Sands of time … my memories


There i was , looking back  in time where i left those beautiful memories of life time. Memories that make me smile , laugh and at times cry. Why don’t these moments last forever . I asked myself why ? And there came the answer when i saw the sands of time lying next to the beach, where i took a brisk walk . Looking at the sun which was setting down for the day . Something to say but after all it was to come back with another day. Making this day , just another memory which i would find in the sands of time.

sandsoftimeI met people , friends , closed one’s . All of them passed by me and they were my dear one’s , with whom i spent my time . With Joy and fun , smiles and run . Laughter and tears , in all those times. Now they are my memories , in those sands of time. All these years i used to think , you all will come back with those memories, which will again some day , make me smile . And this smile will again become a memory , which i will find in the sands of time.

Time is a cycle. Which will keep running , as moments pass, days pass , years pass. And then i met you , with a smile walking next to the sands of time. Those beautiful hairs on the face, with a cute smile and the moment stopped. Stopped till eternity. I kept looking at you. Those beautiful eyes , and my heart said this is the one whom you were supposed to meet. I suddenly realized , this was going to be a memory , which will live in the sands of time. Looking at you i said ” Oh god , let this memory not die in the sands of time , i want this moment last forever.” And i realized looking at the sun , that it was you holding my hand walking with me , on the same beach where i found my sands of time.

Now these sands are in my memories and you are with me forever , walking on the same beach . Each i look at the sun , thank him , for giving me this time with you , and i looked the sands of time . ” Thanking it , for giving me you. Who is holding my hand forever.

It was you who brought the same time back , fun and smile , happiness and laughter. And there i thank you god for giving me those memories which will always live with me in ” The sands of time”

Shwetal – An Avid writer… Hope this not made anyone cry 🙂



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