Behind the light


It was 21st May 2016 , International space station . I was along with my crew doing my usual activities. We were supposed to take a snapshot of weather around north . Hence we decided to maneuver the satellite towards north pole and  take snapshot.

“Kelly are you ready for the ride ? I asked my crew. With a smile on my face.

“Yeah why not you are always ready for this ride huh ! ”  Kelly Said . This maneuvering was nothing new for us.

“Huston! This is international space station maneuvering north pole , Copy!” . I passed on the instructions to confirm.

” ISS this is Huston copy that!” . That was the response.

Slowly and steadily we maneuvered towards north. It was one of the most beautiful sights i would love to watch from the space station.  As we maneuvered towards north pole , we began to view the natures most beautiful event . The Aurora Boralis.

Aurora Borealis as viewed from the International Space Station Expedition 6

I turned to Kelly and pointed towards Aurora Boralis.

“Beautiful isn’t it ?” Said Kelly.

I just held the moment captured few images. We were about to approach the North. As we started approaching, the lights of Aurora Boralis grew bigger. I did not panic as its natural for it to happen at times. As we approached further , the light almost blocked our view. We were not able to see anything.  I started maneuvering in a different direction but i was not able to find a path.

I checked the radio to communicate with space station in Florida and Texas, but it was of no use. The Radio was down. I was shaking for a moment. In spite of no gravity me and Kelly were shaking .  That was the moment when we thought our end is near. We did not dare to look out side. Though everything was stable, the space station was not moving , our radio was down and all we could see was the bright light outside.  Suddenly me and Kelly heard  a sound , the sound was more like a vibration.  I started making my assumption. I started thinking of some alien spaceship that would be approaching us.  Time and Again we did read and about the aliens being far ahead in technology than us. I thought the bright golden light outside was a sample of their high end technology.

“Kelly Are you ok ? ” I asked her.

“Yes i am.” Said Kelly . She kept staring at the bright light.

The vibration we heard grew louder. I was preparing for the worst. Yeah though i was going to have one regret before i die and that , i was not going to be able to speak to my family for one last time.  I kept a tab on the oxygen level that was existing and how long it was going to last.

Kelly and i sat down. We started talking to each other. For the one last time. I always wanted to tell her that i found her beautiful. And i was honest with my feelings for her. And i finally said . May be that was one chance i could have said this to any one.

Kelly was smiling at me when i said this to her.  The vibration grew more loud. We kept wondering what this light was all about. If it was all about some alien activity then whats next in store for us. The curiosity was not getting over. We started to to hear a voice out of the vibration. I tried listening , it was as if someone is trying to say something , it was difficult though but i kept trying .And we finally heard the sound ” AUM” in the vibration.

I had read, heard many people talking about this vibration and the sound. But it was for the first time i was experiencing. But what i would call this experience of bright light ? I had no clue , i was not able to say anything categorically. Kelly heard the same and we were on the same page. Soon after the light started fading away and so was the vibration. As the light completely fed away. Me and Kelly both got a clear view of North pole , with a clean weather.


We both were amazed with this experience. And decided to share it.

Shwetal – An Avid writer.



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