That one moment


One moment is so important for all of us. One moment changes our lives, so this one is for that one moment.

That one moment i lived

That one moment when i died.

That one moment you touched me.

That one moment i looked at you. 

That one moment i got back my life.

That one moment i got defeated.

That one moment i conquered the world.

That one moment i was on top of the world.

That one moment was still for me.

That one moment you stole from me. 

That one moment when you embraced me in your arms,

That one moment i lived forever.

That one moment was not over yet. 

That one moment i don’t want to get over with.

That one moment is going to come back .

With you and your memories.

That one moment…


That one moment.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place. Looking forward to hear from you all.

Hasta la vista

Shwetal – An Avid writer.




My day job v/s My passion


It took me years to understand the meaning of passion. 8 years of my day job, each day was the same. I used to reach work , do my usual day to day work go  home, eat and sleep. 8 years on and one fine day , i kept on thinking. Is this what i like ? The answer was a obvious Yes , and why not. After all its my bread and butter. However, it was still not my passion. I did not understand what exactly was my passion. People are passionate about traveling,music etc. What was i passionate about ? I was not getting my answer.

One fine day i ended up starting this blog. I still dont remember what was in my mind when i was starting this. All i knew was i was going to write something. And the day i started doing this i was enjoying it. People read whatever i wrote. Liked it , gave their comments it was quite exciting. Getting new people on the blog. Networking with the, slowly and steadily i had recognized my passion.  I became quite passionate about my writing.

So passionate that i am writing this blog while i am at work. So now the question , should you make a choice between your day job versus your passion ? Answer could be Yes depending on the situation. Now if your passion is earning you  money which is as good as your day job people might call it a quit. But sometimes people are happy about earning less money and enjoying their passion.  So the answer is very dynamic.  But yes it is important to have a passion in life. Passion creates love inside you.  Love for what you are doing. Love for success. Love for success and hunger for success.

I have seen examples where people have quit their decent paying jobs and had passion for cooking and became entrepreneur.  However , quite a few of us are so scared of what others are going to think about our passion and hide their talent , just because of one thought that what people are going to think.

Remember , what people are going to think is none of your business. They have their so called brains so let them think. We can use our so called brains in a productive fashion , and i am sure whoever is reading this will like the idea.

If we start thinking what people are going to think , then what are people going to think
So let people to do their jobs and you do yours.

What is your answer i would like to hear it from you all ?

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place. Hasta la vista.

Shwetal – An avid writer.


Behind the light


It was 21st May 2016 , International space station . I was along with my crew doing my usual activities. We were supposed to take a snapshot of weather around north . Hence we decided to maneuver the satellite towards north pole and  take snapshot.

“Kelly are you ready for the ride ? I asked my crew. With a smile on my face.

“Yeah why not you are always ready for this ride huh ! ”  Kelly Said . This maneuvering was nothing new for us.

“Huston! This is international space station maneuvering north pole , Copy!” . I passed on the instructions to confirm.

” ISS this is Huston copy that!” . That was the response.

Slowly and steadily we maneuvered towards north. It was one of the most beautiful sights i would love to watch from the space station.  As we maneuvered towards north pole , we began to view the natures most beautiful event . The Aurora Boralis.

Aurora Borealis as viewed from the International Space Station Expedition 6

I turned to Kelly and pointed towards Aurora Boralis.

“Beautiful isn’t it ?” Said Kelly.

I just held the moment captured few images. We were about to approach the North. As we started approaching, the lights of Aurora Boralis grew bigger. I did not panic as its natural for it to happen at times. As we approached further , the light almost blocked our view. We were not able to see anything.  I started maneuvering in a different direction but i was not able to find a path.

I checked the radio to communicate with space station in Florida and Texas, but it was of no use. The Radio was down. I was shaking for a moment. In spite of no gravity me and Kelly were shaking .  That was the moment when we thought our end is near. We did not dare to look out side. Though everything was stable, the space station was not moving , our radio was down and all we could see was the bright light outside.  Suddenly me and Kelly heard  a sound , the sound was more like a vibration.  I started making my assumption. I started thinking of some alien spaceship that would be approaching us.  Time and Again we did read and about the aliens being far ahead in technology than us. I thought the bright golden light outside was a sample of their high end technology.

“Kelly Are you ok ? ” I asked her.

“Yes i am.” Said Kelly . She kept staring at the bright light.

The vibration we heard grew louder. I was preparing for the worst. Yeah though i was going to have one regret before i die and that , i was not going to be able to speak to my family for one last time.  I kept a tab on the oxygen level that was existing and how long it was going to last.

Kelly and i sat down. We started talking to each other. For the one last time. I always wanted to tell her that i found her beautiful. And i was honest with my feelings for her. And i finally said . May be that was one chance i could have said this to any one.

Kelly was smiling at me when i said this to her.  The vibration grew more loud. We kept wondering what this light was all about. If it was all about some alien activity then whats next in store for us. The curiosity was not getting over. We started to to hear a voice out of the vibration. I tried listening , it was as if someone is trying to say something , it was difficult though but i kept trying .And we finally heard the sound ” AUM” in the vibration.

I had read, heard many people talking about this vibration and the sound. But it was for the first time i was experiencing. But what i would call this experience of bright light ? I had no clue , i was not able to say anything categorically. Kelly heard the same and we were on the same page. Soon after the light started fading away and so was the vibration. As the light completely fed away. Me and Kelly both got a clear view of North pole , with a clean weather.


We both were amazed with this experience. And decided to share it.

Shwetal – An Avid writer.


Do we really need a war ?


