Knowing Thyself….


How many of you actually know who you really are ? Living in a myth , blindfolded from the reality. Knowing your purpose. If  i talk about a population of 1000 , then i would say , 900 people don’t know who they really are. Knowing your name is not your identity . Identity is always given to people who know their purpose, why are they in this world. Why were they born. Not many would accept it but yes , its a unfortunate truth. It is not really difficult to know who you are, problem is no one makes a honest attempt. Its a enlightenment. And why not have it.

“The one who knows others is wise , the one who knows himself is enlightened.”

Lau Tzu

I wanted to know myself who i really was, and not by my name, but what i want to do. When i faced the world where people, at any point of time were ready to bring you down, discourage you and are ready to demotivate you. I was scared. Of course that is because i didn’t know at that point who i really was and what i was supposed to do. I felt emancipated in this world. I was not free. I was blindfolded from the reality of the purpose that was assigned to me. The most amazing thing ever happened in my life was this blog.

when i was  in my 5th Grade , we used to given topics to write essays on. I had no clue as to what to write. I used to repeat my sentences just to make my essays look bigger and the quality of which was shown in the scores which the teacher gave me. Never realized what was lacking in me. And the same quality continued there after.

Whatever i am writing right now, is all after i got to know myself, my potential, my skills. I am not judging my self , all i am trying to do is knowing thyself.

When Neo enters Oracle’s apartment , he is puzzled , his question of whether is he “The One” was running like a speed of light in his mind. From what i understood was, him being blindfolded from the reality of the fact that , the world in which he is living is not the real one. He needed to be emancipated. Likewise there are many people in this world, who need emancipation , from the nice silk cloth which has blindfolded them from the reality and their own purpose.

“The first thing you have to know is yourself. A man who knows himself can step outside himself and watch his own reactions like an observer.”
Adam Smith, The Money Game

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place.



Are you taking the red pill or the blue pill ?


“Every thing that has a beginning has an end. When one door closes another opens” that is what oracle does a prophecy in Matrix.

poster for The Matrix

poster for The Matrix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everything in this world has life, every entity in this world is connected. Well you don’t need a cell phone always to get connected. We all are some or the other way, nothing but virtual cell phones. Our thoughts connect us with each other. I did try learning a lot of things sometimes through books. Sometimes, movies , sounds amazing isn’t it ? But yes, everything we see , we hear in this world has a encoded message , which not all the souls are able to decode. Well i am not going to be much technical, will keep it simple.

This world is a vicious cycle , a human is born , with a purpose to achieve something . Not money or fame but something to learn. Life goes into stages , birth the beginning , achieving the purpose , and finally once you have achieved your purpose , you die to come back again to achieve another purpose.  It took a long time for me to understand but i kind of got this message encoded as well. I know many of you will call me crazy, but yes that’s a fact.

Taking the red pill or the blue pill ? Man it sometimes becomes a difficult choice. We don’t know what to do. We want to know the truth, but there is something that is blocking us. And its not the answer but the question , either we know the question and are not able to say it or sometimes we don’t know the question itself. Neo is trapped in Matrix and its Morpheus who wants to free his mind. Lot off people saw this movie for entertainment but it had a learning inside it. Not sure if i am able to convey the accurate message, but i am trying my best.

The world is not perfect , and so was not matrix . It has anomalies. So did matrix had it was “Neo” in the movie. Inside matrix thinking it as the real world working as a programmer. But who chooses the anomaly , can anyone give the answer ?

Well its pretty simple , its the architect who either creates a anomaly or chooses it.  We have our almighty who created this world. But do we know if this is a perfect world. Well many of us do think it is. But its actually not. Had it been perfect , we would not have wars, terrorism or for that matter  crimes.  So to counter this imperfection, we need to have something . but in this real world one anomaly would not suffice but yes we would need multiple.

