Born to live….


It was 4th of March 1983 , when  a sweet little boy was born on this planet. Little did he knew what was he supposed to do. Of course you don’t expect a one day old baby to learn why was he given this birth. As the time passed , that one small little baby grew. He learned how to talk , walk eat . But still he was confused. What was he here for ? His eyes always said a lot of things. More than saying something they had questions. The answer to which he was looking. But , look at the irony , the answers were only with time. And only the right time will give the right answers. Rather than he looking for answers , he kept those questions in his mind.  Time was the key to open the lock of the door , behind which all his answers were present.

On this earthly place, he was exposed to all sorts of materialistic beauties , right from cars to food to any other thing you can think off. But still answers were not with him. That baby got the best of the best parents who gave him the best education , and life which only a lucky one would get. And he always appreciated it. He started working , with one of the best companies , enjoyed a good long successful professional stint. And that is still on. Little did he knew that the time was approaching where he was about to identify the real reason behind his existence.  The real he ? who was he ?

And there came a day when this sweet little boy lost his father, who was sent to the world of peace and love where every one is welcome. Sobbing heavily next to his father he took a pledge . A pledge that he would never ever cry . But make people smile. With his knowledge and will power he turned around things which were nonetheless than a miracle.

But the time he spent or rather i say the hard time he went through before he could turn things around for himself was nothing less than hell. He prayed to god that no one else in this world should have such a hard time which he faced. He understood the meaning of love , pain and agony.

We all have a purpose of existence. But it is time who decides when are we supposed to understand the purpose of our existence. Unfortunately, that involves a cost. Sometimes loosing some one who is very dear to you. Someone who is very close to you.  You have a lot to say but the time plays his part where u are the one who is going to learn whats the purpose of your existence.

We all are born to live. Live happily. Pain is part of our lives. But we are suppose to make friends with happiness to live a life which no one would have imagined.

The baby was also born to live and is still living happily. Knowing his purpose of existence. I realized my purpose of existence and that’s why i am writing this and you are reading it.

So for now this is me signing off from here … Enjoy.

Shwetal – An avid writer.

I love being a writer. What I can’t stand is the paperwork.

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The first time i said “I Love you”


I can tell you guys, it took a lot of  courage for me to write this one. Now before i start my story , let me ask you guys something. How many times each one of you in your lives have said I LOVE YOU ? Now those married can ignore my question :-p . And those single can go back in time and recollect when they said this.

Its a story spread spanning over a period of one year , so there are lots of cuts and i will be coming straight to the climax.

I am not going too far. Around 2007 when i had started working . I was very frequent on these social networking website and i am still pretty much on it. There is a section on these sites which shows people you might know. And i saw a name there. It was one of my school time friend. Out of curiosity i ended up adding her as my friend and just that it doesn’t look weird , i added a customized message which would make her recollect old memories.  After waiting for few days my invite was accepted. I felt a sense of excitement inside me , i felt quite strange as there was nothing to get excited about.

We interacted for quite sometime and i felt nice. I was very much open and comfortable talking to here or rather chatting to her . More than comfortable i was happy . After few months we ended up exchanging our numbers and i was like double excited . I absolutely had no clue as to what was happening. It is true that i found her beautiful but there was no special feeling about it.

We  had already started talking and used continue long time. It became a habit for me to talk to her. One day if i didn’t speak with her it used to become disappointing. So it was official , i liked her and in fact i loved her. It was one of the most beautiful feeling anyone would ever have. Most importantly if you know the person whom you love is your friend. Nothing can get better than this.

Months passed by and i had dreamed of marrying her.  So finally i decided i would call her and meet her. We decided to meet in a coffee shop. And that’s it folks i was about to propose a girl in next 2 days . It was something i had never done in a life time.

For the next 2 days, i was one of the most anxious person in the world. The day i was going to propose her , i thought lets cancel it and i was a bit scared if she would feel bad , slap my face . Tons of thoughts were crossing my mind . Here was the time when we were at coffee shop sitting , looking at each other. And i finally said it . You know what i said .

