Do we really need a war ?


I was reading the newspaper this morning and just read a headline on the international news section of the Times. US thinking to attack Syria.  And i kept wondering why do countries have to fight. There are billions of dollars spent on defenses. Its good but is that a reason to have war and not peace. when i went through the newspaper article i found a nice chain of history of events as to what was happening in Syria. And i read about chemical weapons being used by Syria against its own people. And i was shocked when i read the word Sarin.

For those who don’t know what Sarin is , Sarin is one of the most deadly chemicals that has ever been made by mankind. One small dose sarin causes someone to feel nauseating. Within an hour the person will not be able to breath properly and vomit. If not administered by appropriate antidote , the lungs stop functioning and the person dies with cardiac. Banned by the united nations after the second world war, it was actually used as a nerve gas by Hitler.

So now the million dollar question is if there is this thing manufactured who is manufacturing it in spite it being banned by united nations. And why do we need such a deadly thing to exist. We are already not over with the issues of global warming and other catastrophe . We are already have a fear of the nuclear weapons being used. On top of this Sarin ? The question now arises , do we as humans want the mankind to exist.  We are destroying ourselves. And if we cant learn from our mistakes we dont hold the right to make mistakes.


Did we learn anything from the two world wars we faced ? I dont think so . If we had , we probably never would have had this situation.

Did we learn anything from the crisis of 1929 which took two world wars to come out from ?No . If yes then we would have not had the financial crisis of 2007 which took down economy and not even economy cities, states and countries.


I can say again its time to learn something but . Are we truly going to learn something out of all this ? Do we really need war ? The day we get an answer i guess that’s when all this will come to an end.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place.

Shwetal – An Avid writer.



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