Human Intelligence Vs Machines


I kept wondering today what to write about, and suddenly my eyes went to a book. A very old one, i had learnt that subject during my college days. Its a marvel in technology what we call as AI ( Artificial Intelligence). Intelligence the word that we use very commonly at times almost daily. But what is the meaning of intelligence . Is it all about being able to solve every damn puzzle that comes in front of you. Or being good at Algebra or Calculus. After reading the first 10 pages of the book on AI, i realized one thing , intelligence is not simply being brilliant into something but it was all about doing the right thing.

So here comes another question, how do we humans do the right thing ? If all of us would have been doing the right thing then there would be no terrorism, no crime no hatred in this world. So lets keep this discussion in an ideal scenario where , i want someone to do right things. SO what would be my approach.

Imagine the time when you were just 3 or 4 years old, born in this world looking around with people telling you tons of things. So what did you do with that information ? ” Learned and adapted.

So learning and Adaptation is one of the important factors to intelligence. And of course it would be better if you have both cognitive and rational approach. You are also supposed to be drawing inferences from what you see.  So when you look at a chocolate pie you would get attracted to it thinking it would be sweet ?

So what did you do just now ? You were already adapted to the environment and learnt it . All you did just now was used a rational approach of your brain and drew an inference which led you to get attracted towards that chocolate pie. Similarly when you see something you are scared off you would get away from it ,again drawing an inference of getting harmed from something.

So now we can easily say that humans have the capability to draw inferences and have an approach towards thinking , thats what we call intelligence. What i am writing now would not be new to people who would have mastered AI but it would be a good start for those people who don’t know anything about it.

Now if i want a machine to think like human , i must first have a deep understanding towards how human think and that’s human psychology , though difficult but still needs a rational approach get something out. But, yes a machine would think like human only if it is able to adapt learn and change itself according to the environment in which it is operating. It is natural to have rules in an environment but its all about the approach which would led this happen.

For now this is Shwetal Signing off from this place.  Hasta la Vista

Shwetal- An Avid Writer




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