” Ok i know u might feel bad after you hear this. But this is how i feel about you. I just was not able to stop myself. And i know we both are matured enough to  handle this. All i wanted to say is “I Love you” . Don’t react. I thought we could be together for the rest of our lives holding each others hand forever. And i think you are the one for me. I wouldn’t be really hurt even if u say no because you still will be the closest to me.”

And that’s it i said it. The state of mine after i said it was one of the most relaxed.

And you want to know what she said ? With a very cute smile on her face . She just touched my hairs and said ” Yes “


Its complicated….


Simple , how difficult this word sounds. But still all of us are so complicated. And why not after all we are humans. Mixed emotions are part of our lives. We live with it. All that matters is what we do with those emotions. Make our life either simple or complicated. Funny it sounds but i logged into my facebook profile and was browsing through my friends profile. And few of his friends had relationship status as “Its complicated” . Now where in this world this status came from. I really kept thinking for sometime , however i was not at all able to figure out what the heck it means. And the reason i left thinking about it was because it was becoming complicated for me , its complicated you see. 🙂

And thats when i realized that these people who had their relationship status as “Its complicated”. I am pretty sure that these guys who are already into relationship are actually confused or hanging around the fact that, whether i did right or wrong by getting into this. And are eventually confused. wow what a mess. Come on folks either you are into a relationship or you are not. By saying its complicated you are not only complicating your own life but also causing a mess to the other. Forget about relationships for a while . Lets talk work. I am sure each one of us has targets given to us at our workplace . Which decides our fate at the end of the year. Now All of us are more or less talented enough to achieve the targets. Because if i am working with a firm i am not crap. Companies don’t hire crap people that’s  a fact. You are sitting on that chair in front of a computer doing some gobbely goo and the boss pats on your back ” Good Job “

Now comes the year end part. when the numbers are to be disclosed. Now lets accept one thing. If you have a black forest cake to be distributed its likely you might not end up getting equal share , as its not a birthday party. I am sure some day you might have cashed good amount but this time you may not but remember its money coming your way.  Now we know for sure that we will get some salary hike but we make that discussion complicated by telling our supervisors that ” I am not happy and you are not fair ” and all that jazz. Now tell me this dude. You are getting a decent 15% or 20% hike and its party time. you have to be happy but you know what we keep thinking about the person who got better than you.And i completely agree you should strive for more , but not by spoiling what you are getting right now. That’s the moment you have to live and enjoy.

If you are single, hit a pub get a girlfriend and enjoy the night out. And next day do come back to work and get set for your next targets. Life would be much easier.I am not saying striving for more is bad , but by spoiling the moment you could live , yes it is. Who doesn’t want to drive a convertible BMW with hot chick sitting next to you. But if you keep thinking about it that you don’t have it , you might not be able to enjoy the drive with the girl next door even in the Volkswagen you own now.

So that’s when it all becomes complicated.

Live simple enjoy life.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from here .

Shwetal – An Avid writer.


My first night at call center……(Disclaimer i am not copying Mr. Chetan Bhagat just inspired by his title:-) )


Not many people know this, but in my first job i worked at a call center for close to 5 months. Honestly the kind of crowd i met there was awesome. But the real fun began when i was to work in night shifts. I absolutely had no clue as to what i was feeling. I had finished my training and was to hit the floor and take calls , hitting the floor was like facing the actual customer.

So the fun of night shift was to begin half past midnight . That’s right half past midnight. All i had to ensure was to sleep 8 hours during the day , so i could ride out the night. I kept thinking when i took this job did i made the right choice . Well time for thinking all this was gone. ” You have taken this job so you got to do it.” Saying this to myself i said lets do it.

I tried sleeping during the day, but man sleeping 8 hours during the day was like becoming impossible. I slept for 3 hours during noon. But some how couldn’t sleep for 8 hours. It was 9 PM at night and mom served me dinner . My office car was to pick me up at 11:30 PM . My eyes started feeling sleepy at 11 PM i was ready to leave for work and just then i thought lets sleep for 10 mins. I never realized when i slept. Only when my cell phone rang i woke up. It was time to go .I was not in that bad shape as i thought i would be into. For that moment i boosted myself.

