Where was i ?

Its been 2 months i have not been writing . Why ? I asked this question to myself. Where was i lost ? I felt i had lost my identity. Something was missing inside me. The so called creative side of me who used to bring life to words was gone to a dark zone. Sometimes we all of us loose focus to an extent which makes us loose us our identities.

Exactly the same thing was happening with me. I absolutely had no clue as to what had happened. I made an attempt to find out. I looked myself into the mirror and asked this question ” Who are you ? You are not me. You are the one whom people used to enjoy reading. And i wanted to get rid of you.” This is what i said to myself and decided whatever it was in the mirror i want it go away. Mirror is always true reflection of our own self. But this was not me. The person in the mirror was not me. I looked into my own eyes and tried to find something. And i found fear, sorrow , worry and grief . And i was shocked.

Why these four evils where inside my eyes resting peacefully and making my life hell.  And these 4 evils were the one whom i was looking into the mirror.

I wanted these 4 evils to go away from me. I realized what was stopping me from writing. Fear, worry, sorrow and grief. And i instructed them to go away . The what i saw inside the mirror was no one but me the usual me. The one whom i looked everyday into the mirror