My day job v/s My passion


It took me years to understand the meaning of passion. 8 years of my day job, each day was the same. I used to reach work , do my usual day to day work go  home, eat and sleep. 8 years on and one fine day , i kept on thinking. Is this what i like ? The answer was a obvious Yes , and why not. After all its my bread and butter. However, it was still not my passion. I did not understand what exactly was my passion. People are passionate about traveling,music etc. What was i passionate about ? I was not getting my answer.

One fine day i ended up starting this blog. I still dont remember what was in my mind when i was starting this. All i knew was i was going to write something. And the day i started doing this i was enjoying it. People read whatever i wrote. Liked it , gave their comments it was quite exciting. Getting new people on the blog. Networking with the, slowly and steadily i had recognized my passion.  I became quite passionate about my writing.

So passionate that i am writing this blog while i am at work. So now the question , should you make a choice between your day job versus your passion ? Answer could be Yes depending on the situation. Now if your passion is earning you  money which is as good as your day job people might call it a quit. But sometimes people are happy about earning less money and enjoying their passion.  So the answer is very dynamic.  But yes it is important to have a passion in life. Passion creates love inside you.  Love for what you are doing. Love for success. Love for success and hunger for success.

I have seen examples where people have quit their decent paying jobs and had passion for cooking and became entrepreneur.  However , quite a few of us are so scared of what others are going to think about our passion and hide their talent , just because of one thought that what people are going to think.

Remember , what people are going to think is none of your business. They have their so called brains so let them think. We can use our so called brains in a productive fashion , and i am sure whoever is reading this will like the idea.

If we start thinking what people are going to think , then what are people going to think
So let people to do their jobs and you do yours.

What is your answer i would like to hear it from you all ?

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place. Hasta la vista.

Shwetal – An avid writer.



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