Anniversary time… One year complete on wordpress. :-)


I had completely forgotten that it was my blog’s first anniversary , i have completed one year blogging around mindlessly. Hard to believe but yes i am addicted , addicted to this blog . Well it is at least better than smoking, drugs and alcohol. I cant sleep if i have not written anything. So one year 281 followers , 1900 hits. Not bad huh ! Not really Bad i would say.

I would want to thank all my followers and fellow readers, for showering their love and affection on this blog. I really love you all.

Though i have not been a published author so far, but a different person from within me has come out. I remember the time i used to write essays in my school. I was horrible at writing those. Just to make sure that i fill in the page to get some score i used to repeat sentences and pointers . So that it looks bigger.

But with my one year of experience as a blogger i have learned quite a few things :

1. Quantity and Quality should complement each other.

2. You Should enjoy what you are writing about rather than writing for the sake of it.

3. It has to come from withing. Spill whatever is in your mind.

4. Don’t think about how many people would like eventually the word is spread.

5. Respect the love that people give to you on your blog . And you get more love.

My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.
Anais Nin



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