My first job my dream job…..


You know when i say love in Tokyo . This reminds me of one of my favourite actors although i was not even born when he started his career but it was because of my dad i got to see his movies. Love in Tokyo was one of his movies . Now when i saw this movie i kind of found Tokyo city very old fashioned well it has to be as the movie was from 70’s and i was watching the same in the year 2005. Well thats a big generation gap. I was sure that Tokyo is not the same as i saw it in the movie. I dreamt some day i would go to Tokyo . If you see dreams only then they come true someone told me this. This conviction of achieving something was always there inside me. It just had to come out. I was in my last year of engineering the most important thing that worried me was my first job. I gave tons of interviews and all of them requested me to sign a bond contract, i never wanted myself to be bounded by a contract . I always wanted to be a free bird.

One fine evening i was sleeping in my room and my phone rang. It was the placement consultant from my college . In half asleep state i spoke to him and he told me that there is one of the biggest firm hiring freshers and i need to be there tomorrow by 4 PM and the place was close to 90 mins away from home . Initailly i was kind of hesitant but i went next day . It was quite a surprise to me that the place had 3 phases out of which 2 were under construction and one was operational. Am i going to work here. I still said to my self dude go for it. Something inside me never stopped me at that place. It was a technical written test we had to give. I found the questions to be simple i quickly finished the test handed over the papers to the moderator and waited. They informed that they will announce the results in 15 mins and the clock was ticking.

15 mins passed and here comes the result they started announcing the name of people who had qualified. And my name was 4th in the list i rejoiced . Some of my friends had not qualified wishing me luck they left. Now there was supposed to be another round of interview with the managers . Before they started the round they gave us a brief introduction of what company does and what it is all about. At that time i was not at all aware of these jargons . But i had to get used it.And then the second round started . And my turn came , i went inside there was a gentleman sitting waiting for me . After i made myself comfortable , the questions began. He asked my about myself , but didnt ask me any technical questions which was quite surprising. I was a bit confused as to why he is not asking any technical questions. With a inhibition that whatever happens happens for good i continued answering him. After i finished i was asked to wait. It was quite late in evening. I ended up having a sandwich in the canteen they had in the office.

After some time the lead HR came and informed us that we will be informed about further rounds soon. And were asked to leave. It was quite a tiring day for me. I reached home a bit late. Next day i went to my computer programming classes. And suddenly my phone rang and i saw it was mom. She immideately told me to leave and come back home as the company HR had called up for the last round of the interview. I was quite excited in the middle of the lecture i simply told my professor that i am not feeling well and i need to leave. He allowed me. I ran took a rickshaw and reached him in that sweat i quickly allowed myself to settle down and then i got ready . The interview was in the same office and was scheduled at 6 PM . Why they always schedule the interview in the evening i didnt understand. After all the hectic travel i reached office and the interview was about to begin in 10 mins.

I was told it was someone from UK who had come to take interview. I was a bit conscience after hearing this. First time it was someone from outside India whom i was going to face an interview for this job. And my name was called . I went inside. There were 2 gentlemen sitting in the room. One of them was a young fellow may be in his 30’s . The other man was in his 50’s . He was a bit fat had a royal personality. So this was it , they were the one who were going to take my interview. The Fat guy stood from his chair , shook hands saying ” I am Yagnesh Pota from London ”  . I politely said ” Hello Sir ”

Interview : And the questions began

Yagnesh : ” So i am the owner of a shipping company and my ship has sunk. My men have extracted the wrekage of the ship. And i am interested in finding the hole which made the ship sink . What would u do if you were the owner ? ”

 I was like is he drunk. what kind of question is that . I thought i was here for job for techies and was expecting some technical questions. Never mind. I had to answer this.

Me :   ” Sir i would send my men to the most critical portions of the ship where there could be a possibility of the hole. Also i would look at the broken portions of the ship to find where the water entered from . Basically find the traces. ”

Yagnesh : ” Ok . So are you faimilar with financial knowledge ? ”

Me : ” No Sir ”

Yagnesh : ” How soon you would pick up this knowledge ? ”

Me : ” As soon as you give me this Job Sir . ”

Yagnesh : ” What if i dont give you this job ?”

Me : ” I will look for another job . its not the end of the road .”

The last one was a brave answer. Yagnesh was looking into my eyes and i couldnt guess what he was thinking. He said ” ok i would want you to wait outside for sometime ” . Greeting both of them i left the room and waited at the reception . By that time there were other folks who were being interviewed. I was feeling the anxiety inside me. I was like am i going to get this job . I was albeit nervous too. Suddenly Sunaina the HR came and told us that we will let you know the results by calling you guys. Typical HR answer and i was like this was just another interview. And i left for home.

The next morning was another usual morning when i got up had my breakfast and started looking for more interview opportunities. I had quite a few lined up for myself but i was thinking to go for first. This was till afternoon i was doing. Sitting on my computer was tiring. So i had my lunch and slept in the afternoon. Don’t ask with whom now ? Hehehe hehe ” Ok that was a humour in the middle of this. Ok coming back it was 5 PM in the evening and i was still sleeping . And my phone rang. There was a loud noise of my placement consultant. It was Niharika who was calling. She is always enthusiastic informing news. This  loud noise had only one big sentence ” Shwetaaaaaaal , Congratualations you have been selected at Merrill Lynch for this job ” . My hear sank for that moment . I couldnt believe my ears that it was my job that i had got . I very politely said ” Thanks Niharika , whats the next steps  ? ”

She said ” Shwetal you need to collect your offer letter , tomorrow evening at 6 PM from Sunaina ” .  I wanted to say why evening again. But it was the biggest moment of my life . I had got my first job and i was going to start working. All these days i was simply rejecting offers because i simply had one thing in my mind about my dream job and this was it.

The next day i hurried reached the office and wanted to collect the letter of joining. I asked at the reception for Sunaina. After 5 mins there was a tall good looking man came in front of me and escorted me to a saperate room where told me to wait for sometime. And i was getting axious. I was simply not able to control myself. The only thing running in my mind was the salary they were going to offer . It was not a very good trends in salaries those days . So i simply had around Rs 13000/- as my expectations of my monthly compensation. And sunaina arrived , with a letter , taking me through my basic formalities she came to the page where the main thing was written my first salary.

She in a very hesistant words said ” Currently we can offer you this much only ” . Pointing her fingers at the value. It was per annum ctc and i could not believe my eyes it was one of the highest paid compensation to freshers keeping in mind the trend at that time. And i was like ” Where do i need to sign ” . She pointed me to the place and i kept signing. After all the formalities were done . She said ” Welcome to Merrill Lynch ” And this was it . I was going to join the billion dollar wall street firm which was not making money but was printing it. Biggest day of my life was here. I was holding this offer letter of the biggest wall street firms in the world. The world was at my feet.

There was one thing i learnt at that time that ” If we want some thing truely from our heart it will come to us , though we have to wait for some time. But success is never far ”

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place. i will be back soon.

Shwetal – An Avid Writer




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