One life is not enough


Nikhil and Juhi were driving back home. There was a dead silence in the car and Nikhil was concentrating on driving. It was night and the street lights on the highway were not operational. NIkhil was maintaining a decent speed in such driving conditions. Little he had a clue that a curver we a barricade was waiting for him, the barricade suddenly came in front of him. His eyes were shocked but he did not have much time to save. He hit the vehicle on the barricade, a sharp end of the barricade hit him on his head and he lost his conscience.

As Nikhil tried to open his eyes , a bright light came on to his eyes, his eyes were in discomfort. He was welcomed with a comforting voice.

“How are you feeling now ?” Said the voice . Nikhil was not able to see whom he was talking to. The impact of accident was bad.

“I am ok, where is Juhi my wife ? She was with me in the car when the accident happened.” Said Nikhil , he was desperately looking for Juhi.

“She is fine and you will see her soon.”

“But who are you? ” Said Nikhil

“I take care of everyone here.” Nikhil was still anxious to see his wife but the bright light could not make him see anywhere it was as if the light wanted to focus Nikhil on him.

“Why you and Juhi used to fight so much ? You always loved her but never told her” Said the voice. Nikhil was surprised. How come he knew all this. His anxiousness was increasing further. In fact this question almost took him back in time where he remembered fighting with Juhi. However, he could feel the love he had for Juhi at that time and at this moment while he was talking to this voice.

“I always loved here, but i have no clue why i never told her. It was my ego. I always wanted to be dominating, but its true i loved her.” Said Nikhil, Nikhil had no clue why he was talking all this to this voice. He was feeling a connection with this voice. he was trying to recognize this voice. Is this one of his relatives he thought for a moment , he was not sure though.  He slowly started feeling comfortable with this voice. He spilled out everything he felt in his life , right from his parents to his wife. He loved everyone but this ego was not letting him say anything.

“You know ego is something that can only hurt and destroy someone even if he or she is bad. I know you did not do anything bad in your life, but its your ego which has taken you down.” Said the voice

Nikhil was listening and he was very much in agreement with what the voice had said. He was still anxiously looking for Juhi.

“I want to see her?” Said Nikhil

“You will see her soon.” Said the voice.

“But when?” Said Nikhil

“Time is best answer to any question.” Said the voice

“In this life you were not able to say anything to Juhi or any one whom you loved.” Said the voice.

“Yes but i want to say the same now. I don’t want to loose anything” Said Nikhil , he was almost desperate for his wife and parents.

“Yes you will get this chance , but in next life not in this” Said the voice. Nikhil was astonished, he was able to see some visions now. The light was fading a little and he could see Juhi lying next to him. Nikhil and Juhi were dead. They were not longer alive. Nikhil started worrying for his parents and loved one’s  whom he had left back.  Suddenly another voice comforted him.

“You dont have to worry , what you lost in this life is you are going to gain in the next one.” It was one of the angels who was standing next to him.

The voice whom he was initially talking to came back again.

” I am going to send both of you back, but only with promise that you will not have ego at all in your relationship. ” Said the voice

“Yes i promise” Said Nikhil and he was delighted.

“Ok Its now time for your next life. Go and live it” Said the voice.

He was talking to  none other than almighty. Suddenly a ball of energy was moving down with a great speed as if its in a rush.

25 years later.

It was James and Jenna living a very happy peaceful life in california. Each time they went out together they were adored by people around them . Some were jealous and some were really happy. So were James and Jenna.

It was time for another life to be lived.

Shwetal – An avid writer

Hope most of you understood what i wanted to convey.

I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them.
Anne Rice


The secret ingredient


 Here i come with another motivational post. I guess i have been motivating a lot of people around. Not sure how many of them actually got motivated. But anyways, i am going to continue. Whenever, i tend to write something on this blog, it reminds me of something. I keep wondering how long i have been writing. I will be soon completing one year on this blog. So when i started writing this blog , i kept one thing in mind. No matter how many people read what i am writing i am going to to continue doing my work of writing , if am able to make even one person enjoy my writing then i am successful.