In matrix the machines are eventually connected with each other and are able to develop feelings that humans do ” Love” . Even objects have life and they love too. Ultimately Neo had to save humans from machines , but he would be able to do it only through a fuel . The fuel of love and that is why he makes a choice of taking the red pill to come out of the fabrication of matrix, his destiny  was to love Trinity and save the humanity with the fuel of her love. That is why he makes a choice to save trinity , although human race would be at stake for that but he needed the fuel of love .

I don’t expect people to dodge bullets in the real world, just like how Neo does in matrix but yes , if you free your mind , you can love. you can things beyond amazement.

Not everyone is “The One” like neo in Matrix but yes You can be “The One” To save the human race. Just like when a program doesn’t have a purpose , it is deleted , when we loose our purpose. I also would agree that if we don’t have a purpose we can save ourselves from deletion by assigning ourselves a purpose , transporting back to the world we live.

So take the Red pill .

Shwetal – An Avid writer.


And there came a smile on my face


Soon after i met you, i felt you, i heard you

I couldn’t hold myself to say “I love you”

And there came a smile on my face

Walking along , holding your hand i felt on top of the world

And there came a smile on my face

It was just you, who makes me feel i am alive.

With my heart beating fast and eyes only looking for one face

And there came a smile on my face

My only choice in my life was you and only you

Opening the sands of time, looking back , i thought about you

And there came a smile on my face.

Listening to my heart, i said this to myself, i want you to be mine forever

And there came a smile on my face

I made a promise to myself

When i die, i die in your arms and before you.

And there came……..A tear from my eyes….. But

It followed with a smile on my face.


Thy Shall sell my soul for love

Soul in Love

Soul in Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For all the reason in my life , which i lived day and night .

 Thy shall sell my soul for love.

People came and laughed at me, with their pitiful eyes.

I looked at them and looked at the skies.

Promised myself,that, thy shall sell my soul for love.

Love was the only thing which was in my eyes.

And i looked again towards the skies.

Making a promise in my eyes.

Thy Shall sell my soul for love.

Come , come to me , look into my eyes.

I have been looking at the skies.

But now shall i sell my soul for love ?

And there came a voice from the sky.

Someone whispered and heard someone cry.

It was my own soul. And it said.

Thy shall sell myself for you.

But, you don’t sell me for your own love.


Are we the last sane generation…..?




What to say , old times never come back but the memories of those times we all cherish . Yes i am talking about those old times which we all cherished. I believe we are the last sane generation of the human kind . How ?


Here we go :


  • We are the last generation who had seen the concept of analog phones (where we dial the numbers using rotating dialer). No one else who is born today would ever see it.
  • We are the last sane generation who enjoyed songs on audio cassettes. This is now taken over by MP3 and i tunes.
  • We are the last sane generation who enjoyed playing cricket in their childhood (under arm bowling where a catch after one bounce was considered out) 🙂 funny rules.
  • We are the last sane generation of human kind who saw video games like ( Jet fighter , Mario brothers and others)
  • We are the last sane generation of man kind who saw movies on video cassettes.
  • We are the last sane generation who had seen both obsolete technologies and emerging technologies. So we evolved 🙂
  • We are the last sane generation who enjoyed circus. And that giant wheel ride which each one of us enjoyed on the fun fair.
  • We are the last sane generation who went for a school picnic in zoo and enjoyed the meal sitting in the garden.
  • We are the same generation who saw cars like fiat and maruti 800 , which was considered luxury.
  • We are the last sane generation who enjoyed watching tom and Jerry every Sunday morning 10 AM on a weekend.
  • We are the last sane generation who enjoyed epic tv soaps like Chandrakanta, Mahabharata,Vikram Vaital.
  • We are the sane generation who had enjoyed eating.
  • We are the last sane generation who enjoyed superman,spiderman, he-man , batman all in cartoon series.
  • We are the last sane generation who read archies comics, and loved veronica.
  • We are the people who read Nancy Drew , Hardy Boys and Alfred Hitchcock books.
  • We are the one’s who loved watching Gaint Robot,Super Human samurai cyber squad, and Arabian nights (remember Alaadin).

