My 5 minutes of fame with a CEO


What i am writing today , many people might ridicule. But these 5 minutes of my life i am never going to forget. My five minutes of fame with a CEO. CEO of one of the biggest wall street firms. It was back in 2009 or 2010 , i don’t exactly remember the year it was. During those days, whenever the quarterly results used to be announced the CEO of our firm would address the investors, share holders and the employees through a broadcast. I chose to attend this broadcast via a teleconference. What made me attend this conference i absolutely have no clue. All i wanted to know what how it happens.

And that’s it it was around 05:30 PM in the evening when the broadcast was supposed to start. And i joined the call, my boss had also joined the call. We both kept ourselves on mute.  After the initial phase of the broadcast was over, the forum was made open for questions and answers. People at the likes of investors and shareholders were asking questions and i don’t really remember what went in my mind and i asked my manager while we were on mute that i wish to ask a question . She said its fine frame it well and you can ask. I really don’t remember what made think of asking a question , all i knew at that time was i want to ask a question. Asking a question is not bad. And i always felt that no question in this world is stupid. No matter how stupid it sounds.

Since there was a time limit for questions and answers session , i was not even sure if my turn was going to come. So chose my option on the teleconference to put myself in queue for asking my  question . When i chose my option the conference organizer took my name and asked me to wait for my turn. And that’s it i kept waiting.

Honestly , my heart was pounding heavily. I just didn’t wanted to fumble while asking my question. People who were in queue kept coming in and our CEO was answering. After finishing one of the person in queue , it was me next. And trust me people these words i am never going to forget in my life.

And it was the CEO who was addressing me

” And here it is, Its Friday evening , India Mumbai , its quite late though. Thank you for being on this call so late. Please proceed with you question Shwetal”

And Gosh for second i kept thinking how does he know my name . Before i could fumble i began with my question. After i finished my question . His humble voice answered it in detail. And i was really happy as to he was answering me very well. I was in a state of trance, shaking a little as well.

After he finished his answer we thanked each other. And that’s it was over , i was out of my state of trance. My fellow colleagues from London kept messaging me on my computer. And these were the messages that popped into my screen.

“Was that you Shwetal ?” Said Chris

“That was a very good question.” Said Sam

“I liked that one.” Said Jenna

Though i had missed those messages in the state of my trance. I replied thanking all of them.

Yes those were my 5 minutes of fame with a CEO. And i wouldn’t ever forget it. Each time think of that conversation i just get amazed. And i still remember his voice.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place . Hasta la vista.

Shwetal – An Avid writer.

Sometimes when I think how good my book can be, I can hardly breathe.

Truman Capote



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