Justice … do i i deserve…


Recently i went through an article on times of  India about the total number of pending cases in Indian courts. Can any one think of a number ? Juts a wild guess…. it was 3.2 cr.


So i can say happily say that there 3.2 crore people ( for the convenience of people from other countries its 32 million) sounds astonishing right .  Justice is really far for people who genuinely need it.  Our government claims that they are establishing fast track courts where are these fast track courts ? Open and shut cases , like the one of Ajmal aamir kasab who was the lone terrorist who was caught alive in the Mumbai blood bath was fed by our government for free , and the amount spent on him was much more than the amount of cases that are pending in our Indian courts. And after 4 years he was hanged. So do we call this timely justice for those people and their families who died in the Mumbai 26/11 terror attack. I know am writing this article too late. But, its better to be late than sorry.  We have to either wait for a movie to be made on the terror attacks so we realize that how fast is our judicial system. Our judicial system says that every one is given a fair trial. For a person like Kasab was a fair trial deserved for 4 years ? Did he deserve the food that he ate for free in our jail or was a bullet sufficient when he was caught ? Answer is still pending.

Also Jessica lal trial, a model who was shot in 1999 , the accused was aquittied when the entire place saw who shot her , still it took 7 years for justice. So for 7 years the family has to face the agony of the murder trail . Imagine how many times the family would have died.

Do we always have to wait for a march to happen at india gate so someone awakes and decides that something needs to be done. Can things be not proactive.

And the recent , delhi rape case. The protest went on for more than a month. I did feel that this time the justice would not take long. But now no one even knows whats the status of the case. Whether the accused have been punished or not; in fact as a matter of joke one of the accused was aquitted because he proved him self juvinile as there was no record of his age. The girl died.

Something needs to be done to stop this.

Hope atleast i am able to wake some eyes for those who read it.

Shwetal- An avid writer.



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