Born to live….


It was 4th of March 1983 , when  a sweet little boy was born on this planet. Little did he knew what was he supposed to do. Of course you don’t expect a one day old baby to learn why was he given this birth. As the time passed , that one small little baby grew. He learned how to talk , walk eat . But still he was confused. What was he here for ? His eyes always said a lot of things. More than saying something they had questions. The answer to which he was looking. But , look at the irony , the answers were only with time. And only the right time will give the right answers. Rather than he looking for answers , he kept those questions in his mind.  Time was the key to open the lock of the door , behind which all his answers were present.

On this earthly place, he was exposed to all sorts of materialistic beauties , right from cars to food to any other thing you can think off. But still answers were not with him. That baby got the best of the best parents who gave him the best education , and life which only a lucky one would get. And he always appreciated it. He started working , with one of the best companies , enjoyed a good long successful professional stint. And that is still on. Little did he knew that the time was approaching where he was about to identify the real reason behind his existence.  The real he ? who was he ?

And there came a day when this sweet little boy lost his father, who was sent to the world of peace and love where every one is welcome. Sobbing heavily next to his father he took a pledge . A pledge that he would never ever cry . But make people smile. With his knowledge and will power he turned around things which were nonetheless than a miracle.

But the time he spent or rather i say the hard time he went through before he could turn things around for himself was nothing less than hell. He prayed to god that no one else in this world should have such a hard time which he faced. He understood the meaning of love , pain and agony.

We all have a purpose of existence. But it is time who decides when are we supposed to understand the purpose of our existence. Unfortunately, that involves a cost. Sometimes loosing some one who is very dear to you. Someone who is very close to you.  You have a lot to say but the time plays his part where u are the one who is going to learn whats the purpose of your existence.

We all are born to live. Live happily. Pain is part of our lives. But we are suppose to make friends with happiness to live a life which no one would have imagined.

The baby was also born to live and is still living happily. Knowing his purpose of existence. I realized my purpose of existence and that’s why i am writing this and you are reading it.

So for now this is me signing off from here … Enjoy.

Shwetal – An avid writer.

I love being a writer. What I can’t stand is the paperwork.

Peter De Vries



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