A book of 365 Pages – Day 1


All these days i was not able to figure out what am i supposed to write. I kept scratching my head. I had no clue as to what was happening. Nothing was coming in front of me. I had stopped writing for quite some time. Writing is my passion and i was loosing out on it. It was evening 31st December 2013, and i was out for my dinner. My phone kept vibrating , each time i looked at it, it was some or the other friend of mine, sending me wishes. I kept thanking and giving them wishes in return.  After all a year had passed and a new one was to arrive right after midnight. It was some thing new about to begin. A new time , a new moment , a new era . Who knows whats in store for next 12 months.

A new chapter was about to begin in few hours. And, while i am writing this , a new chapter has already started. Chapter 1 A book of 365 pages. Its a day 1 for this new chapter for me. Lots of things supposed to happen this , i don’t know what , but as words come in front of me i am going to read this chapter. Some people are so busy in their routine , which of course is important , they don’t realize that lots of things happening around them , which is part of their lives , is a chapter in its own. Events come take place get over , thats one chapter starting and ending. But, they tend to not read them.

I am reading my chapter while i write this. Day 1 of my chapter is about to end. And day 2 for this book of 365 days is about to begin. I dont have any idea as to whats in store for me in day 2 . But , i wanted to finish this experience and this chapter before the clock hits 00:00 tonight.

I still have 23 minutes left before i hit day 2 , while i am writing this. For those who took so much interest in what i was writing, they might have lost a bit of interest . But i want them to come back , read each day when i write this . This is going to be a journey to next 364 days on this website.

The first page was blank for this book , now its not.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place, happy reading

An – Avid writer.



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