Being Human….


At times it so happens that we want to express ourselves in our words, but we are not able to do it. Very true, some one had rightly said that if you want to be a writer be a reader first. I wanted to be myself – Human , Sane .

E.E Cummings has rightly said “To be yourself in this world, which is trying hard day and night to make you everybody else is the hardest battle any human can every fight. So keep Fighting.”

How many of us actually fight this battle. Not many. The irony is not many of us even realize that we are not being ourselves , forget about being human. Trapped in the illusion of the reality that this world shows to us.  Getting obsessed for money and forgetting about what we have left behind.

So what is it like about Being Human ? Breathing air? Eating ? Mating ? Is that all we call about being human ? I guess no. Being Human is being yourself. Looking inside your own self, knowing your self. Knowing our soul. Be it good or bad.  In this world we as human have both sides of ours existing. Positive as well as Negative. So i can conclude there is a imbalance. Or what i can say this equation of mine is not balanced. How do i balance it ? By making a choice . Being either the positive one or the negative one. And all this depends on which one i am fueling more.  If i fuel the positive one i get a wolf coming out with blood i his eyes.

So there is someone who is supposed to balance this equation. As i mentioned , if we exist in this world our negative or our opposite also exists in this world. And its inside us. It depends on who we fuel more. How many people remember this movie Matrix revolution , yeah now some people would call it stupid. But try to recollect the two characters of the movie. The protagonist Neo and Agent Smith. Oracle tells Neo that Smith is no one but he himself , his opposite , and smith is trying to balance the equation of matrix by making everyone his clone.

In the End Neo happily sacrifices himself by letting smith balance the equation. Because he knew at the end his sacrifice would help him destroy Smith. And that’s what happens.

We all have sacrifices to be made one way or the other in our lives , when time comes all we are supposed to do is act. Act in the benefit of someone without caring what happens to you after that . And that is what i call  “Being Human”

For now this is Shwetal signing off from my place . Hasta La vista. enjoy.

Shwetal- An Avid Writer.

I try to leave out the parts that people skip.

Elmore Leonard



2 thoughts on “Being Human….

  1. Life has become so demanding that it has become hard to take a pause & ponder on what it takes or is taking to be a human. Well expressed thoughts!

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