The secret ingredient


 Here i come with another motivational post. I guess i have been motivating a lot of people around. Not sure how many of them actually got motivated. But anyways, i am going to continue. Whenever, i tend to write something on this blog, it reminds me of something. I keep wondering how long i have been writing. I will be soon completing one year on this blog. So when i started writing this blog , i kept one thing in mind. No matter how many people read what i am writing i am going to to continue doing my work of writing , if am able to make even one person enjoy my writing then i am successful.

Though i was disappointed after i wrote couple of posts on my blog. I kept thinking why was no one reading it. I went for another round of writing and kept waiting when someone is going to read it. But nothing happened, i was quite disappointed and was about leave blogging. But i stopped for a moment , and realized something. Why is no one reading what i am writing. And the answer came from within. And it was quite a simple one.

Imagine you are chef and there is this new recipe you have prepared , but unfortunately no one in your restaurant is ordering that dish. And you keep wondering why is that happening . And coincidentally when you saw the menu card you found that you never included the item in menu card.

Till the point you don’t have visibility people wouldn’t recognize you and your work. And exactly the same thing was happening with me. I had not made anyone taste my recipe. So After few unsuccessful posts i decided to make whatever i write visible to the world. And here i am on this blog writing. I always wondered whats the secret ingredient on others blog that they get thousands of hits on their blog and not mine. And soon i was able to figure that out. The secret ingredient was love. Successful people loved what they did. I had to love what i was doing. And the day i started loving blogging , i went on and on and on.

Now i am not only in love with my blog but i am addicted to it. If i don’t write something one day , i become restless.  And that’s my secret ingredient .

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place.

Shwetal – An Avid writer



2 thoughts on “The secret ingredient

  1. Yes, I was wondering could you mention my debut book Tangible Why Not Live? on one of you blogs? It’s hard for very good writers to get recognition. It’s a page turner, and it should not be limited to a set viewing audience. People need to, and may want to hear what the message has to offer.

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