So People remain sane and enjoy.

Shwetal – An avid writer.




Another mile beyond the milestone….


Hard to believe i have completed writing 50 posts on this blog. I don’t want to call it an achievement yet. Because , i am in sheer mood to keep writing till i am alive. Each milestone for me would be the beginning for a new journey to another milestone. So i can happily say today that i have started my journey to next milestone. All of us some or the other way , are in a journey towards a milestone. It can be in our lives , on this blog , or something else.

A Writing Kind of Day

A Writing Kind of Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each time i see myself in front of a milestone, i see myself growing. I don’t know where , that my path will decide. But its a growth which i would want by gaining more knowledge and spreading more knowledge. Probably that’s my next milestone. Success to me on this blog was never to get money out of my blog . But i always felt whoever reads the blog. Likes it,follows it. What else would you want, when a person from a land , seven seas away from yours says ” I loved your blog” . He doesn’t know you , never met you . But likes your blog. And this is because of the power and energy inside the words that you write.

None of us ever thought we would be bloggers. It is someone who is writing a script in his blog, which made the like minded individuals like us , to come and meet on a common platform i.e. this blog. With my experience , i have met various people on this blog. Some who fought for life and were blessed enough to remain alive on this blog to share the experience. While some out of there happiness , are writing . Some want to aspire to be a writer (“Good luck to those”) . Writing to me was to grow , be happy and make people smile.

Whats there in store for me in the future , i don’t know and i don’t want to spoil the fun by knowing it in advance but yes ,whatever it is , i accept it . When i write lot of people agree to my views , some don’t , and for those who don’t , i say ” Thank you” . Because the success to me was they read my views. Not everyone is suppose to agree to you each time you write something. I kind of had mixed feelings when i was writing. Sometimes i was excited , sometimes said. Words came out as i thought. Giving life to those words was up to those readers who read what i write.

Let’s see how many people read this. I am sure whoever reads would like it. For those who didn’t like ” Thanks again for visiting :)”

Shwetal – An Avid Writer.

The scariest moment is always just before you start.

Stephen King


Sands of time … my memories


There i was , looking back  in time where i left those beautiful memories of life time. Memories that make me smile , laugh and at times cry. Why don’t these moments last forever . I asked myself why ? And there came the answer when i saw the sands of time lying next to the beach, where i took a brisk walk . Looking at the sun which was setting down for the day . Something to say but after all it was to come back with another day. Making this day , just another memory which i would find in the sands of time.

sandsoftimeI met people , friends , closed one’s . All of them passed by me and they were my dear one’s , with whom i spent my time . With Joy and fun , smiles and run . Laughter and tears , in all those times. Now they are my memories , in those sands of time. All these years i used to think , you all will come back with those memories, which will again some day , make me smile . And this smile will again become a memory , which i will find in the sands of time.

Time is a cycle. Which will keep running , as moments pass, days pass , years pass. And then i met you , with a smile walking next to the sands of time. Those beautiful hairs on the face, with a cute smile and the moment stopped. Stopped till eternity. I kept looking at you. Those beautiful eyes , and my heart said this is the one whom you were supposed to meet. I suddenly realized , this was going to be a memory , which will live in the sands of time. Looking at you i said ” Oh god , let this memory not die in the sands of time , i want this moment last forever.” And i realized looking at the sun , that it was you holding my hand walking with me , on the same beach where i found my sands of time.

Now these sands are in my memories and you are with me forever , walking on the same beach . Each i look at the sun , thank him , for giving me this time with you , and i looked the sands of time . ” Thanking it , for giving me you. Who is holding my hand forever.

It was you who brought the same time back , fun and smile , happiness and laughter. And there i thank you god for giving me those memories which will always live with me in ” The sands of time”

Shwetal – An Avid writer… Hope this not made anyone cry 🙂