Though i was disappointed after i wrote couple of posts on my blog. I kept thinking why was no one reading it. I went for another round of writing and kept waiting when someone is going to read it. But nothing happened, i was quite disappointed and was about leave blogging. But i stopped for a moment , and realized something. Why is no one reading what i am writing. And the answer came from within. And it was quite a simple one.

Imagine you are chef and there is this new recipe you have prepared , but unfortunately no one in your restaurant is ordering that dish. And you keep wondering why is that happening . And coincidentally when you saw the menu card you found that you never included the item in menu card.

Till the point you don’t have visibility people wouldn’t recognize you and your work. And exactly the same thing was happening with me. I had not made anyone taste my recipe. So After few unsuccessful posts i decided to make whatever i write visible to the world. And here i am on this blog writing. I always wondered whats the secret ingredient on others blog that they get thousands of hits on their blog and not mine. And soon i was able to figure that out. The secret ingredient was love. Successful people loved what they did. I had to love what i was doing. And the day i started loving blogging , i went on and on and on.

Now i am not only in love with my blog but i am addicted to it. If i don’t write something one day , i become restless.  And that’s my secret ingredient .

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place.

Shwetal – An Avid writer


Are you single ?


7th July 2011

 It was time for me head back to India. I had already packed up and was waiting for my car to pick me up from my apartment. Though i love London and its one of my favorite destinations , i still had the excitement and anxiety to head back to India. Soon after some time my phone rang and my car had arrived to pick me up for the airport.  I have passion for cars. As soon as i came out , i could see a black Mercedes waiting for me to arrive. Excited i was looking at the black beauty. It was a bright sunny day , though cold winds were blowing , but it was quite pleasant.

In a few minutes we were driving towards London heathrow  airport. I was all excited to head back to India. The best part was, it was a weekend when i was flying. So i had a good one full day to get rid of my hangover before i start working. I paid the chauffeur after he dropped me to airport and headed for check-in counter. Soon after i checked i was heading for security. When i am traveling i like traveling in leisure. So i guess i was the most relaxed person in the queue.

Suddenly i heard an anxious voice from behind.

“Sir ! Can i have the time please ?” Said that anxious voice.

I looked back and found a young girl in her 20’s looking at me. ” Its 07:40″ Said

She looked in a hurry . I don’t know what made me strike this conversation.

“Are you running late for your flight ?” I said

“Yes and it looks like i am not going to make it” She said in disappointment.

“Why don’t you just jump the queue and tell them you are running late for your flight and request for a early security check.” I told her.

I kept looking at her. She was an American i could easily figure that out because if the accent she spoke. Well you can call this as an advantage of working outside India. You get to work with different nationals. I could now a days easily identify an American , Russian etc.

After i told her this , she managed to jump the queue and was gone with the winds.  I did find her beautiful. Just Another infatuation i thought and ignored her. Though her face kept lingering in front of my eyes. She had light brown hairs and beautiful eyes.  I went through the security checks and London Heathrow , its a pain , they would strip you down from top to bottom for checks ( don’t take me literally ) but its tough , to get through.

I looked up my boarding card and checked the gate i am supposed to go.  As i was walking , i could see the same American girl wearing her shoes.

“So are u done ? ” I asked her.

“Yeah , but my flight is delayed by 2 hours” She said. I was quite delighted to hear that. I don’t know why but i was.

“Whats your name ?”

“Sarah Baker” She said.

“Can i walk with you till your gate ?” i asked her.”Yeah, why not” She said.

And we started talking about each other , where we lived , likes and dislikes . And we sat near her gate. It was very stupid and too early of me to ask this question , but i asked her “Are you Single ?”

I was almost ready for a tight slap on my face. I absolutely had no clue as to what kind of person she was and still asked this question.  She Smiled and showed me the finger where she was wearing her engagement ring,  A bit disappointed but i was amused , what if she would have said Yes , Was i planning to marry her. I kept thinking while we were talking. It was stupid of me. But the experience was good. Never had a chance to talk to a stranger like this.

I got connected with her on Facebook and we are still friends , funny it is some times people whom you don’t know become close to you as if you know them since ages, This happened with me in an hours time. Though we are thousands of miles apart. We are still connected.

