A book of 365 Days – Sometimes holding on to things is so important


It was yet another day in a book of 365 days. Some times experience of a day is as long as , not a week or a year, but a lifetime. We hold so many things in our plate, which life has given us. But, not all the times we are stable. At times we tend to loose the sight. Today, i felt i was loosing out on things. I felt as if things were swaying away from my hands. Some times you don’t understand why things are like this in your life. But, the only important thing that remains is, holding on to them. Holding on to the time. Frustration, anger , revenge and furious thoughts cross our minds.

Today you might even feel like killing someone who has done bad to you. Which might be even justified, but the after effects wouldn’t let you live the way you wanted to. So the only thing you want to do here, is holding on to the time which is there, not loose the balance . Which doesn’t mean you have sit like a coward who is hiding behind a wall to dodge a bullet. But, patiently waiting for the right sight and hit it one go. 

When you have a gun in your hand , you are suppose to shoot. But, not in the dead air. But, at the right place. You have to hold on to the time.

We all are impatient.We want everything now. A friend of mine once asked me he wants to earn a million in a year. I said ok , do it. But he wanted to do that in much quicker time that anticipated. At times we want things to happen quickly , i am not surprised.After all , we all are only humans. But, the point is how much patience do we have to wait for that money to come to us. I bet a million dollars on this , we don’t have much .

The best thing to do is , make your effort for the money you want to earn and just hold on to things. It will to you.A car has 4 wheels , all of them are bound to align with each other for the entire vehicle to hold. That’s it , it overly becomes important for the vehicles to remain align and hold on to things. 🙂 . I might sound stupid at times. But , i am sure i make sense.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place. Hasta la Vista….

Shwetal- An avid writer.



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