The bright side of midnight..


London city 21st May 2012

It was close to 6 PM in the evening and Friday. I was returning from my work tired and exhausted. Barely having energy to do anything. I picked up some snacks from a shop near my apartment. I reached my apartment threw my bag on the bed and got inside shower to take warm wash. 20 minutes and i was ready to have something . I was feeling quite fresh but equally sleepy , after finishing my snack, i did not realize when i fell asleep. I was totally exhausted.

A ring of my cell phone woke me up, it was Amit my friend who was with me in London. He lived at Notting Hill in London . Does that not remind you of Julia Roberts , trust me folks the place was exactly the same way it was shown in the movie. I realized it when i visited Amit at his Notting hill residence a couple of times. Quite and serene, you will find as if no one lives there. Amit was asking me join him at one of the clubs in Piccadilly circus. I was terribly hungry it was dinner time close to 8 PM. I am very fussy about dinner and timing of my dinner.

So i told him lets finish our dinner and join On And On at 10 PM. So it was officially it was going to be my first night out and that too in the London city.  I was very lazy in terms of all this. I always thought how can someone be so stupid to break his/her sleep and stay awake all night and dance to some music which no one in this world understands. I felt , i guess i was the only one in this world who did not understand , rest everyone did.

So finally i made up my mind to go there and see what exactly happens.  After all it was going to cost me only £ 10 . So i didn’t mind spending it.  20 Minutes by train and i was at Piccadilly circus station , for those who don’t know what Piccadilly circus is , please do not relate it to a circus where you will find people and animals doing stunts for you. It’s a place dedicated for a night out. I found Amit standing near a shop which he mentioned on the call And were on our way to the club.

It was 10 PM and i was expecting people to nicely , shut their doors and go to sleep in their homes . After all it was a Friday night. Till that moment that was the definition of a Friday night for me which was going to change the very next moment. As i entered one of the streets called Soho Square which is a location dedicated for clubs.  I was amazed to see the entire place lit up as if the evening had just started.Eating joints were serving food , liquor was flowing like water inside a river. Everyone seems to be in their own world. At one corner i could see a couple sitting and enjoying their drink while on the other corner of street someone enjoying a smoke. I didn’t want to try any one of those. Neither i did that night. Just to clarify to whoever is reading this.

Ok so here we are , we finally made it to the club , paid our 10 bucks and entered a lift which would take us to the floor. On and On is 5 floor club from what i remember , anyone who is from London and reading this can correct me.  Now as we entered the floor , a loud music deafening my ears welcomed me. The entire floor was occupied with guys and girls dancing mindlessly. I was blind i felt for a moment.  We both somehow managed to make it to a table where our other friend was waiting for us . It was Paul , all 3 of us worked together in the same office, though lived at different place made it a point that we meet at least once a week outside working hours.

Paul and Amit started sipping their drinks which they had ordered. I settled for Cola. And they both started laughing at each other. Well since it was a club , you would expect girls all around as well. People would always look out for single one or someone who is kinda available among group of girls.

Paul and Amit after finishing their drinks , started dancing on the floor. They were good dancers and people around them joined as well. They both kept asking me to join , i was quite shy and embarrassed to dance. After all it was my first time in any of the clubs. I kept looking around and found that i was the only one sitting and everyone else was dancing.  Finally Amit and Paul picked me up and took me on to dance floor. I had no idea as to what i was doing. Since i was only standing , i kept getting pushed around by people who were dancing. Soon i realized that once i start dancing , it will be all ok. So i started some moves , and found myself in an utterly stupid state. But as i continued i started enjoying the music and people around me.  Soon after some time i was lost in the music. And i only knew that i was dancing.

Suddenly i found someone holding my hand , i thought it was Amit or Paul but i was wrong it was a girl wearing a nice red dress. I did not understand what she was trying to say and soon i realized it was an invitation to dance. I continued. I had no clue what i was doing. Earlier i was with Paul and now this new friend. I kept dancing with her.  I could not find Amit and Paul, though i was least bothered. After sometime i was tired and decided to leave. By this time we were already introduced to each other and had shared our contact , You know why i did this ? Because i was so lost in dancing i did not realize that she was colleague at work. Within a flash of light the definition of Friday night had changed for me.

After we both exited the floor , i found Amit and Paul having a drink outside. After finding me with Lisa, they almost spilled the drink out of their mouth. And this time it was me who was laughing.

It was 3 AM in the morning when i came out. And when looked around nothing had changed. It was the same place , eating joints still open and Liquor still flowing. Man! this was the bright side of the midnight for me for the first time.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from here. Hasta la Vista.

Shwetal – An Avid writer

The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them.
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