One life is not enough


Nikhil and Juhi were driving back home. There was a dead silence in the car and Nikhil was concentrating on driving. It was night and the street lights on the highway were not operational. NIkhil was maintaining a decent speed in such driving conditions. Little he had a clue that a curver we a barricade was waiting for him, the barricade suddenly came in front of him. His eyes were shocked but he did not have much time to save. He hit the vehicle on the barricade, a sharp end of the barricade hit him on his head and he lost his conscience.

As Nikhil tried to open his eyes , a bright light came on to his eyes, his eyes were in discomfort. He was welcomed with a comforting voice.

“How are you feeling now ?” Said the voice . Nikhil was not able to see whom he was talking to. The impact of accident was bad.

“I am ok, where is Juhi my wife ? She was with me in the car when the accident happened.” Said Nikhil , he was desperately looking for Juhi.

“She is fine and you will see her soon.”

“But who are you? ” Said Nikhil

“I take care of everyone here.” Nikhil was still anxious to see his wife but the bright light could not make him see anywhere it was as if the light wanted to focus Nikhil on him.

“Why you and Juhi used to fight so much ? You always loved her but never told her” Said the voice. Nikhil was surprised. How come he knew all this. His anxiousness was increasing further. In fact this question almost took him back in time where he remembered fighting with Juhi. However, he could feel the love he had for Juhi at that time and at this moment while he was talking to this voice.

“I always loved here, but i have no clue why i never told her. It was my ego. I always wanted to be dominating, but its true i loved her.” Said Nikhil, Nikhil had no clue why he was talking all this to this voice. He was feeling a connection with this voice. he was trying to recognize this voice. Is this one of his relatives he thought for a moment , he was not sure though.  He slowly started feeling comfortable with this voice. He spilled out everything he felt in his life , right from his parents to his wife. He loved everyone but this ego was not letting him say anything.

“You know ego is something that can only hurt and destroy someone even if he or she is bad. I know you did not do anything bad in your life, but its your ego which has taken you down.” Said the voice

Nikhil was listening and he was very much in agreement with what the voice had said. He was still anxiously looking for Juhi.

“I want to see her?” Said Nikhil

“You will see her soon.” Said the voice.

“But when?” Said Nikhil

“Time is best answer to any question.” Said the voice

“In this life you were not able to say anything to Juhi or any one whom you loved.” Said the voice.

“Yes but i want to say the same now. I don’t want to loose anything” Said Nikhil , he was almost desperate for his wife and parents.

“Yes you will get this chance , but in next life not in this” Said the voice. Nikhil was astonished, he was able to see some visions now. The light was fading a little and he could see Juhi lying next to him. Nikhil and Juhi were dead. They were not longer alive. Nikhil started worrying for his parents and loved one’s  whom he had left back.  Suddenly another voice comforted him.

“You dont have to worry , what you lost in this life is you are going to gain in the next one.” It was one of the angels who was standing next to him.

The voice whom he was initially talking to came back again.

” I am going to send both of you back, but only with promise that you will not have ego at all in your relationship. ” Said the voice

“Yes i promise” Said Nikhil and he was delighted.

“Ok Its now time for your next life. Go and live it” Said the voice.

He was talking to  none other than almighty. Suddenly a ball of energy was moving down with a great speed as if its in a rush.

25 years later.

It was James and Jenna living a very happy peaceful life in california. Each time they went out together they were adored by people around them . Some were jealous and some were really happy. So were James and Jenna.

It was time for another life to be lived.

Shwetal – An avid writer

Hope most of you understood what i wanted to convey.

I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them.
Anne Rice