Another mile beyond the milestone….


Hard to believe i have completed writing 50 posts on this blog. I don’t want to call it an achievement yet. Because , i am in sheer mood to keep writing till i am alive. Each milestone for me would be the beginning for a new journey to another milestone. So i can happily say today that i have started my journey to next milestone. All of us some or the other way , are in a journey towards a milestone. It can be in our lives , on this blog , or something else.

A Writing Kind of Day

A Writing Kind of Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each time i see myself in front of a milestone, i see myself growing. I don’t know where , that my path will decide. But its a growth which i would want by gaining more knowledge and spreading more knowledge. Probably that’s my next milestone. Success to me on this blog was never to get money out of my blog . But i always felt whoever reads the blog. Likes it,follows it. What else would you want, when a person from a land , seven seas away from yours says ” I loved your blog” . He doesn’t know you , never met you . But likes your blog. And this is because of the power and energy inside the words that you write.

None of us ever thought we would be bloggers. It is someone who is writing a script in his blog, which made the like minded individuals like us , to come and meet on a common platform i.e. this blog. With my experience , i have met various people on this blog. Some who fought for life and were blessed enough to remain alive on this blog to share the experience. While some out of there happiness , are writing . Some want to aspire to be a writer (“Good luck to those”) . Writing to me was to grow , be happy and make people smile.

Whats there in store for me in the future , i don’t know and i don’t want to spoil the fun by knowing it in advance but yes ,whatever it is , i accept it . When i write lot of people agree to my views , some don’t , and for those who don’t , i say ” Thank you” . Because the success to me was they read my views. Not everyone is suppose to agree to you each time you write something. I kind of had mixed feelings when i was writing. Sometimes i was excited , sometimes said. Words came out as i thought. Giving life to those words was up to those readers who read what i write.

Let’s see how many people read this. I am sure whoever reads would like it. For those who didn’t like ” Thanks again for visiting :)”

Shwetal – An Avid Writer.

The scariest moment is always just before you start.

Stephen King



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