I got inside the car. I just looked around and the whole world was sleeping. Lights off , i could hear some small noises of a TV soap running in a house. The roads were empty. I felt like i was the Prince of darkness who was going to light the streets in the middle of night. I felt like Vampire who was being picked up to be taken to the graveyard. In fact my fellow colleagues used to say that they are in graveyard shift. Why i am not surprised.

 And we moved on. As we drove to work It kept looking around , in a city like Mumbai people do work late , even some of the shops are open till late. But the time i was going to work, it was time for them to go to sleep. I started to feel a bit depressed , in spite of the car being full ,I was feeling lonely. The thought that did i make the right choice kept hovering in my mind. After 30 mins of drive, we finally reached our office building. And i couldn’t believe my eyes. The whole area was lit up as if they had just started the day.  I reached the floor , where i was supposed to join the team. Our trainer came and introduced us to the team leader . It  was a warm welcome given to us. I felt nice kind of part of the family.

So here i was , my first night at call center. While everyone was having the pleasure of being in the blues of their dreams. I was here working all night. Buddy system was most common in call centers. I was asked to buddy a girl and listen to how she is pitching her sales. The one sight i was looking for all these months, i finally found as my buddy. While i connected my headsets on the parallel line with her she was already answering a call. Must say she was beautiful.

OK time to focus, i was supposed to hear the script she was reading and the conviction which was in her voice. It was close to 2:30 AM early morning. It was a damn noisy floor. Every one was pitching high on sales , so that the customer on the other end is convinced enough to buy the product. And suddenly the supervisor woke me up. I slept while i was listening to my buddy’s voice.  I was a bit embarrassed , the girl name ” Shalid” was smiling at me , obviously she found me sleeping while she pitched her sale.

“It happens” Said the supervisor on the floor. I had dozed off badly . I was absolutely having no control on my sleep and almost dozed. It was time for a break at 4 AM in the morning. And everyone moved on the top floor for a coffee. And i was amazed to see the cafeteria open all night with all possible availability. I was sitting with Shalid and sipped in my coffee. She was looking at me with amusement , the way i was behaving on my first night shift. I was happy to call my first night 😉 . But i guess on a different note it was me who was nervous and neither was i on my honeymoon.

And the break was over and i started budding shalid Some how i managed to stay awake but it was very difficult.  After 2 hours , i could see the rising sun coming out of the hills behind the office building. It was clearly visible from the glass window. I was going to finish at 8 AM in the morning. Believe me guys yes it was 8 in the morning i was going to finish my work and go home.

As we logged out from our shifts , i moved out desperately looking for a car to drop me home.I reached home and rushed to the bathroom freshened up . I could see my dad leaving for work and sister going to college. I was desperate for some sleep . After the shower, i did not bother if there was anything to eat. I just went into my room and slept.

I was officially a vampire that day. Active at nights and as the sun rises disappearing to come back for some fresh blood . Was this my destiny ,  i don’t know . All i knew this is what i was going to do . For how long let time decide.

This was my first night at call center.

This is Shwetal Signing off for now.

Shwetal – An avid writer.

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When i was a child


I was sitting on my couch this weekend and reading the newspaper. And i saw a picture,where some children were playing cricket , of-course not the very professional way we think. But it actually reminded me the days when i used to play cricket. And to be very frank i was good at it. My school used to start at 08:45 in the morning, and the best part of it was it was just 5 mins walk from my house. Between 08:30 to 08:45 you could actually see children walking in groups towards school , wearing nice clean uniform and bags on their shoulder.


Now here comes the fun part, the best time during the schools was the sports period and the lunch time. After the 4th Session in our school a bell used to ring. We were a group of 8-10 guys who loved playing cricket. And as soon as the bell rang , without even waiting for a minute , we used get our lunch boxes out and finish our lunch as soon as possible because we wanted the rest of the time to play cricket.

The kit was in the sports room and after collecting the kit we rushed to the back side of our school building . We always found a bigger space out there to play. The kit only had a bat and ball , unfortunately no stumps. So we used to use 3 stones on both ends as our stumps. How innovative. Rules were not funny but  I guess David Shepherd or Alim Dar would faint if he would have seen us playing cricket.

