are at your service ” What a polite lady she was. Ok so finally the flight was announced to take off. You know i always love flying high and the best part i look out of window when the flight is taking off. This is one of my favourite views. And the same i did when my flight took off. I was kind of aware of the route the flights across europe normally take so was quite exited to watch the arial view of various places. The drinks were served , i ordered myself tomato juice . Sipping my tomato juice i was enjoying the  arial view of the clouds . Suddenly felt a jerk oops was that it  no i was like just imagining it myself . It was not turbulance . May e it wwas just my imagination taking shape , i gnored and enjoyed my drink . After i was done with my drink i kind off felt sleepy . Though a bit tough for me to sleep right postion but i  moved my seat behind and tried sleeping. My fellow passanger was a young lady in her 30’s whom i had not initiated a conversation with yet but i kind of didnt bother. As we both were comfortable in our space. Little bit of jerks here and there didint let me sleep , but i kind of felt so tired that eventually i didnt realize when i slept.

Suddenly my eyes  opened someone was shaking me on my shoulders . I was shit scared for a second thinking that was it the turbulance has started. But i was wrong , it was the stewardess who was waking me up for food. Well it is not considered good to disturb th guests in the flight who are sleeping.But i had slept for almost for 3 hours and i didnt realize they actually were waiting for me to get up so i shouldnt skip my lunch.  I asked them for the menu  menu amd voila it was grilled fish. I was damn hungry and as i was served food i simply jumped on to it. Started eating desperately. I dont mind using that word  as i was hungry . As i was about to finish my food i started feeling vibrations well it was not only me but the whole aircraft was shaking , i initially ignored but no this was it it was the turbulance as the seat belts sign were switched on . I was like oh my god was it supposed to happen now. Why ? Why me . I said to myself the pilots are experienced they will get through it. The turbulance was not much even i was kind of facing t bravely. But in a min or  two it increased , i felt as if i was now had it. I was feeling as if it was on a great speed. Suddenly the captain announced ” We are currently experiencing bad weather , i would request every one to fasten the seat belts and enjoy the flight. “

Now how do  you expect someone to enjoy the flight in such a situation . i felt like breaking his nose . But i know i cant and i should not even think about it. As he is the one who is flying. I suddenly felt the aircraft is loosing altitude and it was actually loosing . My hear beats had already  gone up. I didnt know what to do. I wanted to get up from my seat and go out but where . In those white clouds where the airt pressure is gonna be so much that the clouds will take me to the last journey of my lifetime. No i dont wanna do that. I felt we were going to crash. No i cant die. It has to go through . I am not even married . I was sinking. I felt i had to say a lot of things to so many people i loved my parents , my friends , the girl whom i used to cross while jogging . So many things were unsaid. I dont wanna die without saying all those people who were so close to me. God has to give me this chance. I was like dont know what to do. The lady sitting next to me said ” You dont have to worry it will all go through ” . I in my mind said ” Lady probably you are done with all things in your lifetime . Got married enjoyed it . I am yet to ” . I felt like laughing at myself but in that situation i didnt had the energy to laugh.

After sometime to my shock the turbulance stopped . The aircraft was stable and was crusing . The seat belt signs were off. And i was relaxed. I was not sinking anymore. I was not going to die unsaid. I decided to take some rest and may be distract my self watching some movie on the inflight entertainment. Even if this repeats i will keep watching movie. I will probably die atleast watching some hot model in a hollywood movie. Well funny isnt it how we change our mind set with situations.

Eventually announcement came to fastent the seat belts as we were approaching the city of London. We landed peacefully comfortably and i came out of the aircraft in joy saying ”  London Here i am ” . This is me . I came to this world as i am free. This reminds me of Bryan Adams.

This was me Shwetal who almost met death while he was flying with his inhibitions.

This is Shwetal Signing off from here … Will be back soon with some thing more interesting .

Shwetal – An Avid Writer.



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