Beauty at its best ….


I was browsing through some images on Google. And my eyes went to some scenic images of a valley. I kept on looking at it, i thought it must be some place around in northern part of India, may be a place connecting Pakistan or Nepal border , as these are the places which are most covered by valleys. I clicked open the image and it grew bigger. I just heartfelt that this place is really beautiful. Have a look at the same image which i am displaying below.

Ask yourself the same question. Isn’t it beautiful? And see what your hear says. Just ask your self what place is this. Its Bamiyan in Afghanistan. Have a look at one of the images of this place.

Bamian Afghanistan. Courtesy Google search

Bamiyan Afghanistan. Courtesy Google search

I bet most of you who are reading this are bedazzled by the natural , beauty of this place and trust me i almost had decided to visit this place. This beautiful place is in Afghanistan. We all go for vacations in places across the globe like Thailand, Singapore,Europe. What do you think about this place. The country having the history of being the most courteous in hospitality and scenic beauty is torn apart by war.

With whom are fighting this war against. We all are humans. Its human fighting against human ?

I don’t really have an answer after i looked at the image below.

Babur's Garden (Courtesy Google)

Babar’s Garden (Courtesy Google)

Would you want to sit in this garden quietly and enjoy the beauty of the valley right in front of you. I don’t think with the current scenario anybody would think , why do we have such a scenario in this world where searching for peace is one of the most difficult thing. Have a look at the two people sitting in the garden and see how relaxed they are. I just wish everyone in this world is so peaceful as these two humans are looking as of now.

I like exploring beauty and today i am today i am exploring the beauty of this country Afghanistan. Below is the image of Dhaulagiri main peak seen in front of the ridge from camp.

Dhaulagiri main peak seen in front of the ridge from camp (Courtesy Google search)

Dhaulagiri main peak seen in front of the ridge from camp (Courtesy Google search)

I wish i was in front of this one. And i bet you want to visit the below river, its river Pyanj separating Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Wish this place is as beautiful as we all can see it in this picture.

River Pyanj

River Pyanj Courtesy Google search engine

And the beauty at its best.

Image courtesy google search

Image courtesy google search

Hope the war torn country is still as beautiful as we can see it in these images. I bet i would definitely visit them, i cant let these views fade away from my eyes. I feel like watching it again and again. Hope if i get to visit this place, then i wish to find this beauty intact and nature at its best.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place. …. Enjoy the scenic beauty and keep liking my posts.

Shwetal – An Avid Writer.

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.

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