Its complicated….


Simple , how difficult this word sounds. But still all of us are so complicated. And why not after all we are humans. Mixed emotions are part of our lives. We live with it. All that matters is what we do with those emotions. Make our life either simple or complicated. Funny it sounds but i logged into my facebook profile and was browsing through my friends profile. And few of his friends had relationship status as “Its complicated” . Now where in this world this status came from. I really kept thinking for sometime , however i was not at all able to figure out what the heck it means. And the reason i left thinking about it was because it was becoming complicated for me , its complicated you see. 🙂

And thats when i realized that these people who had their relationship status as “Its complicated”. I am pretty sure that these guys who are already into relationship are actually confused or hanging around the fact that, whether i did right or wrong by getting into this. And are eventually confused. wow what a mess. Come on folks either you are into a relationship or you are not. By saying its complicated you are not only complicating your own life but also causing a mess to the other. Forget about relationships for a while . Lets talk work. I am sure each one of us has targets given to us at our workplace . Which decides our fate at the end of the year. Now All of us are more or less talented enough to achieve the targets. Because if i am working with a firm i am not crap. Companies don’t hire crap people that’s  a fact. You are sitting on that chair in front of a computer doing some gobbely goo and the boss pats on your back ” Good Job “

Now comes the year end part. when the numbers are to be disclosed. Now lets accept one thing. If you have a black forest cake to be distributed its likely you might not end up getting equal share , as its not a birthday party. I am sure some day you might have cashed good amount but this time you may not but remember its money coming your way.  Now we know for sure that we will get some salary hike but we make that discussion complicated by telling our supervisors that ” I am not happy and you are not fair ” and all that jazz. Now tell me this dude. You are getting a decent 15% or 20% hike and its party time. you have to be happy but you know what we keep thinking about the person who got better than you.And i completely agree you should strive for more , but not by spoiling what you are getting right now. That’s the moment you have to live and enjoy.

If you are single, hit a pub get a girlfriend and enjoy the night out. And next day do come back to work and get set for your next targets. Life would be much easier.I am not saying striving for more is bad , but by spoiling the moment you could live , yes it is. Who doesn’t want to drive a convertible BMW with hot chick sitting next to you. But if you keep thinking about it that you don’t have it , you might not be able to enjoy the drive with the girl next door even in the Volkswagen you own now.

So that’s when it all becomes complicated.

Live simple enjoy life.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from here .

Shwetal – An Avid writer.



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