I was reading the newspaper this morning and just read a headline on the international news section of the Times. US thinking to attack Syria.  And i kept wondering why do countries have to fight. There are billions of dollars spent on defenses. Its good but is that a reason to have war and not peace. when i went through the newspaper article i found a nice chain of history of events as to what was happening in Syria. And i read about chemical weapons being used by Syria against its own people. And i was shocked when i read the word Sarin.

For those who don’t know what Sarin is , Sarin is one of the most deadly chemicals that has ever been made by mankind. One small dose sarin causes someone to feel nauseating. Within an hour the person will not be able to breath properly and vomit. If not administered by appropriate antidote , the lungs stop functioning and the person dies with cardiac. Banned by the united nations after the second world war, it was actually used as a nerve gas by Hitler.

So now the million dollar question is if there is this thing manufactured who is manufacturing it in spite it being banned by united nations. And why do we need such a deadly thing to exist. We are already not over with the issues of global warming and other catastrophe . We are already have a fear of the nuclear weapons being used. On top of this Sarin ? The question now arises , do we as humans want the mankind to exist.  We are destroying ourselves. And if we cant learn from our mistakes we dont hold the right to make mistakes.


Did we learn anything from the two world wars we faced ? I dont think so . If we had , we probably never would have had this situation.

Did we learn anything from the crisis of 1929 which took two world wars to come out from ?No . If yes then we would have not had the financial crisis of 2007 which took down economy and not even economy cities, states and countries.


I can say again its time to learn something but . Are we truly going to learn something out of all this ? Do we really need war ? The day we get an answer i guess that’s when all this will come to an end.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place.

Shwetal – An Avid writer.


Anniversary time… One year complete on wordpress. :-)


I had completely forgotten that it was my blog’s first anniversary , i have completed one year blogging around mindlessly. Hard to believe but yes i am addicted , addicted to this blog . Well it is at least better than smoking, drugs and alcohol. I cant sleep if i have not written anything. So one year 281 followers , 1900 hits. Not bad huh ! Not really Bad i would say.

I would want to thank all my followers and fellow readers, for showering their love and affection on this blog. I really love you all.

Though i have not been a published author so far, but a different person from within me has come out. I remember the time i used to write essays in my school. I was horrible at writing those. Just to make sure that i fill in the page to get some score i used to repeat sentences and pointers . So that it looks bigger.

But with my one year of experience as a blogger i have learned quite a few things :

1. Quantity and Quality should complement each other.

2. You Should enjoy what you are writing about rather than writing for the sake of it.

3. It has to come from withing. Spill whatever is in your mind.

4. Don’t think about how many people would like eventually the word is spread.

5. Respect the love that people give to you on your blog . And you get more love.

My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.
Anais Nin


Peak point 15000 ft


It was 5 AM in the morning in Srinagar.  Drizzling outside , it was still dark , Ishfaaq was at the door waiting for me to open it. I forced myself out of bed and went to the door.

“Hot water is ready Saheb!” Said Ishfaaq . Yes in 10 degrees of cold weather in Srinagar i was supposed to take a bath. I had no choice otherwise i would stink for the rest of my day. It was a plan to leave by 7 AM towards Gulmarg the most beautiful place in kashmir which we were about to visit. by 05:30 AM i was ready , so was my bag. I forced myself on the breakfast table . Of course you would not expect a person to be hungry on a breakfast table at 6 AM in the morning. I did not a complete 8 hour sleep so was feeling a bit tired.  But the excitement of me going to Gulmarg kept me alive.

While having breakfast , i asked Ishfaaq to pack some for me , so i can fill my tummy once if i feel hungry . Ok it was now time to leave. Heavy vehicles are supposed to leave Srinagar by 07:15 AM in the morning. So we made it a point that we have our vehicle ready by 06:30 AM so we are out of srinagar by 07:15. Though i was refreshed i did not realize when i fell asleep inside the bus. And when i woke up, i was out of Srinagar and my eyes went to a beautiful which we were passing by .

2013-05-15 12.10.57

We were approaching Tangmarg in 2 hours time and from there i was supposed to pick up my fur coat and gum boots. Now you guys would be already knowing all this would be required. I was enjoying the hot sip of kahwa after i collected my fur coat. I was supposed to go to the nearest cable car station from where we were supposed to go the the phase 2 of peak point 15000 feet , and i am not joking i was about to reach 14500 feet above sea level on a peak , from where the line of control (the Pakistan occupied Kashmir was not too far) . And within an hour we were at the cable car station .  The cable  car station had a big queue of people ready to board the cable car. In Gulmarg its called ‘The Gondola’.  I boarded the Gondola and was set to reach the phase 2 in 15 minutes .

I am not kidding the peak point i am mentioning was just 20 mins away from the cable car station and i am not surprised . The cable car station itself was at 8000 feet above sealevel. So reaching 15000 was like a piece of cake.  So within no time i was approaching the beautiful valley in Gulmarg Kashmir. It was freezing cold as i walked out of Gondala. I bet if i would have not had my leather gloves i would have died. I was barely able to walk on the snow.  I some how managed to stabilize myself.

My ear muscles went numb. I was not feeling them at all.  While on the other end on the valley i was able to see people doing ice skeeing and ride on the sledge. And suddenly i was approached by a local man in the valley.

“Would you like to see the LOC (Line of Control) Pakistan border”

I was very curious at that moment. But i had stories of people getting robbed and killed in the valley. So i did not take the risk . I asked my Sister who was with me to take a picture of mine as souvenir from the valley in Gulmarg.


Here i am at peak point 15000 ft above sea level . Well don’t know if i was really , but i did feel i was on top of the world.

Shwetal – An Avid writer.