Never say die


Its been close to a year that i started this blog. When i started this blog , it was a website with a blank page on it. I kept thinking as to what to write, absolute no clue. I just started writing like an ameature with no idea as to who is going to read it. I had loads of doubts in my mind, whether i will succeed or not. This one single thought hampered me a lot from writing . Each time i sat to write something on this blog but never got any ideas as to what to write. But i still had one thing in mind and that was i want to write something. Anything that comes into my mind. Whatever thought unique or redundant but i want to write. I never wanted to give up.

And then there came a quote in front to me “Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up”. Neither i wanted to give up. So i decided to write something on this blog.  I designed the page beautifully and placed some links on it.  After completing my first post i decided to show it to few people. And what i got was them was a ridiculed reaction. None of them appreciated it. It was a complete negative reaction which would demotivate any person in this world. So was I , But i never wanted to give up.  I was willing to do this. Though something very different from what every one else around me did. I had a vision for it.


I asked myself this question “Why do i succeed ? Why should i succeed? ”  The answers came straight , its because i wanted to do this , i wanted to progress. I did not want myself to back with fear, insecurities and doubt.  Even if i fail i wouldn’t give up. I wanted to rise , rise with success not with boast. But with success. Even if i was going to be beaten to fall to my knees , i wouldn’t give up , i would return. I want to come back. Not with vengeance but with confidence to succeed. I know i would not be 100 % perfect but i would get better and better and better with time.

I will not die , i will survive. I will fight against the odds.

Now a days its a rule , if someone wants to do something creative and good , he would be ridiculed by people around him. Telling him that he wouldn’t succeed in what he is doing. But remember one thing, ” A critic never creates a masterpiece, a person who stands against the critic does.”

So i say never say die. Stay immortal , we all are immortal. Keep fighting.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place – Hasta la vista

An Avid writer.

My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.
Anais Nin



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