I am back…..


I was missing for quite sometime. Lost in a world, which was filled with illusion. I dont know why. All i knew was i need to find my way out. The world where i was lost , was filled with people running around for what , that i guess god only knows. The inner self which i had explored through my blog was going into hibernation. I am still to realize as to why this happened. I am sure someday i am going to get my answers. But, yes i am happy to say  i am back.

The day i stopped writing on this blog, i was loosing out on my creativity. And yes i know for the fact that when you stop writing , you loose out on attention which you had recieved when you write on a regular basis. Let me share my experience on getting lost. The day i was lost in this so called world of illusion , i was heavily stressed. Started loosing my weight , basically i was not being myself. How important that was for me. In fact, its not only important for me. I believe everyone in this world is loosing out on their identity. People are doing things that they are told to do or supposed to do.

But are they happy from inside. I am sure the answer for Majority would be NO. A big no. Each one  of us has a passion inside us to do something. But, we never ever realize this. Not even make one small attempt to make sure we try to explore our passion. Sorry try to explore would be a wrong. But , we never explore our passion. If,we only try to explore our passion we would only keep trying.

Its time to stop trying and actual doing.  I am a passionate reader and writer , and  i can say that happily. I am sure most of you missed me while i was lost. But now the time is up and i am back. And this time not to go back. But to stay.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place. Hasta la vista…Keep reading.

Shwetal – An avid writer.