For now this is Shwetal Signing off from this place , Hasta La Vista.

Shwetal – An Avid Writer


The bright side of midnight..


London city 21st May 2012

It was close to 6 PM in the evening and Friday. I was returning from my work tired and exhausted. Barely having energy to do anything. I picked up some snacks from a shop near my apartment. I reached my apartment threw my bag on the bed and got inside shower to take warm wash. 20 minutes and i was ready to have something . I was feeling quite fresh but equally sleepy , after finishing my snack, i did not realize when i fell asleep. I was totally exhausted.

A ring of my cell phone woke me up, it was Amit my friend who was with me in London. He lived at Notting Hill in London . Does that not remind you of Julia Roberts , trust me folks the place was exactly the same way it was shown in the movie. I realized it when i visited Amit at his Notting hill residence a couple of times. Quite and serene, you will find as if no one lives there. Amit was asking me join him at one of the clubs in Piccadilly circus. I was terribly hungry it was dinner time close to 8 PM. I am very fussy about dinner and timing of my dinner.

So i told him lets finish our dinner and join On And On at 10 PM. So it was officially it was going to be my first night out and that too in the London city.  I was very lazy in terms of all this. I always thought how can someone be so stupid to break his/her sleep and stay awake all night and dance to some music which no one in this world understands. I felt , i guess i was the only one in this world who did not understand , rest everyone did.

So finally i made up my mind to go there and see what exactly happens.  After all it was going to cost me only £ 10 . So i didn’t mind spending it.  20 Minutes by train and i was at Piccadilly circus station , for those who don’t know what Piccadilly circus is , please do not relate it to a circus where you will find people and animals doing stunts for you. It’s a place dedicated for a night out. I found Amit standing near a shop which he mentioned on the call And were on our way to the club.

It was 10 PM and i was expecting people to nicely , shut their doors and go to sleep in their homes . After all it was a Friday night. Till that moment that was the definition of a Friday night for me which was going to change the very next moment. As i entered one of the streets called Soho Square which is a location dedicated for clubs.  I was amazed to see the entire place lit up as if the evening had just started.Eating joints were serving food , liquor was flowing like water inside a river. Everyone seems to be in their own world. At one corner i could see a couple sitting and enjoying their drink while on the other corner of street someone enjoying a smoke. I didn’t want to try any one of those. Neither i did that night. Just to clarify to whoever is reading this.

Ok so here we are , we finally made it to the club , paid our 10 bucks and entered a lift which would take us to the floor. On and On is 5 floor club from what i remember , anyone who is from London and reading this can correct me.  Now as we entered the floor , a loud music deafening my ears welcomed me. The entire floor was occupied with guys and girls dancing mindlessly. I was blind i felt for a moment.  We both somehow managed to make it to a table where our other friend was waiting for us . It was Paul , all 3 of us worked together in the same office, though lived at different place made it a point that we meet at least once a week outside working hours.

Paul and Amit started sipping their drinks which they had ordered. I settled for Cola. And they both started laughing at each other. Well since it was a club , you would expect girls all around as well. People would always look out for single one or someone who is kinda available among group of girls.

Paul and Amit after finishing their drinks , started dancing on the floor. They were good dancers and people around them joined as well. They both kept asking me to join , i was quite shy and embarrassed to dance. After all it was my first time in any of the clubs. I kept looking around and found that i was the only one sitting and everyone else was dancing.  Finally Amit and Paul picked me up and took me on to dance floor. I had no idea as to what i was doing. Since i was only standing , i kept getting pushed around by people who were dancing. Soon i realized that once i start dancing , it will be all ok. So i started some moves , and found myself in an utterly stupid state. But as i continued i started enjoying the music and people around me.  Soon after some time i was lost in the music. And i only knew that i was dancing.

Suddenly i found someone holding my hand , i thought it was Amit or Paul but i was wrong it was a girl wearing a nice red dress. I did not understand what she was trying to say and soon i realized it was an invitation to dance. I continued. I had no clue what i was doing. Earlier i was with Paul and now this new friend. I kept dancing with her.  I could not find Amit and Paul, though i was least bothered. After sometime i was tired and decided to leave. By this time we were already introduced to each other and had shared our contact , You know why i did this ? Because i was so lost in dancing i did not realize that she was colleague at work. Within a flash of light the definition of Friday night had changed for me.