I used to love batting. The moment i used to get bat in my hands, i felt a energy flowing inside me just like adrenaline and there used to be aggression inside me. Every one in my group called me Afridi the dangerous batsman who holds the record of fastest 100 in one day international. Now why Afridi ? Its because i had a habit of hitting the ball the way he hits. And i used to simply enjoy hitting it around. My group used to enjoy it. And this used to continue for 40 mins of lunch break ,the sports period and in the evening when everyone gathered to play cricket.

And this is me now close to what 15 years later. Sitting in front of a computer and writing this. Not that i am finding it stupid, in fact i am enjoying it. The best part of me describing this is i am recollecting those memories of my life where i enjoyed the most.

If i look at kids today they don’t have that much freedom or time to play the way i used to play. Rather i see only few of such group. I remember on every birthday i celebrated with my school friends it was a feast.  The cake the gifts and the day used to be special. you are the only person who is allowed to wear fancy clothes in school and come with chocolates. The most beautiful girl in the class would come and wish , even if you are the most dumb looking guy in the class. Well looks don’t matter now a days . But yes that was one of the most special day in school.

Now a days party is like , going to club , sipping shit loads of of alcohol to an extent where you are not able to differentiate between the waitress and your girlfriend and then end of the day passing out. That’s what we call birthday. Times have changed and so have people .

But i can tell you that if i get a chance to celebrate my birthday the way i used to celebrate in school i would love to do that.

So i can happily say that we were last sane generation of my lifetime who have enjoyed their childhood , the real one , the traditional one and the one every child would love to live.

More to come from the memories of my lifetime.

Till that time this is Shwetal signing off for now from here….. i revertar mox..

Shwetal – An Avid Writer


Beauty at its best ….


I was browsing through some images on Google. And my eyes went to some scenic images of a valley. I kept on looking at it, i thought it must be some place around in northern part of India, may be a place connecting Pakistan or Nepal border , as these are the places which are most covered by valleys. I clicked open the image and it grew bigger. I just heartfelt that this place is really beautiful. Have a look at the same image which i am displaying below.

Ask yourself the same question. Isn’t it beautiful? And see what your hear says. Just ask your self what place is this. Its Bamiyan in Afghanistan. Have a look at one of the images of this place.

Bamian Afghanistan. Courtesy Google search

Bamiyan Afghanistan. Courtesy Google search

I bet most of you who are reading this are bedazzled by the natural , beauty of this place and trust me i almost had decided to visit this place. This beautiful place is in Afghanistan. We all go for vacations in places across the globe like Thailand, Singapore,Europe. What do you think about this place. The country having the history of being the most courteous in hospitality and scenic beauty is torn apart by war.

With whom are fighting this war against. We all are humans. Its human fighting against human ?

I don’t really have an answer after i looked at the image below.

Babur's Garden (Courtesy Google)

Babar’s Garden (Courtesy Google)

Would you want to sit in this garden quietly and enjoy the beauty of the valley right in front of you. I don’t think with the current scenario anybody would think , why do we have such a scenario in this world where searching for peace is one of the most difficult thing. Have a look at the two people sitting in the garden and see how relaxed they are. I just wish everyone in this world is so peaceful as these two humans are looking as of now.

I like exploring beauty and today i am today i am exploring the beauty of this country Afghanistan. Below is the image of Dhaulagiri main peak seen in front of the ridge from camp.

Dhaulagiri main peak seen in front of the ridge from camp (Courtesy Google search)

Dhaulagiri main peak seen in front of the ridge from camp (Courtesy Google search)

I wish i was in front of this one. And i bet you want to visit the below river, its river Pyanj separating Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Wish this place is as beautiful as we all can see it in this picture.

River Pyanj

River Pyanj Courtesy Google search engine

And the beauty at its best.

Image courtesy google search

Image courtesy google search

Hope the war torn country is still as beautiful as we can see it in these images. I bet i would definitely visit them, i cant let these views fade away from my eyes. I feel like watching it again and again. Hope if i get to visit this place, then i wish to find this beauty intact and nature at its best.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place. …. Enjoy the scenic beauty and keep liking my posts.

Shwetal – An Avid Writer.

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.

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