After we both exited the floor , i found Amit and Paul having a drink outside. After finding me with Lisa, they almost spilled the drink out of their mouth. And this time it was me who was laughing.

It was 3 AM in the morning when i came out. And when looked around nothing had changed. It was the same place , eating joints still open and Liquor still flowing. Man! this was the bright side of the midnight for me for the first time.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from here. Hasta la Vista.

Shwetal – An Avid writer

The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them.
Jeff Jarvis


Never say die


Its been close to a year that i started this blog. When i started this blog , it was a website with a blank page on it. I kept thinking as to what to write, absolute no clue. I just started writing like an ameature with no idea as to who is going to read it. I had loads of doubts in my mind, whether i will succeed or not. This one single thought hampered me a lot from writing . Each time i sat to write something on this blog but never got any ideas as to what to write. But i still had one thing in mind and that was i want to write something. Anything that comes into my mind. Whatever thought unique or redundant but i want to write. I never wanted to give up.

And then there came a quote in front to me “Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up”. Neither i wanted to give up. So i decided to write something on this blog.  I designed the page beautifully and placed some links on it.  After completing my first post i decided to show it to few people. And what i got was them was a ridiculed reaction. None of them appreciated it. It was a complete negative reaction which would demotivate any person in this world. So was I , But i never wanted to give up.  I was willing to do this. Though something very different from what every one else around me did. I had a vision for it.


I asked myself this question “Why do i succeed ? Why should i succeed? ”  The answers came straight , its because i wanted to do this , i wanted to progress. I did not want myself to back with fear, insecurities and doubt.  Even if i fail i wouldn’t give up. I wanted to rise , rise with success not with boast. But with success. Even if i was going to be beaten to fall to my knees , i wouldn’t give up , i would return. I want to come back. Not with vengeance but with confidence to succeed. I know i would not be 100 % perfect but i would get better and better and better with time.

I will not die , i will survive. I will fight against the odds.

Now a days its a rule , if someone wants to do something creative and good , he would be ridiculed by people around him. Telling him that he wouldn’t succeed in what he is doing. But remember one thing, ” A critic never creates a masterpiece, a person who stands against the critic does.”

So i say never say die. Stay immortal , we all are immortal. Keep fighting.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place – Hasta la vista

An Avid writer.

My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.
Anais Nin


Human Intelligence Vs Machines


I kept wondering today what to write about, and suddenly my eyes went to a book. A very old one, i had learnt that subject during my college days. Its a marvel in technology what we call as AI ( Artificial Intelligence). Intelligence the word that we use very commonly at times almost daily. But what is the meaning of intelligence . Is it all about being able to solve every damn puzzle that comes in front of you. Or being good at Algebra or Calculus. After reading the first 10 pages of the book on AI, i realized one thing , intelligence is not simply being brilliant into something but it was all about doing the right thing.

So here comes another question, how do we humans do the right thing ? If all of us would have been doing the right thing then there would be no terrorism, no crime no hatred in this world. So lets keep this discussion in an ideal scenario where , i want someone to do right things. SO what would be my approach.

Imagine the time when you were just 3 or 4 years old, born in this world looking around with people telling you tons of things. So what did you do with that information ? ” Learned and adapted.

So learning and Adaptation is one of the important factors to intelligence. And of course it would be better if you have both cognitive and rational approach. You are also supposed to be drawing inferences from what you see.  So when you look at a chocolate pie you would get attracted to it thinking it would be sweet ?

So what did you do just now ? You were already adapted to the environment and learnt it . All you did just now was used a rational approach of your brain and drew an inference which led you to get attracted towards that chocolate pie. Similarly when you see something you are scared off you would get away from it ,again drawing an inference of getting harmed from something.

So now we can easily say that humans have the capability to draw inferences and have an approach towards thinking , thats what we call intelligence. What i am writing now would not be new to people who would have mastered AI but it would be a good start for those people who don’t know anything about it.

Now if i want a machine to think like human , i must first have a deep understanding towards how human think and that’s human psychology , though difficult but still needs a rational approach get something out. But, yes a machine would think like human only if it is able to adapt learn and change itself according to the environment in which it is operating. It is natural to have rules in an environment but its all about the approach which would led this happen.

For now this is Shwetal Signing off from this place.  Hasta la Vista

Shwetal- An Avid Writer



My Salute to Sylvester Stallone


This is one of the SADDEST stories ever told in Hollywood. His name is Sylvester Stallone. One of the BIGGEST and Most famous American Movie superstars. Back in the day,Stallone was a struggling actor in every definition. At some point,he got so broke that he stole his wife’s jewellery and sold it. Things got so bad that he even ended up homeless. Yes,he slept at the New York bus station for 3 days. Unable to pay rent or afford food. His lowest point came when he tried to sell his dog at the liquor store to any stranger. He didn’t have money to feed the dog anymore. He sold it at $25 only. He says he walked away crying.

Two weeks later,he saw a boxing match between Mohammed Ali and Chuck Wepner and that match gave him the inspiration to write the script for the famous movie,ROCKY. He wrote the script for 20 hours! He tried to sell it and got an offer for $125,000 for the script. But he had just ONE REQUEST. He wanted to STAR in the movie. He wanted to be the MAIN ACTOR. Rocky himself. But the studio said NO. They wanted a REAL STAR.


They said he “Looked funny and talked funny”. He left with his script. Afew weeks later,the studio offered him $250,000 for the script. He refused. They even offered $350,000. He still refused. They wanted his movie. But NOT him. He said NO. He had to be

After a while,the studio agreed,gave him $35,000 for the script and let him star in it! The rest is history! The movie won Best Picture,Best Directing and Best Film Editing at the prestigious Oscar Awards. He was even nominated for BEST ACTOR! The Movie ROCKY was even inducted into the American National Film Registry as one of the greatest movies ever!

And do You know the first thing he bought with the $35,000? THE DOG HE SOLD. Yes,Stallone LOVED HIS DOG SO MUCH that he stood at the liquor store for 3 days waiting for the man he sold his dog to. And on the 3rd day,he saw the man coming with the dog. Stallone explained why he sold the dog and begged for the dog back. The man refused. Stallone offered him $100. The man refused. He offered him $500. And the guy refused. Yes,he refused even $1000. And,Believe it or Not,Stallone had to pay $15,000 for the same,same dog he sold at $25 only! And he finally got his dog back!

And today,the same Stallone who slept in the streets and sold his dog JUST BECAUSE he couldn’t even feed it anymore,is one of the GREATEST Movie Stars who ever walked the Earth!

Being broke is BAD. Really BAD. Have You ever had a dream? A wonderful dream? But You are too broke to implement it? Too tiny to do it? Too small to accomplish it? Damn! I’ve been there too many times!

Life is tough. Opportunities will pass you by,just because you are a NOBODY. People will want your products but NOT YOU. Its a tough
world. If you aint already famous,or rich or “connected”,You will find it rough. Doors will be shut on You. People will steal your glory and crash your hopes.You will push and push. And yet NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

And then your hopes will be crashed.You will be broke. Damn broke. You will do odd jobs for survival. You will be unable to feed yourself. And Yes,you may end up sleeping in the streets.It happens. Yes,it does.

BUT NEVER LET THEM CRUSH THAT DREAM. Whatever happens to You,Keep Dreaming. Even when they crush your hopes,Keep Dreaming. Even when they turn you away,Keep Dreaming. Even when they shut you down,Keep Dreaming.

NO ONE KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF EXCEPT YOURSELF! People will judge You by HOW you look. And by WHAT You have.
But please,Fight on! Fight for Your place in history. Fight for your glory. NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

Even if it means selling all your clothes and sleeping with the dogs,ITS OKAY! But AS LONG AS YOU ARE STILL ALIVE,Your STORY IS NOT OVER. TRUST ME.

Keep Up the Fight. Keep your dreams and hope alive. Go get it.

Like and share if inspired. Lovely day people!